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Creative Thursday

What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

When you think of a Thriving Artist, what qualities do you think they embody?


In today's episode, I'm joined by 3 Artists, Marie Delage Carlson, Heather Harrington, and Yvonne Sellick.


Alumni from our first sessions of Artful Selling joined me to share with me not only the qualities that they believe separate the Struggling from the Thriving Artist but also what has made the difference for them as they continue to gain more momentum and Art sales in their Creative businesses!


  • from leaving graphic design to becoming a full-time Artist,
  • to getting comfortable with selling once and for all
  • how selling is easy once you get clear on 1 thing in particular
  • to booking more commissions for happy customers all in a row
  • to growing in confidence


And more. As is often the case with my conversation with fellow Artists, we touch upon a lot of details involved with this courageous Artist journey we're all on together.


The Doors to Artful Selling are OPEN! but only until Tuesday, August 30, @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us!


Here's where you can find and stay in touch with our guest from today's episode:


Marie DeLage Carlson on instagram

Heather Harrington

@lifeandwhim on instagram

Yvonne Sellick

@yvonnesellickart on instagram

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At Square One Building Your Art Business? 3 Steps to Get Started

At Square One Building Your Art Business? 3 Steps to Get Started

You don't want to skip this part!


It can be easy to get too carried away with more advanced steps to building your Art business that you completely forget to be thoughtful in the order and care you take those early steps.


When you rush, and try to figure it out by yourself you just cost yourself more frustration and time in the long run.


Save yourself that agitation now and ask an experienced Mentor you trust for guidance.


Just like one of our Expansive Artist members asked me during our monthly Q&A. It's such a good one that I wanted to share my answer in this week's podcast episode.


Some ways you can get coaching from me over the next month:

  1. Come join me LIVE for Creative Business Coaching over Coffee on Instagram @creativethursday next Thursday, August 11 + 18 @ 10 am PDT
  2. Join me for the Fall session of the Profitable Artist Plan 5 day Workshop + Coaching week, starting August 22. Invite to register 💌 is coming soon, so stay tuned! If you aren't already on the Creative Thursday email list, be sure to join so you're first to know about all the upcoming workshops.


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Do You Discount Your Art?

Do You Discount Your Art?

Are you in it for the long game or the quick sale?


Or? are you wanting to offer an affordable option to your loyal Collectors?


Maybe you're prolific and running out of room to create new work?


Perhaps, you're getting ready for a studio move?


What if you want to celebrate an important anniversary with your Collectors!


All reasons that you might consider having a special sale around your original work and yet do you really want to discount your original work?


Important questions to answer and in today's Creative Business Coaching over Coffee, I'm joined by Southern California Artist Kat to talk through all of these options when she asked whether to discount her work or not after her gallery exhibition?


I also opened today's episode with some thoughts and how to navigate the following your dream path during such uncertain times.


You can find all things Kathleen Kaller on instagram



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Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson

Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson
Why me? or Why not me?
Be honest, when you're thinking about your dreams, which question pops into your mind first?
Then ask yourself what example are you setting for your kids, for generations to come? Do you want them thinking the world is filled with possibilities or to not bother trying because what if it doesn't work out the way they thought?
When we give ourselves permission, the ripple effect is powerful because it gives someone else permission too.
In today's episode Marie shares her journey of embracing her artist from motherhood, building a business as an herbalist to fully leaning into the work that's been calling her since she was little.
Join us for the 2022 Artful Selling session, by signing up for the waitlist here

You can find all things Marie-Laure Delage Carlson at:

on Instagram


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Choosing the RIGHT Online Shop Platform

Choosing the RIGHT Online Shop Platform

Are you afraid of making a “wrong” decision when it comes to building your online shop?

One of the questions I get asked the most by the Artists I mentor is “what website, e-commerce platform do I choose for my online shop?” followed by “how do I know for sure, that it's the right one for me?”

So often our fear of making the wrong decision keeps us from making any decision at all, which in turn keeps us in a holding pattern ~ what I refer to as paused versus progressing.

In this week's episode, I'm getting super practical and sharing my top 3 online platforms, and I step you through exactly why these are my favorites.



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Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

In November 2018 I had an idea around how to support + celebrate independent Artists more... and this Sunday, August 29 it's game on!

First things first! You're invited! Join us for our FIRST (what we hope to be the first of many) virtual art event + pop-up gallery; Small Studio Sunday.

It's free to attend, just be sure to register here for your invite so you'll be first to view the pop-up gallery as soon as it goes live on Sunday, August 29, along with the link to join us for our privately hosted LIVE events lead by our participating Artists, including creative demos, studio tours and art talks, including one over on Clubhouse with myself + our Artists!

