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Creative Thursday

Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

This process is my new go to when it comes to having a clear daily focus that leads to taking action on the important steps that actually move the needle forward, I'm sharing some practical steps for crafting your 90 day plan.

I'm also pulling back the curtain to talk about some of the challenges I don't always speak about publicly. I explore why the well intended oversharing on social media is beginning to have a negative impact and how this is influencing my desired outcome for this quarter.

And last but not least an announcement! an idea in the making for several years, I'm launching a brand new product this quarter!

Want more planning tips! you can dive right into this mini-course, my gift for you  💝

The Successful Artist's Plan

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we open the doors to Artful Selling in January 2022.


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Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Coming to you with a special Sunday edition of the podcast.

In 2000, I started to ask myself the question, if I truly believed I could follow my dreams and become anything I want to be in this world, would this path I'm currently on, be the one I'd choose? It was answering that question that ultimately lead me to finally acknowledging that I always wanted to become an Artist.

When I was easing my way into the belief that I could be an Artist, I found great comfort in listening to any and all stories from people who had been where I was, chose to pursue their passions and made it.

I couldn't get enough of these stories. Let's be honest I still can't get enough.

What has become my check-in, I still ask myself that question, which invites me to keep dreaming bigger. And it's listening to stories from the inspiring people out ahead of me on the journey that keeps me appreciating how far I've come and enthusiastically focused forward on all the goodness that is yet to come!

I can talk endlessly about my passion for mentoring The Expansive Artists how inspired I am by their kind + generous spirits, dedication to their dream, and their incredible progress every week, not to mention their beautiful art!

But today I invite them to share their stories, and experience as a member of The Expansive Artists to inspire you and give you more insight into what it's like to work with me and be a part of our incredible community if you're thinking about joining us this time!

Enjoy a recording from a recent live chat.

The Doors to The Expansive Artists are OPEN! only until Tuesday, September 21 @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us

The Artists featured: (click on their names below to be taken to their websites)

Eliza Day-Green

Sarah Kelly

Jo. D Livingston

Marisa Montaldi

Marie -Laure Delage-Carlson


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I Don't Wanna Do Reels!

I Don't Wanna Do Reels!

Oh do I feel ya...but it's time to get real about some truths you need to know as an Artist who wants to a grow a business and successfully sell work online.

In today's episode I share with you a BIG mistake I made about 6 years back, adopting a certain attitude shall we say...when it comes to working with the inevitable changes of the internet and specifically social media.

As someone who once complained about the time it took to keep a regular blog posting several times a week, my how we've grown!

This is a feisty one, get ready...and enjoy! and let's CELEBRATE 250 episodes!! BOOM! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment and THANK YOU for LISTENING! If you're a fan, a quick reminder and request if you haven't yet! you can help me celebrate by leaving a 5 star review on ITunes. Consider it the best tip ever, as a thank you for years of creating the podcast for you, because you know those pesky algorithms, they work really well on ITunes when a podcast gets positive reviews. And as my mission of inspiring + empowering my fellow Artists is growing, it would be incredible if the Creative Thursday message was reaching even more amazing Artists like you. Appreciate you, grateful in advance. ❤️

And pssst...a quick head's up, we're opening the doors to The Expansive Artists tomorrow, Friday September 17. To be the very first to know be sure to join the Waitlist here.



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Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

If this is your attitude, chances are I'm not the right Mentor for you.

When I constantly say that the opportunity to become your Mentor is an honor I do not take lightly, it's not just polite lip service ~ I mean it and this is why.

I take your trust in me very much to heart. The more years I do this work, the more I want to become an even better Mentor, which means that behind the scenes, I'm now constantly learning and refining my skills as a coach, to show up my best for you.

Mentoring looks a little different for me now than when I started teaching again 3 years ago. 

And as I continue to grow as a coach, I always want to keep you posted on my intentions and how I think I can best support you so that you can decide if working together is the right fit for you, at this time.



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The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Radical Transparency + No Justification

I reached a point in my creative journey when I realized I had been subconsciously asking for “permission” for a lot of choices in my life. I wondered if other creatives were feeling the same, and how could I support them in breaking through the need to seek opinions + approval from others.


