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Creative Thursday

Don't Hand in Your Resignation

Don't Hand in Your Resignation

Nope, not talking about your day job in this episode.

We're talking about the days when your dream "job" working for yourself, isn't working out the way you hoped.

What's your go to? How do you handle those days when you just aren't sure if this making a living as an artist is really right for you? In this episode, I share with you one of my go to's when those challenging moments come up.

Join me for the special live workshop (+ replay recording if you can't join us live) "How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market your Art"


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Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Coming to you with a special Sunday edition of the podcast.

In 2000, I started to ask myself the question, if I truly believed I could follow my dreams and become anything I want to be in this world, would this path I'm currently on, be the one I'd choose? It was answering that question that ultimately lead me to finally acknowledging that I always wanted to become an Artist.

When I was easing my way into the belief that I could be an Artist, I found great comfort in listening to any and all stories from people who had been where I was, chose to pursue their passions and made it.

I couldn't get enough of these stories. Let's be honest I still can't get enough.

What has become my check-in, I still ask myself that question, which invites me to keep dreaming bigger. And it's listening to stories from the inspiring people out ahead of me on the journey that keeps me appreciating how far I've come and enthusiastically focused forward on all the goodness that is yet to come!

I can talk endlessly about my passion for mentoring The Expansive Artists how inspired I am by their kind + generous spirits, dedication to their dream, and their incredible progress every week, not to mention their beautiful art!

But today I invite them to share their stories, and experience as a member of The Expansive Artists to inspire you and give you more insight into what it's like to work with me and be a part of our incredible community if you're thinking about joining us this time!

Enjoy a recording from a recent live chat.

The Doors to The Expansive Artists are OPEN! only until Tuesday, September 21 @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us

The Artists featured: (click on their names below to be taken to their websites)

Eliza Day-Green

Sarah Kelly

Jo. D Livingston

Marisa Montaldi

Marie -Laure Delage-Carlson


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Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Repeat after me: “I am an artist.”

In today’s episode we continue the conversation kicked off last week about what having your own art business will make possible for you, and  today I answer a question inspired one of our Expansive Artist members, Michelle about “How to find Your Artistic Voice?”

How do you find your signature style as an Artist, especially when you're just starting out. In this episode I share three approaches for helping you cultivate the artist within yourself.

Let's explore the answers to these questions:

How does allowing yourself to be influenced by the work others help you to let your unique style shine through? How can collaboration help you to grow as an artist?

How often should you focus on your art? How much time are you willing to invest in the practice of your art? Cultivating creativity will help you to piece together your own heart and your uniqueness to find what makes your work special.

Enjoy! and be sure to join us for Small Studio Sunday


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How much do you need to hustle?

How much do you need to hustle?

If you caught my last email, I shared some Creative Thursday changes that are going into effect this summer. Our 4 day work weeks M- Th, are happening! And I'm podcasting and emailing you the Creative Thursday 3 every other week, instead of every week, through August. I also unintentionally took a long pause from posting to Instagram.


What I did do, is make art! I took a weekend painting workshop in Sonoma, California that lead to some pretty inspiring discoveries in my work, see the sneak peek above and more details were sent out in the Creative Thursday 3 today. Are you on the list? Join here at


Letting go + stepping back, and getting more support is not my comfy place ~ I've been a do it all myself kind of girl who also prides herself on a strong work ethic (which is all fine + good unless the work rarely pauses)

I most definitely hustled my way to this place in my business (more on today's podcast episode below), and it's not how I plan to grow from this point forward. 


For the record; the choice to hustle less is not to be confused with sizing down on my BIG vision for Creative Thursday, for us! It just means that more wonderful people will be invited along for the journey to help bring that vision for uplifting our creative community into reality, while I also continue with my art.


Taking these gentle steps forward with a focus on designing a business that supports me, instead of bringing me close to burnout ~ feels pretty incredible so far.


I hope to be an example of what's possible when it comes to building + growing a thriving online business today. 


As always I intend to keep you in the loop with new discoveries, which is what today's podcast is about, inspired by a question one of our EA members Dana asked “How much do you have to hustle as an Artist?”


What's it really take to be a professional Artist?

How many hours are you supposed to work to make your dream a reality.

In this episode I share the truth of what's involved to growing an online business in today's climate and how the landscape is starting to change.



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Don't Rush the Process

Don't Rush the Process

In this episode, life happened. Technology failed, mili-second power outages were at play, user error was in also in the mix, and my Clubhouse talk didn’t get recorded. It can be so frustrating to experience hiccups that get in the way of your best laid plans!

