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Creative Thursday

Why I Don't Recommend Selling in Collections

Why I Don't Recommend Selling in Collections

Are you feeling frustrated that you aren't getting any traction in marketing and consistently selling your work?


This might be why... Not all marketing trends are the best strategy, especially for Artists starting out.

With a new "Art expert" popping into my social media feed every other day, there's more noise than ever out there with a million and one recommendations and marketing strategies to try, one of which is the trend that encourages selling work in Collections.

In today's podcast episode I'm breaking down why I disagree with the trend of recommending that you sell and release your work in Collections, especially if you're just starting out.

And if you want to go deeper on this strategy in an upcoming LIVE Masterclass I'm teaching next week, you can learn more and save your spot at

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The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

In almost 300 episodes I haven't shared EXACTLY how I started my Art business, how is that possible?


The truth is that business owners can get so distracted by shiny squirrel syndrome (listen to this previous podcast episode no.) and all the latest marketing strategies, that we can miss the most obvious one that's right in front of us, and forgetting to stay focused on what works (easily!) and double down on doing more of that.


Exhibit A - me, Marisa right here mentoring you and forgetting to emphasize what was the most important foundation to growing Creative Thursday, the specific strategy that took me from selling 1 greeting card an entire holiday season to growing a 6 figure Art Business.


In this episode, I'm sharing the practice that helped me

  • stay consistently connected to making my Art
  • find my Artist voice
  • grow my following + my email list
  • find my Collectors many of whom are still collecting my work today
  • and generating consistent revenue with Art sales


And if you want to go deeper on this strategy in an upcoming LIVE Masterclass I'm teaching next week, you can learn more and save your spot at


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My Art's on TV!

My Art's on TV!

Have you ever wondered how Art gets chosen for TV + film?


As an Artist whose work is featured in the 2nd highest grossing feature film of all time, The Avengers Endgame, I'm going to break it all down for you in this episode.


It's not just because I live in Los Angeles that my Art has found its way onto countless walls in both film and tv over the years (although it does help!)


There are a variety of ways you can get your Art seen in the entertainment industry.


I'm sharing the scoop from what you can expect to be paid, to the rights you want to be aware of, all to help you decide whether you actually want your Art featured in film and tv.


Save the Date: Sell A Piece of Art this Week Workshop happening 10.10.22


Join us for the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Workshop

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What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

When you think of a Thriving Artist, what qualities do you think they embody?


In today's episode, I'm joined by 3 Artists, Marie Delage Carlson, Heather Harrington, and Yvonne Sellick.


Alumni from our first sessions of Artful Selling joined me to share with me not only the qualities that they believe separate the Struggling from the Thriving Artist but also what has made the difference for them as they continue to gain more momentum and Art sales in their Creative businesses!


  • from leaving graphic design to becoming a full-time Artist,
  • to getting comfortable with selling once and for all
  • how selling is easy once you get clear on 1 thing in particular
  • to booking more commissions for happy customers all in a row
  • to growing in confidence


And more. As is often the case with my conversation with fellow Artists, we touch upon a lot of details involved with this courageous Artist journey we're all on together.


The Doors to Artful Selling are OPEN! but only until Tuesday, August 30, @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us!


Here's where you can find and stay in touch with our guest from today's episode:


Marie DeLage Carlson on instagram

Heather Harrington

@lifeandwhim on instagram

Yvonne Sellick

@yvonnesellickart on instagram

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At Square One Building Your Art Business? 3 Steps to Get Started

At Square One Building Your Art Business? 3 Steps to Get Started

You don't want to skip this part!


It can be easy to get too carried away with more advanced steps to building your Art business that you completely forget to be thoughtful in the order and care you take those early steps.


When you rush, and try to figure it out by yourself you just cost yourself more frustration and time in the long run.


Save yourself that agitation now and ask an experienced Mentor you trust for guidance.


Just like one of our Expansive Artist members asked me during our monthly Q&A. It's such a good one that I wanted to share my answer in this week's podcast episode.


Some ways you can get coaching from me over the next month:

  1. Come join me LIVE for Creative Business Coaching over Coffee on Instagram @creativethursday next Thursday, August 11 + 18 @ 10 am PDT
  2. Join me for the Fall session of the Profitable Artist Plan 5 day Workshop + Coaching week, starting August 22. Invite to register 💌 is coming soon, so stay tuned! If you aren't already on the Creative Thursday email list, be sure to join so you're first to know about all the upcoming workshops.


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Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

In November 2018 I had an idea around how to support + celebrate independent Artists more... and this Sunday, August 29 it's game on!

First things first! You're invited! Join us for our FIRST (what we hope to be the first of many) virtual art event + pop-up gallery; Small Studio Sunday.

