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Creative Thursday

How Do You Want to Feel in 2021?

How Do You Want to Feel in 2021?

Have you heard of the "Be Do Have Model"? Continuing on with the planning mini-series.

If you're not seeing your plans come into fruition, it might be time for a different approach. Planning is so much more than just putting your goals on a calendar.

Let's close out 2020 with a sense of peace, wholeness and taking all the challenges we've faced into an envisioning a new and brighter future, by answering this question first "How do you want to feel in 2021"?

 Enjoy the new episode and to kick-off your Successful Artist Planning for 2021, get instant access to the mini-course and downloadable worksheet for free!



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Reflect + Renew + Reframe

Reflect + Renew + Reframe

As we bring 2020, a year like no other to a close, today we're talking about how to deeply appreciate all of your Successes! 

Running a small business, especially one connected to your heart and your Art requires strength, courage and ongoing energy on your best days, let alone the days that are (extraordinarily) challenging. 

Keeping your commitment to your craft, your dream, your personal + business growth now speaks volumes about your determination and dedication, and that is to be CELEBRATED!

Thank you for joining me on the Creative journey! and for being a loyal listener of the Creative Thursday podcast.

Enjoy this week's episode + Merry Christmas Eve to all who are celebrating.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health, happiness and peace this holiday season.


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Artistic Discovery + Reinvention with Contemporary Dancer + Choreographer Seda Aybay

Artistic Discovery + Reinvention with Contemporary Dancer + Choreographer Seda Aybay

"Be Inspiring and go out and Inspire Someone Else" is a message my Contemporary dance teacher Seda Aybay always closes our class with. 

You're going to love today's episode. An invitation to discover, reinvent, stay curious, adventurous and to be fully present, especially during times that are like none we've ever experienced.

What new creative possibilities are developing that we've not even begun to explore, yet?

And if you've heard a call to try dancing or come back to dancing, now is the time!


Join Seda and her dance company Kybele Dance for a beautiful live performance on Zoom this Saturday November 14 at 6 or 8 pm PT.

Click here to get tickets

You can find all things Seday Aybay

@aybay_seda on Instagram


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4 Tips for Stability during Chaos from an Egg Chair

4 Tips for Stability during Chaos from an Egg Chair

Did I mention that I got an Egg Chair for our garden? 🥚❤️⁣

Did I also mention that I still haven’t taken it outside yet?⁣

And did I mention that you can find me + the studio mates (sometimes all 3 of them) in this exact spot at some point every day from coffee to wine time.⁣

Let’s just say I unpacked the box right here in our living room, never moved it, and now we currently have an oversized piece of furniture in a space that is most definitely too small for it. ⁣

But who cares, because these are still extraordinary times and I’ll take my comfort and joy where I can get it. And Sean is tolerating the overcrowded living room for now ⁣

This egg chair has become my Quarantine, step away from the chaos hideaway + sanctuary. (Plus there’s a really good view out the great big picture window that looks out on our back yard from this spot)⁣

Tell me, what’s your current sanctuary, favorite “safe” comfort + joy spot, oh and! beverage of choice? ☕️🍷

As we head into more interesting times on top of already extremely interesting times, I'm sharing 4 tips for how I'm finding stability in chaos especially over the next few weeks.


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The Mistake that Almost Cost Me My Business

The Mistake that Almost Cost Me My Business
Promise me you won't make this same mistake. Today I'm sharing a hard-learned, painful lesson that caused my business to stall. Also, I wish someone would've told me this secret to success that is shared by so many of the top entrepreneurs and business owners.

Join us! For the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge kicking off on Monday September 21. Click here to register.

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Reinvention as an Artist sometimes means...

Reinvention as an Artist sometimes means...

You change a painting after it has been released.


I've proven to a very action oriented self,  that personal growth is directly correlated to business growth. It's not just about all the strategy + business tips & steps you take, that brings you your kind of success, it's the inner work, the reflection, the questions you ask, the willingness to start at zero, know nothing again~ and an ongoing openness to


All of this to say, I sometimes turn my attendance and listening time on certain coaching calls into a time for painting. (I often encourage The Expansive Artists to do the same)

Hours of guidance + wisdom have been poured into this painting since I released it the first time, and it now holds even more meaning than before.

I chose the animals to represent their symbolism specifically for this incredible time we are living in.


The horse represents FREEDOM

The white tiger represents VISION

The black panther represents VALOR

The raven represents WISDOM


I intend for this collection of animals to be a reminder of the qualities I want to stay connected to, especially now.


The additional time invested and insight woven into this piece now represent a transformative time, one that I've been wanting to experience.


If you know my work then you know how much I'm a fan of new beginnings, but this, this is much more than a new beginning.

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Object Consciousness vs. Space Consciousness

Object Consciousness vs. Space Consciousness

Ahhh!!! this is hands down one of the best, most enlightening conversations I've listened to during this time.

A fan of Eckhart Tolle since I first watched him he and Oprah host one of the first online sessions taking us through his book "A New Earth"

Did you watch too?

During this pandemic, I found my way back to Eckhart's teaching.  It is one of the few spaces where, when I listen to him speak, I tap into a sense of calm and peace like no other. (I highly recommend his Youtube channel) 

And this conversation between he and Russell Brand just brings so much understanding, clarity & peace to both Sean & I right now.

We were getting into the habit of tuning into the news in the morning, as one might understandably do to stay up to date with all the latest during a pandemic + intense global crisis, however we noticed that this ritual was starting our day in a high state of stress + fear.

Now during our daily coffee time, we've been listening to this 2 hour conversation in 15 min increments, to process all that Eckhart is sharing & honestly to savor it as I don't want to the dialogue to end. 

This is just 1 of the eye opening concepts: Eckhart shares an  analogy as if you are a room~ highlighting the difference between the objects in the room versus the space that is the room, in which the objects reside.

Object Consciousness leaves you feeling never satisfied, you never “arrive” and you often need others to feel inferior.

Space Consciousness is awareness, moments of no thought where you rise above instead of below your thinking, you recognize the essence of who you are. You become aware of a gap between 2 thoughts & this is where all intuition, creativity and wisdom reside.

Chances are when you are making Art you are in your Space Consciousness. 💗

Also if the intensity of this time has left you feeling afraid to speak publicly~ at around the 58 minute mark there is soothing insight around “hive thinking”, & how it can play out in social media in particular, and how best to thoughtfully, acknowledge and respond from an aware state of consciousness. ❤️

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