How to Get (the Right) Support as a Creative

How to Get (the Right) Support as a Creative

Hi! It's me Marisa, your Creative Biz Bestie sharing the scoop on

  • why
  • how and
  • when to get support as a Creative especially if you're pursuing Creativity as your career.


I break down the possibilities for learning in my multi-layer cake approach to education, along with

  • the choices you'll make when it comes to investing in your education
  • how to be discerning when getting support from experienced Mentors
  • and how to know if they are right for you
  • how to determine your budget for investing in your support


I also talk about the importance of when and how to choose a Mentor who has Coaching expertise,

  • the skills that make a good Coach
  • the training needed
  • to practical and intuitive guidance



And in response to an Expansive Artist member request for more Mindset recommendations from podcasts to books I share some of my favorites with you.


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