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How I Structure my Day to Achieve My Goals

How I Structure my Day to Achieve My Goals

What does your ideal work day look like?


A question I'm often is what does my the structure of my day looks like and how do I schedule it to support my goals.


Do you know your energy levels throughout the days of a week, at particular times of day?


When it comes to planning your ideal schedule where does your productivity excel?


All important questions to help you be efficient with your time and effective with your focus. But not more important than the one question I come back to asking every time you ask me about how I plan.


In this episode I remind you of that single most important question that you want an answer to that will help you all the rest of your plans fall into place.


I also share with you the full list of responsibilities I have in the business today while stepping you through exactly how my days and week look based upon my answer to the questions above.


In a nutshell, this is how I get things done in my business.


Part 1 of a series on Time Management. Send me your DM's on Instagram @ creativethursday with any time management suggestions and questions you'd like me to answer and I'll include them in the podcast.


And stay tuned for the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge, starting January 8, so we can do some planning together!


If you tuned into the episode on this Thursday the episode dropped, super secret invite you can join us for the last time this year as a Founding Monthly or Annual Member in the brand new Daily Painters Membership where we'll be making Art together all year long!


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Did You Hear the News?

Did You Hear the News?

Did you hear the news? Not only am I now a happily married Mrs!


During my time away from the podcast I had an epiphany, a realization about what's been missing, what can no longer take a back seat, and the dreams I'm fulfilling in 2024.


I've got a lot to fill you in on and I'm starting by sharing the story of the Cranky Bunny, and the inspiration behind a brand new idea and Artist community I just opened that I've been thinking about since 2006.


I'm also excited to invite you to come have some holiday fun, creative painting time with me starting Monday!


Join me for the Ornament Painting Workshop starting Monday, December 11

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Mastering the Energy of Selling Your Art (part 2)

Mastering the Energy of Selling Your Art (part 2)

Spoiler Alert: Don't skip ahead! Did you get a chance to listen to episode 317 (part 1)


So you've been doing "all the things" to sell your work and you're still not having the success you want?

You're trying to make changes in your "Mindset" but the changes aren't sticking? WHY?


If you haven't listened yet, to get the most of this series talking about how to find more success at selling your work, be sure to go back and journal your answers to the prompts I share in part 1.


While we have access to a lot of education around the practical steps to selling your Art + Creations, there aren't enough conversations around this very important piece to selling your work ~ your ENERGY.


Let's keep the conversation going with part 2 of a 3-part series.


There's a lot of talk around Mindset when it comes to success, specifically making Money, but what creates your Mindset?


When does it start?

What if your mindset isn't working for you?

How do you change it?


There's a foundational piece you don't want to miss if you want to create lasting transformation that will help you create the life you envision.

I'm talking about the foundation in part 2 of this 3-part series.


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My Go To Tip to Inspire Your Creative Practice

My Go To Tip to Inspire Your Creative Practice

Works every time!


In all my years of Art making, sharing, and selling there's always 1 step I take that helps me in every area of my creative practice.


In today's episode, I share with you my go-to tip to help you:

  • kick-start your creative inspiration
  • stay consistent with your Creative Practice
  • complete a series of work
  • share your work with the world


Enjoy + happy creating!


Visit the new paintings at and for an invitation to a preview and pre-sale of new work click here to join the Creative Thursday Collector's List

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What's the Best Environment to Spark Your Creativity with a special guest Alyssa Van Guilder

What's the Best Environment to Spark Your Creativity with a special guest Alyssa Van Guilder

Not just talking about your studio space today, or perhaps? a kitchen table studio like where I first started my Art business, but in today's episode I share a story about how I figured out what cultivated my most inspired creative times.


It wasn't obvious to me until recently ~ first when I founded The Expansive Artists, with an intention to cultivate and support an inspired creative community of fellow Artists growing businesses along with hosting in person creative events, like retreats and workshops ~


Here's the thing: the environment and community you choose to surround yourself with can make all the difference in the way you find, tap into and express your unique creative vision.


It's way more important than you might realize.

I invited a special guest, Floral Designer and Founder of Apotheca Flowers, Alyssa Van Guilder to join me for this conversation.


We're both excited to announce that our 2020 dream of hosting an in person creative + creative business event together, is finally happening this year.


