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Artist Success Stories featuring Molly Ovenden and Leah Selk

Artist Success Stories featuring Molly Ovenden and Leah Selk

Welcome to another installment of Artist Success Stories.


This episode highlights 2 of our Expansive Artist Members sharing stories about how they came to follow their passion and experience breakthroughs with their Art + Creative Businesses.


Artists; Molly Ovenden, Leah Selk join me for this episode where we talk about:

  • Molly, a full-time multi-disciplinary Artist, shares how she lets one art from influence another, and how adopting the practice of planning and embracing a business owner mindset, has transformed her creative practice and how she runs her business today with the ability to think long term
  • Leah, a watercolor Artist who wasn't sure if being an Artist was meant for her (even after she graduated Art School) shares how she went from wondering if she could actually make sales to people who aren't her friends to knowing she CAN do this, growing in confidence to raise her prices and selling $6K at her first local gallery show which is leading to even more opportunities in her local community


Perfect timing to join our inspiring community of Expansive Artists! Doors are OPEN for the last time to the public this year starting today through next Tuesday, October 3 @ 11:59 pm PDT


Get ready to experience your next Creative + Art Business breakthrough with plenty of support, accountability, and encouragement along the way.


We can't wait to welcome you!


Come join us!


You can find all things

Molly Ovenden

@Mollyovendencreativity on Instagram


Leah Selk

@leahselkart on Instagram


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Want to be an Overnight Success?

Want to be an Overnight Success?

Are you making progress at a pace you're pleased with?


Or does it feel like everyone's journey to success is going a whole lot faster than yours?


In this episode, we're talking about time and timing

  • is Overnight Success actually a thing that's possible today
  • and if so is it what you want
  • what timing is right for you
  • how long does it take to grow a successful Art business
  • are you going after your definition of success or someone else's


Join us for the Sell A Piece of Art Challenge starting Monday, June 19!


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A simple tip to help you focus

A simple tip to help you focus

Are you someone who writes down your goals for the year or do you question if this ritual actually gets you the results you want?


How about writing down your "word for the year"?


Do these practices really make a difference or are they just busy work to remind us what we didn't accomplish since last year?

Do they only make sense at the beginning of a new year or can they still make a difference in any month you choose?


I'll be honest, I was skeptical for a long time about whether this kind of specificity around my goals and intentions was actually helpful, then I gave it a try and realized it's a game changer.


In today's episode, I share with you why I decided to not only choose a word for the year but to share it publicly.


I talk about

  • how these simple practices can help you gain clarity year after year, no matter when you implement them
  • how that clarity can help you know exactly what to focus on next
  • the powerful intentions a single word can cultivate for you and what mine are for the word I choose this year


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Letting go of You’re Limiting Beliefs as an Artist - with guest Artists Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong and Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

Letting go of You’re Limiting Beliefs as an Artist - with guest Artists Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong and Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

How do you go from owning that you’re ready to be an Artist to having your career as an Artist support you in owning a house in France?


Yes it’s possible! But first...when setting out to accomplish your dreams


Ask yourself if you’re taking advice from people who are living what you want to live?


Or listening to people who tell you, you can’t accomplish your dreams versus the ones who tell you, you can?


We're celebrating 300 episodes today and since the original mission of the Creative Thursday podcast was to share my journey as an Artist wanting to become a Professional not only to share what I was figuring out with you but to inspire all who are wanting to be creative and/or build a business doing work you love to do just that ~

I thought there’s no better way to celebrate the 300the episode than sharing Artist Success Stories with you


Featuring our guest Artists

Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong, Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs when it comes to creating your Art and building your Art Business
  • Why there isn’t only one right way to become a Professional Creative and how to choose the path that is right for your Artwork
  • What’s equally as important to share as sharing your Art?
  • The simple strategy that grows your email list and your Art sales


You can find all things

Jeanette Bergstrom on instagram

Erwin Ong

@duckamuck on instagram

Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson on instagram


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What Worked What Didn't 2022

What Worked What Didn't 2022

The tradition continues for the 3rd year in a row!

I'm back with my 2022 year in review.


At the close of each year, I share a behind-the-scenes studio wrap-up of what worked and what didn't when it came to my art practice and my creative business.


How did my work impact my personal life and this year especially how did my personal life impact my business?


One of the most challenging years filled with a new level of growing pains plus the emotional and physical pains left over from a significant amount of personal health stress ~ I share:

  • my biggest lessons I learned
  • the progress I made in spite of it all
  • what I'm choosing to leave behind
  • what I'm choosing to take with me into 2023
  • what I'm most grateful for even through the hard lessons learned


Ready to start fresh for 2023 and kick-off your year with clarity + focus for your Art business!

Join me for the Profitable Artist Plan

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Helen Dardik: On Why it's Not All About Talent & What life is really Like as a Working Artist

Helen Dardik: On Why it's Not All About Talent & What life is really Like as a Working Artist

No More Excuses! "Cue the Confetti!!!!" Join me for a special conversation (and celebration of the 100th Creative Thursday episode!) with Illustrator and Designer Helen Dardik. One of my very first podcast guests, Helen returns to catch up on life, creativity and work 11 years later. She shares her secrets to success on life as a Working Artist, from how your tribe will find you, what it takes to grow a huge Instagram following, why it's not only about talent, why you MUST show your work even if you're scared and why being slightly discontent leads to you to more happiness.

This episode is brought to you by Helen and my Painting Workshop coming to Los Angeles this December; Opera Florals and Character Blues. Join us for one day or the whole weekend.


You can find all things Helen Dardik 


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Unpacking your Money Mindset with Bonnie Tsang

Unpacking your Money Mindset with Bonnie Tsang

Ok, so who started the Starving Artist Mentality? What keeps us from valuing ourselves? Why is it way more than just setting the "right price"? Join me for a conversation with Photographer, Marketing, and Branding Strategist, Named One of the top 30 Pinterest Curators to follow by TIME and Founder of @LoveUNeedSpace Bonnie Tsang We are taking the conversation of Art and Money further and unpacking that Money least make an attempt to unpack it ;) and there might be some studio chaos in this episode...!

Consider this a prelude to a Free Webinar we are hosting together with Claire Van Holland of CV Ledger and Nicole Swartz of Sprout Law.

And you are invited!

Join us Monday, October 15 for  "4 Reasons Why Artists Don't Get Paid: Money Mindset for Empowered Creatives"

You can find all things Bonnie Tsang


@loveuneedspace on Instagram

Join us and become a Member of the Creative Outliers here: 

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Diane Bleck: on what it takes to grow a Creative Career into a Seven Figure Income

Diane Bleck: on what it takes to grow a Creative Career into a Seven Figure Income

Meet Diane Bleck, a Graphic Facilitator aka The Doodle Girl on a mission to unlock creativity at home, school, and work! {To which I say, is there nothing better? Hip Hip Hooray for more Creativity!} "Don't tell me to sit and listen, I have to sit and draw" A visual learner from childhood, Diane shares the story of how her love of doodling became a now seven-figure career and lead her to found the "When you put pen to paper you open your heart channel for ideas, insights, and inspirations. When I journal, when I draw every day I open the creative portal to this creative world to let it know that I want to play today and if I don't do that every day, it changes my entire day." Enjoy my conversation with Diane where she shares her insight on being an Artist in Business while keeping a Commitment to Creativity, as a mom of 3.

You can learn more about Diane at:

The Doodle Institute:
FREE 21 Doodle Days Challenge: Doodle Your Dreams Program: Doodle Girl & Friends Facebook Group:
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