Though this episode did not go as expected, there’s a great lesson to be learned...

Also if you're hearing this first thing in the morning, we're back on Clubhouse today for an episode on Email Marketing for Artists @ 10:10 am PDT in the Creative Thursday Club. See you there!

Click on the link below to go directly to the room when we go live.




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Selling Your Work, What's Your Story?

Selling Your Work, What's Your Story?

It's official, my first Clubhouse recorded podcast! 

Part 2 in my 3 part series around Selling Your Work as an Artist.

Passionate about changing that narrative, Since March 12, 2010 almost exactly 11 years to the date, when I first posted about the concept of a Thriving Artist on my blog, not only for myself as a Self-Taught Artist but for every Artist I have the opportunity to come in contact with.

That's why in this episode, I open up about my truths around selling and making money as an an Artist.

The episode is at the top and then if you'd like to hear the conversation that followed with a number of Artists who joined me LIVE after the recording you can listen.

We talk about everything from dismantling the stories and beliefs around "selling" "making money" and being a Woman Artist, to what this means for our daughters and new generations, going forward.

If you are ready to put your new story around Selling into Practice, join me for the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge. We start Monday, March 22


Listen to this week's episode, and if you see this before 10:10 am PDT click here to join me today on Clubhouse! LIVE for part 3 ~ from $4 > $24K in 4 weeks in Art Sales



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How to Make Decisions You can Trust with Intuition Expert Lisa K.

How to Make Decisions You can Trust with Intuition Expert Lisa K.

Fully trusting your decisions, in every area of your life? How does that sound!

In today's episode, my special guest, Intuition Expert, Lisa K. shares some of the BEST practical guidance and tips on exactly how to recognize when your intuition is guiding you, and how to listen.


Learn more and find all things Lisa K. at

You can also purchase her beautiful new Intuition deck at:


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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel it? Are you diving into the pool or sitting on the edge waiting to get permission to jump in


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome…hands raised, have you struggled with it? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


The photo above is Sean and I opening night at my first official solo Gallery Art show May 9, 2009 (and yes I know Sean has his eyes closed but this is still one of my favorite art career moments and photos of us, because Sean has been such a huge support to me on my Creative journey 💕)⁣

As a self taught Artist, who didn’t believe I could make a living as an Artist, you can imagine how much I’ve struggled with Imposter Syndrome. ⁣

Even though I felt it, I didn’t give in, and that’s the only reason I built a business as a Working Artist. ⁣

I trusted myself enough to commit to creating work for, and attending that opening of my first solo Art show.⁣

That night, with my Art hanging alongside the mural I painted on the gallery wall (see a close-up of the mural below), friends celebrating, some acknowledging my work and new career path for the first time; I wondered, how did I get here? Am I really an Artist? Won’t people judge that I’m self-taught and am only here because I decided to give myself permission to pursue my dream. ⁣

Yes, and yes.

Imposter Syndrome,  judgment or approval from others or not, you are ultimately the one who gives yourself permission to step into your fullest expression and power. ✨💃⁣

Today on the podcast I’ll be sharing some insight and tips on overcoming it.⁣

And if you’d like to take this conversation further, join me on Clubhouse @ 10:30 am PST @marisaanne I’ll be hosting a room alongside a special guest, a UK illustrator I connected with on Clubhouse. (Yes, 2 weeks in I'm still a fan of this incredible App…I've got podcast plans with this audio only platform in the works, more details in today's episode.)



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Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

I mean EVERYONE, is Clubhouse for you? and especially my Artists.

7 days in this my first review of Clubhouse. Is this (yet) another (audio only) platform that is worth your time? especially if you're a visual Artist.

No eye rolling just yet, ok? Listen in and join me to continue this conversation @4 pm PST on Clubhouse @marisaaanne

What if we get to take this podcast conversation further...!



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Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

1 month from today…I made a big announcement to my email friends last Sunday

March 7, 2007 is my Working Artist Anniversary and it was exactly 14 years ago this year, that I started making a living with my Art, and this is also the year I've decided that March 7th I'm retiring Creative Thursday.

There’s been some confusion about what I mean when I say retire. 😅

Not to worry! This isn’t the end of my business or me creating Art, it’s a new chapter and I’ll explain all the details on this week’s podcast.

Until then, it does mean that if you’ve been eyeing a Creative Thursday creation you’ll want to add it to your Collection now 😌

I'm sharing all the details behind this decision and specifically what it means for all of the areas of my business from Art to Podcasting to Mentoring.


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