While I continued to move forward in my dreams year after year, there was so much more hesitancy + second guessing than I realized along with a strong desire to please, to not unintentionally offend, or polarize.


But you can't confidently stand for something and still appeal to everyone, not in your art or your message.


Maybe you can relate? but I would say that many of us Creatives still have a disconnect around embracing “Marketing” “Selling” and “Making Money” while still making our Art (with heart). Proudly making money and creating Art that lights you up are not mutually exclusive.



I'm going to explore this topic more in the coming weeks, and I'm kicking off the conversation in today's podcast episode where I very clearly explain a shift in my business for the first and last time ;)


Enjoy and let's do this! 

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Amplify Your Superpower

Amplify Your Superpower

What's your superpower?

If you're maybe, oh I don't know rolling your eyes right now, or feeling discouraged (hug to you) and saying in your mind or out loud, “superpower, what superpower, I have no idea" - Stop that ok!You have it, likely more than one.

There are 2 questions I share in today's podcast episode to help you identify what it is.

Identifying and embracing your superpower is a discovery, and I believe we've been making all of this a bit more complicated than it needs to be.

Let's just say your superpower may be more obvious than you think.

Click here to join Zach and I for our Ads for Artists Workshop this Saturday May 22

 Enjoy the new episode!

On a side note painting above is from one of my early daily paintings in 2006 :)


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235 Getting your Work Seen + Sold with Marketing Expert + FB Ads Agency Owner Zach Spuckler

235 Getting your Work Seen + Sold with Marketing Expert + FB Ads Agency Owner Zach Spuckler

Who knew that a spontaneous trip to NYC in 2015 with a ticket to the first Periscope conference in hand would lead to this learning opportunity? 

exhibit a: photo of me + Zach Spuckler and friends in NYC when the Revlon Cam projected us on the huge screen in Times Square

But first! my fellow creative, lean in + listen closely as my guest, friend + mentor, Zach Spuckler gives you a peek behind the curtain about an untapped marketing possibility that Artists are barely, if at all exploring? let alone leveraging to get their gifts + beautiful work in front of the RIGHT Collectors again and again.

A great teacher, one who always likes to leave you with a practical take away, Zach's sharing his step by step marketing strategy that grew his side hustle handmade candle business from 0 - 152 orders in the first 60 days of opening their Calming Oasis shop.

Join us for this one time only + limited space very special learning opportunity, FB Ads for Artists Implementation Workshop


You can find all things Zach Spuckler at

on instagram @heartsoulhustle



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Becoming Debt Free

Becoming Debt Free

I remember that day I took a selfie in the Toronto Marriott elevator, like it was yesterday.


It was the day I FINALLY put my years of self-doubt aside, got out of my own way and showed up like never before, for me and for you ~ helping you fulfill your creative dreams.


For the first time in years of growing Creative Thursday, I'm having a financial breakthrough, paying back debt that began when my business started, and today I'm talking about how I'm doing it!

Welcome to the Age of the Thriving Artist.



 The deadline to join my mentor Stu's program TRIBE ends TONIGHT! @ midnight. This could be your turning point! like it was for me. So excited for you! Join Tribe here.


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Email Marketing for Artists

Email Marketing for Artists

Thankfully, this episode recording went a lot smoother than last week. Today's topic is one that often brings up that all too familiar "resistance" for Creatives especially: email marketing. When taken advantage of, email marketing can take a creative business to the next level. Yet it's often avoided!

So, what's stopping people? This and more on today's episode.


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Don't Rush the Process

Don't Rush the Process

In this episode, life happened. Technology failed, mili-second power outages were at play, user error was in also in the mix, and my Clubhouse talk didn’t get recorded. It can be so frustrating to experience hiccups that get in the way of your best laid plans!

Though this episode did not go as expected, there’s a great lesson to be learned...

Also if you're hearing this first thing in the morning, we're back on Clubhouse today for an episode on Email Marketing for Artists @ 10:10 am PDT in the Creative Thursday Club. See you there!

Click on the link below to go directly to the room when we go live.




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