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20 plus Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Business

20 plus Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Business

If I could go back and mentor my younger business self, the one who said yes to her dream of becoming a Professional Artist, the lessons learned that I share in this episode is what I would say.


Today, March 7 marks a celebration of not only 17 years of making a consistent living with my Creative Business but this February 2024 I celebrated 20 years since the very first site went live, featuring my Art work.


Back then I was so busy trying to make it all a go, that I didn't even know (or think I had the time) to intentionally hold a vision and actually plan out where I wanted to be 20 years ahead. For the longest time I was living in a pinch me state, wondering if what I was building wasn't just a temporary dream.


Turns out it wasn't a temporary dream, but one that would grow to help and support you in your Creative dreams too.


What would it have been like if I had the insight I have now when I first started?


That's the wish right, and yet it's the 20 years of lived experience starting, building, and growing my own business that was the ONLY way to gain this insight.


And now I get to share this wisdom with you, while also applying it to my vision for the next 20 years.


So, let's go! Together


In this episode I share 20 plus lessons I learned in 20 years of building Creative Thursday, covering a variety of topics from

  • the power of intention
  • keys to Creative Business Success
  • how to navigate your business boundaries
  • why knowing and tracking your numbers is essential
  • what I wish I had known sooner


Gift for you! Download the 20 ways to make income as a Visual Artist

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Artist Success Stories from Courage to Consistency with Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith and Marissa Parsons

Artist Success Stories from Courage to Consistency with Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith and Marissa Parsons

Get excited! welcome to another favorite edition of Artist Success Stories.


In this episode I'm joined by three of our Alumni; Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith, and Marissa Parsons sharing

  • how they first decided to follow their passion
  • what's helped them find and keep the courage to pursue the professional Artist life
  • how they show up with consistency
  • the value of self-discovery + authenticity in the art-selling process
  • the benefits of personalized mentorship
  • the significance of community and support in building an art business
  • why it's so important to celebrate accomplishments and stay grateful for the process
  • and the transformative effects of choosing to join us in Artful Selling


Hip Hip Hooray! It's here! Only Open Once a Year!

Doors to Artful Selling are OPEN starting now through Tuesday, January 23 @ 11:59 pm PST


🎨 Transform Your Art Business:

Craft your Art Sales + Marketing Plan for 2024 and beyond. Make more art, sell more art, and turn your dreams into reality.


💡 Get Clarity and Achieve Your Dreams:

This time, it's about follow-through! Having a Sales and Marketing Plan is the most effective way to confidently and consistently sell to your Ideal Collectors online. Let's build a thriving business that supports a life you love.


📆 Your 12-Month Product Launch Plan:

Know what you're creating, when you're launching it, and how to price it for PROFIT.


📱 Create Your Social Media Plan:

Unlock the secrets to impactful social media strategies.


📧 Create Your Email Marketing Plan:

Learn the art of email marketing for successful art promotion.


🌟 Ready to Make Selling Your Art Easy?


We can't wait to welcome you!


Join us!


You can find all things

Heather Harrington @lifeandwhim on instagram

Joanna Smith @joanna.smith.5876 on facebook

Marissa Parsons @marissaparsonsstudio on instagram


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Did You Hear the News?

Did You Hear the News?

Did you hear the news? Not only am I now a happily married Mrs!


During my time away from the podcast I had an epiphany, a realization about what's been missing, what can no longer take a back seat, and the dreams I'm fulfilling in 2024.


I've got a lot to fill you in on and I'm starting by sharing the story of the Cranky Bunny, and the inspiration behind a brand new idea and Artist community I just opened that I've been thinking about since 2006.


I'm also excited to invite you to come have some holiday fun, creative painting time with me starting Monday!


Join me for the Ornament Painting Workshop starting Monday, December 11

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Artist Success Stories featuring Molly Ovenden and Leah Selk

Artist Success Stories featuring Molly Ovenden and Leah Selk

Welcome to another installment of Artist Success Stories.


This episode highlights 2 of our Expansive Artist Members sharing stories about how they came to follow their passion and experience breakthroughs with their Art + Creative Businesses.


Artists; Molly Ovenden, Leah Selk join me for this episode where we talk about:

  • Molly, a full-time multi-disciplinary Artist, shares how she lets one art from influence another, and how adopting the practice of planning and embracing a business owner mindset, has transformed her creative practice and how she runs her business today with the ability to think long term
  • Leah, a watercolor Artist who wasn't sure if being an Artist was meant for her (even after she graduated Art School) shares how she went from wondering if she could actually make sales to people who aren't her friends to knowing she CAN do this, growing in confidence to raise her prices and selling $6K at her first local gallery show which is leading to even more opportunities in her local community


Perfect timing to join our inspiring community of Expansive Artists! Doors are OPEN for the last time to the public this year starting today through next Tuesday, October 3 @ 11:59 pm PDT


Get ready to experience your next Creative + Art Business breakthrough with plenty of support, accountability, and encouragement along the way.


We can't wait to welcome you!


Come join us!


You can find all things

Molly Ovenden

@Mollyovendencreativity on Instagram


Leah Selk

@leahselkart on Instagram


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How to Get (the Right) Support as a Creative

How to Get (the Right) Support as a Creative

Hi! It's me Marisa, your Creative Biz Bestie sharing the scoop on

  • why
  • how and
  • when to get support as a Creative especially if you're pursuing Creativity as your career.