It's free to attend, just be sure to register here for your invite so you'll be first to view the pop-up gallery as soon as it goes live on Sunday, August 29, along with the link to join us for our privately hosted LIVE events lead by our participating Artists, including creative demos, studio tours and art talks, including one over on Clubhouse with myself + our Artists!

In today's episode I share with you the full story of the inspiration behind Small Studio Sunday and the vision I have for supporting independent artists, and this event going forward.

If you're an Artist who would like the opportunity to apply for future events, at this time Small Studio Sunday is open exclusively for our Expansive Artists members, so be sure join the Waitlist here to be the first to know the next time we open the doors. 


Register for the invite to attend Small Studio Sunday, August 29

Join the Expansive Artists Waitlist for the opportunity to apply for future events

Cheers to an inspiring + creative weekend!  See you Sunday!


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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Radical Transparency + No Justification

I reached a point in my creative journey when I realized I had been subconsciously asking for “permission” for a lot of choices in my life. I wondered if other creatives were feeling the same, and how could I support them in breaking through the need to seek opinions + approval from others.


While I continued to move forward in my dreams year after year, there was so much more hesitancy + second guessing than I realized along with a strong desire to please, to not unintentionally offend, or polarize.


But you can't confidently stand for something and still appeal to everyone, not in your art or your message.


Maybe you can relate? but I would say that many of us Creatives still have a disconnect around embracing “Marketing” “Selling” and “Making Money” while still making our Art (with heart). Proudly making money and creating Art that lights you up are not mutually exclusive.



I'm going to explore this topic more in the coming weeks, and I'm kicking off the conversation in today's podcast episode where I very clearly explain a shift in my business for the first and last time ;)


Enjoy and let's do this! 

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Selling Your Work, What's Your Story?

Selling Your Work, What's Your Story?

It's official, my first Clubhouse recorded podcast! 

Part 2 in my 3 part series around Selling Your Work as an Artist.

Passionate about changing that narrative, Since March 12, 2010 almost exactly 11 years to the date, when I first posted about the concept of a Thriving Artist on my blog, not only for myself as a Self-Taught Artist but for every Artist I have the opportunity to come in contact with.

That's why in this episode, I open up about my truths around selling and making money as an an Artist.

The episode is at the top and then if you'd like to hear the conversation that followed with a number of Artists who joined me LIVE after the recording you can listen.

We talk about everything from dismantling the stories and beliefs around "selling" "making money" and being a Woman Artist, to what this means for our daughters and new generations, going forward.

If you are ready to put your new story around Selling into Practice, join me for the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge. We start Monday, March 22


Listen to this week's episode, and if you see this before 10:10 am PDT click here to join me today on Clubhouse! LIVE for part 3 ~ from $4 > $24K in 4 weeks in Art Sales



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The Best "Advice" to Sell Your Work

The Best "Advice" to Sell Your Work

With endless "advice" opinions and guidance out there how do you really know what will work for you, your Art practice + business.

2 tips for you on this Creative Thursday, with more to come!

I'll see you today @ 11 am PST on Clubhouse @marisa anne

And join me for the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge starting Monday, March 22


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My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever


Is now a print and a podcast!

Today's episode is 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for you! especially for my Artists. These are the steps that can lead to a viral post, and Art sales.




After 10 years on Instagram who knew? this would be my most liked post EVER, (so far 😉 )


I heard you! and I listened, and turns out this illustration of Bernie + his mittens sitting with the Creative Thursday characters is bringing a lot of joy to you, so much so you want one in your home! By request, Bernie is now officially a print!


If you don't know the backstory to this piece. “The Gang Celebrates” is one of my most popular images and prints. Originally painted in 2007, it went on to become a Papyrus greeting card, the cover of my book and the theme of my very first fabric collection ~ these are the Creative Thursday characters that built my business + brand as an Artist.


I was just recounting the story today on a call with my members and that is this; These characters were born through the practice of daily painting and I didn't know it at the time but looking back I know they were there to gently cheer me on with my dream of becoming a Working Artist.


I was self-taught, going into debt, filled with more self-doubt then confidence and totally unsure if this dream was possible, let alone knowing how I could actually make a living with my Art~  and these characters, holding hands in hoodies, hats and mittens (because I don't like to draw hair or hands or feet lol) believed in me ~ and creating this style of Art is what kept me going through really exciting and very challenging times.


And as they made their way out into the world, it turns out a lot of collectors felt the same support and encouragement from those characters.


They are! cheering you on too!  bringing joy to your and/or your little ones, present in thousands of nurseries as a quiet reminder to follow your dreams and keep believing in what is possible.


Last Friday when I sat down to digitally paint Bernie sitting with them, I thought you might get a chuckle but I had no idea this image would be such a hit.


In honor of Bernie Sander's public service and dedication to supporting community, 20% of the proceeds of each print will be donated to the L.A. Food Bank. 

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