You can get all the details and save your spot to join us here!


You can find all things Alyssa Van Guilder and Apotheca



Click here to join the Creative Thursday List


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I just Want to Feel Like an Artist Again

I just Want to Feel Like an Artist Again

Should this podcast stay or should it go?


Inspired by a variety of conversations with creatives I had at the start of this new year, the response to a spontaneous instagram post I created that is now my most liked post of ALL TIME, celebrating the 300th CT episode, all coinciding with a BIG birthday in just 2 days - I'm assessing next steps personally, professionally and specifically with this Creative Thursday podcast.


Let's just say the lens with which I'm choosing to Mentor and Coach is shifting and I'm sharing with you why.

I'd love your thoughts on the ideas and suggestions I'm offering in this episode and then...


If you like me simply want more time to create your Art this year and make it a regular habit again, I've got 3 tips to begin feeling like an Artist again, especially if you're an Artist who's turned your Creativity into a Profession.


On a side note if you LOVE rabbits, and/or are curious about seeing and collecting a new series of Creative Thursday paintings, then you'll want to check out the new Year of the Rabbit-inspired originals right here at


Thanks in advance for your thoughts, through reviews and messages.

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When You're Not Feeling Creatively Inspired, Try This!

When You're Not Feeling Creatively Inspired, Try This!

What's your go-to when you're just not feeling inspired?


How do you get back into that Creative flow?


In today's episode, I share a story about a recent experience that I almost talked myself out of multiple times, which ended up being a game changer for me on so many levels, from learning new skills to, to future business opportunities to energizing my Creativity flow even more!


Because, as you may know, I've been painting up a storm this month and have never been so excited to making Art again.


And TODAY in celebration of a return to prioritizing creativity, for the first time all year, I'm releasing a group of original paintings. My "Coming Back To Art" Collection is launching @ 11 am PST via email first. Join the list and view the new collection as soon as they're released at or click here.


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The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

In almost 300 episodes I haven't shared EXACTLY how I started my Art business, how is that possible?


The truth is that business owners can get so distracted by shiny squirrel syndrome (listen to this previous podcast episode no.) and all the latest marketing strategies, that we can miss the most obvious one that's right in front of us, and forgetting to stay focused on what works (easily!) and double down on doing more of that.


Exhibit A - me, Marisa right here mentoring you and forgetting to emphasize what was the most important foundation to growing Creative Thursday, the specific strategy that took me from selling 1 greeting card an entire holiday season to growing a 6 figure Art Business.


In this episode, I'm sharing the practice that helped me

  • stay consistently connected to making my Art
  • find my Artist voice
  • grow my following + my email list
  • find my Collectors many of whom are still collecting my work today
  • and generating consistent revenue with Art sales


And if you want to go deeper on this strategy in an upcoming LIVE Masterclass I'm teaching next week, you can learn more and save your spot at


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Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Do you think you may have found your voice but you're just too close to the work to see it?

Or is it because you're emerging that you automatically assume you don't have a voice yet?

Could it be that your work needs a more consistent practice to fully develop into a unique + elevated offering?

Spoiler Alert: you might already have the answer on how to find your voice, but you're looking outside for reassurance and validation.

That's all fine and good as long as you also know how to trust your own intuition, and as a Coach I'll remind you to look inwards for your answer, like I did in my Creative Biz Coaching over Coffee session no. 2 with New Mexico Artist, Nara.

You can learn more about Artist, Nara on Instagram


The doors to The Expansive Artists are re-opening for the first time this year, tomorrow Friday March 18.

Join the waitlist to know as soon as they re-open.


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Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

1 month from today…I made a big announcement to my email friends last Sunday

March 7, 2007 is my Working Artist Anniversary and it was exactly 14 years ago this year, that I started making a living with my Art, and this is also the year I've decided that March 7th I'm retiring Creative Thursday.

There’s been some confusion about what I mean when I say retire. 😅

Not to worry! This isn’t the end of my business or me creating Art, it’s a new chapter and I’ll explain all the details on this week’s podcast.

Until then, it does mean that if you’ve been eyeing a Creative Thursday creation you’ll want to add it to your Collection now 😌

I'm sharing all the details behind this decision and specifically what it means for all of the areas of my business from Art to Podcasting to Mentoring.


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