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Creative Thursday

15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 2)

15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 2)

Ready to dream + explore more possibilities of how to profit from your Creative Gifts!


Welcome to part 2 of last week's episode no. 308 (you can listen to part 1 right here) where I walk you through 8 more ideas for generating revenue with your Art.


Everything I'm listing in this episode and the one last week are all proven ways I've generated revenue in Creative Thursday over the past 16 years.


It's a well-known fact that for a business owner to have peace of mind, you want to have multiple revenue streams, some more passive than active, and what I'm emphasizing today is to have recurring revenue built into (at least 1, if not more) of those streams too.


I've been talking about my friend and business coach Stu McLaren's workshop over the last couple of weeks.

If you're seriously considering starting your own membership, product or knowledge focused, and you're reading this TODAY! You're in luck because Stu just opened the doors to TME - The Membership Experience this week and TODAY is the very LAST DAY to join the 2023 session.


So don't let another year pass you by and miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Click here to join TME


I can't recommend this program enough. One of the best, and only courses I've completed from start to finish, I'm thankful everyday I came across Stu in 2019 and jumped into TME.


I've been working with Stu ever since and my business continues to grow with more clarity, efficiency, and profit than ever before.


Join TME here

(proud to be a partner of Stu's. When you join through my link I'll be coaching a group of you through the program, in a more intimate setting to get your questions answered, brainstorm ideas and have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into what you're learning so you can implement it successfully right away.)


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A simple tip to help you focus

A simple tip to help you focus

Are you someone who writes down your goals for the year or do you question if this ritual actually gets you the results you want?


How about writing down your "word for the year"?


Do these practices really make a difference or are they just busy work to remind us what we didn't accomplish since last year?

Do they only make sense at the beginning of a new year or can they still make a difference in any month you choose?


I'll be honest, I was skeptical for a long time about whether this kind of specificity around my goals and intentions was actually helpful, then I gave it a try and realized it's a game changer.


In today's episode, I share with you why I decided to not only choose a word for the year but to share it publicly.


I talk about

  • how these simple practices can help you gain clarity year after year, no matter when you implement them
  • how that clarity can help you know exactly what to focus on next
  • the powerful intentions a single word can cultivate for you and what mine are for the word I choose this year


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