In today's episode I share with you the full story of the inspiration behind Small Studio Sunday and the vision I have for supporting independent artists, and this event going forward.

If you're an Artist who would like the opportunity to apply for future events, at this time Small Studio Sunday is open exclusively for our Expansive Artists members, so be sure join the Waitlist here to be the first to know the next time we open the doors. 


Register for the invite to attend Small Studio Sunday, August 29

Join the Expansive Artists Waitlist for the opportunity to apply for future events

Cheers to an inspiring + creative weekend!  See you Sunday!


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Calling All High-Achieving Artists

Calling All High-Achieving Artists

Call all high-achieving and heart-centered Artists. Want to to turn your passion into an Art career, here are the top qualities I believe it takes to thrive as an Artist, selling online today.

I know, I know ~ when I was coming up with this title High-Achieving Artist (not to be confused with over-achieving) that pairing of words sounded so unfamiliar, downright strange. 

In my desire to support Artists in building a thriving business around a practice of creating Art they love, I never connected High-Achieving with Artist before,  but in recent months it's become increasingly clear the stakes have been raised. As author, Steven Pressfield says, it's time to step into the role of the Professional. Here's how!

Ready to re-connect with your vision + plans for 2021 alongside a group of dedicated Artists (both emerging and established) next week, starting Monday June 14 to have a mid-year check-in and creative dreaming + planning session, click here to to join us for the Profitable Artist's Planning Challenge.


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235 Getting your Work Seen + Sold with Marketing Expert + FB Ads Agency Owner Zach Spuckler

235 Getting your Work Seen + Sold with Marketing Expert + FB Ads Agency Owner Zach Spuckler

Who knew that a spontaneous trip to NYC in 2015 with a ticket to the first Periscope conference in hand would lead to this learning opportunity? 

exhibit a: photo of me + Zach Spuckler and friends in NYC when the Revlon Cam projected us on the huge screen in Times Square

But first! my fellow creative, lean in + listen closely as my guest, friend + mentor, Zach Spuckler gives you a peek behind the curtain about an untapped marketing possibility that Artists are barely, if at all exploring? let alone leveraging to get their gifts + beautiful work in front of the RIGHT Collectors again and again.

A great teacher, one who always likes to leave you with a practical take away, Zach's sharing his step by step marketing strategy that grew his side hustle handmade candle business from 0 - 152 orders in the first 60 days of opening their Calming Oasis shop.

Join us for this one time only + limited space very special learning opportunity, FB Ads for Artists Implementation Workshop


You can find all things Zach Spuckler at

on instagram @heartsoulhustle



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Adding Revenue with Online Teaching, is it Right for You?

Adding Revenue with Online Teaching, is it Right for You?

Artists and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to expand. This is incredibly important to growing a profitable business, as proven by the unpredictable rollercoaster that was 2020. 

In order to not only survive but thrive in business, you want to plan for adding additional revenue streams.

This episode delves into three reasons why online teaching might be something to consider as an alternate source of income. While it may not be for everyone, you might be surprised at how it can take business to the next level. Listen on to learn more!

And join my business mentor Stu McLaren starting next week, Thursday April 22 for his Free Tribe Workshop that happens only once year teaching you all about Recurring Revenue options that can work for you and your unique business.

Click here to Register

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From $4 for $24K in 4 Weeks

From $4 for $24K in 4 Weeks

I don't think I've ever shared this photo on my blog, of 14 year old me in the wide brimmed hat + braces, selling ceramics at my very first Art fair in Venice, Florida alongside my neighbor Toots (in the white) who generously opened up her garage ceramics studio to me, who looking back taught how to paint sweet character faces, and my proud mom (in the black and white)


I made $100 in sales that day and I was THRILLED!


Looking back it's clear as a day a path that was calling to me, yet I because I never thought I could making a living as an Artist, I chose a different direction for a few years, until the call became so loud and I knew I had to listen if I was going to live a life fulfilled. 


I've learned that denying our dreams is so much more uncomfortable (even painful) than actually taking the steps towards realizing them. 


If I told my 14 year old self, about the life she would now have, she would be THRILLED, especially when I tell her about what happened in my Art business just last month.


I share the story with you in today's podcast episode, another one recorded live on Clubhouse and includes the “after party” of great conversation following the episode with fellow Artists. 

When I discovered the fulfillment that comes with saying yes to your dreams and being open to that adventure, I just wanted to encourage everyone in earshot, and I mean everyone ~especially my fellow Artists to go for it, and it's why I've been on a mission ever since to encourage + transform the limiting narrative + beliefs around what it means to live a life as an Artist. 

The more people who are lit up doing what they love in all areas of life, this is everything. It is the most profound ripple effect of joy that you can imagine.




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