I break down the possibilities for learning in my multi-layer cake approach to education, along with

  • the choices you'll make when it comes to investing in your education
  • how to be discerning when getting support from experienced Mentors
  • and how to know if they are right for you
  • how to determine your budget for investing in your support


I also talk about the importance of when and how to choose a Mentor who has Coaching expertise,

  • the skills that make a good Coach
  • the training needed
  • to practical and intuitive guidance



And in response to an Expansive Artist member request for more Mindset recommendations from podcasts to books I share some of my favorites with you.


Join us for Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge + Coaching


Want to know when spots open up for 1:1 Coaching again

email us at


See you over on Instagram for some Creative Business Coaching @creativethursday


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Mastering the Energy of Selling Your Art (part 3)

Mastering the Energy of Selling Your Art (part 3)

Did you get a chance to listen to episode 317 (part 1) and 318 (part 2)


WARNING: Don't listen to part 3 until you've listened to parts 1 and 2 in order.

I kid, and yet I don't.


I'm guessing you're a freedom seeker like me and you like to do things your way, and I get that.


I can't make you listen to these episodes in order. You are free to listen to them, however, whenever you like. But if you really want to get the most from tuning into this series of episodes, listen to them, and journal your honest answers to the prompts in order.


Ok, I've said my peace. On with part 3! :)


So you've been doing "all the things" to sell your work and you're still not having the success you want?

You're trying to make changes in your "Mindset" but the changes aren't sticking? WHY?

And the defeat you're feeling is starting to get you down and making you question whether this Artist life is actually meant for you?


What can you do about it?


While we have access to a lot of education around the practical steps to selling your Art + Creations, there aren't enough conversations around this very important piece to selling your work ~ mastering your ENERGY.


Let's keep the conversation going with part 3, the final installment of a 3-part series.


In today's episode, I'm sharing how to change the habits that may be holding you back from finding consistent success + sales with your Creative Work.


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Want to be an Overnight Success?

Want to be an Overnight Success?

Are you making progress at a pace you're pleased with?


Or does it feel like everyone's journey to success is going a whole lot faster than yours?


In this episode, we're talking about time and timing

  • is Overnight Success actually a thing that's possible today
  • and if so is it what you want
  • what timing is right for you
  • how long does it take to grow a successful Art business
  • are you going after your definition of success or someone else's


Join us for the Sell A Piece of Art Challenge starting Monday, June 19!


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15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 1)

15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 1)

Continuing the topic of generating multiple revenue streams in your business, in this episode I'm sharing part 1 of 2 episodes with a list of 15 proven ways to profit from your Art.


Everything I'm listing in this episode and the one coming next week are all proven ways I've generated revenue in Creative Thursday over the past 16 years.


It's a well-known fact that for a business owner to have peace of mind, you want to have multiple revenue streams, some more passive than active, and what I'm emphasizing today is to have recurring revenue built into (at least 1, if not more) of those streams too.


My friend and business coach Stu is hosting his 1X annual FREE Workshop all about how to turn what you know, love, and do into recurring revenue in your business, and part 3 is today! You're not too late to join us, and he's also hosting a Masterclass this Sunday to catch everyone up at 8 pm ET


Jump in and join us here


Join us for the Sunday Masterclass


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What happened to Etsy? and 3 Tips to Selling Art Online

What happened to Etsy? and 3 Tips to Selling Art Online

Did you hear about what happened to Etsy sellers last week?


After 16 years of selling Art online, getting an early start also selling on Etsy, there's one non-negotiable that I emphasize to ALL of the Artists I have the opportunity to work with, and I'm sharing it with you in today's episode.


The recent Etsy events reminded me just how important this one tip is an inspired 2 more I'm sharing especially if I were getting started selling my Art online today.


In this episode I talk about:

  • the most important assets in your business and how to protect them
  • the trends that are happening in online selling and how to prepare for the changes coming
  • how to get noticed faster than when the algorithm chooses to feature you, and without paid ads


If you want to put these tips into practice as soon as next week, Come join us! I'm hosting my Sell A Piece of Art Workshop + Coaching Week and you're invited.


Click the link below to register


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Letting go of You’re Limiting Beliefs as an Artist - with guest Artists Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong and Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

Letting go of You’re Limiting Beliefs as an Artist - with guest Artists Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong and Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson

How do you go from owning that you’re ready to be an Artist to having your career as an Artist support you in owning a house in France?


Yes it’s possible! But first...when setting out to accomplish your dreams


Ask yourself if you’re taking advice from people who are living what you want to live?


Or listening to people who tell you, you can’t accomplish your dreams versus the ones who tell you, you can?


We're celebrating 300 episodes today and since the original mission of the Creative Thursday podcast was to share my journey as an Artist wanting to become a Professional not only to share what I was figuring out with you but to inspire all who are wanting to be creative and/or build a business doing work you love to do just that ~

I thought there’s no better way to celebrate the 300the episode than sharing Artist Success Stories with you


Featuring our guest Artists

Jeanette Bergstrom, Erwin Ong, Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson


In this episode we talk about:

  • How to let go of limiting beliefs when it comes to creating your Art and building your Art Business
  • Why there isn’t only one right way to become a Professional Creative and how to choose the path that is right for your Artwork
  • What’s equally as important to share as sharing your Art?
  • The simple strategy that grows your email list and your Art sales


You can find all things

Jeanette Bergstrom on instagram

Erwin Ong

@duckamuck on instagram

Marie-Laure Delage-Carlson on instagram


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