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Creative Thursday

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel it? Are you diving into the pool or sitting on the edge waiting to get permission to jump in


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome…hands raised, have you struggled with it? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


The photo above is Sean and I opening night at my first official solo Gallery Art show May 9, 2009 (and yes I know Sean has his eyes closed but this is still one of my favorite art career moments and photos of us, because Sean has been such a huge support to me on my Creative journey 💕)⁣

As a self taught Artist, who didn’t believe I could make a living as an Artist, you can imagine how much I’ve struggled with Imposter Syndrome. ⁣

Even though I felt it, I didn’t give in, and that’s the only reason I built a business as a Working Artist. ⁣

I trusted myself enough to commit to creating work for, and attending that opening of my first solo Art show.⁣

That night, with my Art hanging alongside the mural I painted on the gallery wall (see a close-up of the mural below), friends celebrating, some acknowledging my work and new career path for the first time; I wondered, how did I get here? Am I really an Artist? Won’t people judge that I’m self-taught and am only here because I decided to give myself permission to pursue my dream. ⁣

Yes, and yes.

Imposter Syndrome,  judgment or approval from others or not, you are ultimately the one who gives yourself permission to step into your fullest expression and power. ✨💃⁣

Today on the podcast I’ll be sharing some insight and tips on overcoming it.⁣

And if you’d like to take this conversation further, join me on Clubhouse @ 10:30 am PST @marisaanne I’ll be hosting a room alongside a special guest, a UK illustrator I connected with on Clubhouse. (Yes, 2 weeks in I'm still a fan of this incredible App…I've got podcast plans with this audio only platform in the works, more details in today's episode.)



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Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

I mean EVERYONE, is Clubhouse for you? and especially my Artists.

7 days in this my first review of Clubhouse. Is this (yet) another (audio only) platform that is worth your time? especially if you're a visual Artist.

No eye rolling just yet, ok? Listen in and join me to continue this conversation @4 pm PST on Clubhouse @marisaaanne

What if we get to take this podcast conversation further...!



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Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

Retiring Creative Thursday March 7, 2021

1 month from today…I made a big announcement to my email friends last Sunday

March 7, 2007 is my Working Artist Anniversary and it was exactly 14 years ago this year, that I started making a living with my Art, and this is also the year I've decided that March 7th I'm retiring Creative Thursday.

There’s been some confusion about what I mean when I say retire. 😅

Not to worry! This isn’t the end of my business or me creating Art, it’s a new chapter and I’ll explain all the details on this week’s podcast.

Until then, it does mean that if you’ve been eyeing a Creative Thursday creation you’ll want to add it to your Collection now 😌

I'm sharing all the details behind this decision and specifically what it means for all of the areas of my business from Art to Podcasting to Mentoring.


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Don't Rush the Timing

Don't Rush the Timing

What's with all the rushing these days?

Ambition, dedication, focus I get. Rushing, I've learned, actually slows your progress down.

Do you trust the process? or do you feel like you're always trying to get to that next place on the journey?

Have you noticed that when you finally get "there", you have a new dream insight? Are you taking the time to truly appreciate just how far you've come, and how all of the steps that you got here, have been perfect in their unfolding.

On this birthday! I'm sharing with you new discoveries on time and right timing.


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My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever


Is now a print and a podcast!

Today's episode is 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for you! especially for my Artists. These are the steps that can lead to a viral post, and Art sales.




After 10 years on Instagram who knew? this would be my most liked post EVER, (so far 😉 )


I heard you! and I listened, and turns out this illustration of Bernie + his mittens sitting with the Creative Thursday characters is bringing a lot of joy to you, so much so you want one in your home! By request, Bernie is now officially a print!


If you don't know the backstory to this piece. “The Gang Celebrates” is one of my most popular images and prints. Originally painted in 2007, it went on to become a Papyrus greeting card, the cover of my book and the theme of my very first fabric collection ~ these are the Creative Thursday characters that built my business + brand as an Artist.


I was just recounting the story today on a call with my members and that is this; These characters were born through the practice of daily painting and I didn't know it at the time but looking back I know they were there to gently cheer me on with my dream of becoming a Working Artist.


I was self-taught, going into debt, filled with more self-doubt then confidence and totally unsure if this dream was possible, let alone knowing how I could actually make a living with my Art~  and these characters, holding hands in hoodies, hats and mittens (because I don't like to draw hair or hands or feet lol) believed in me ~ and creating this style of Art is what kept me going through really exciting and very challenging times.


And as they made their way out into the world, it turns out a lot of collectors felt the same support and encouragement from those characters.


They are! cheering you on too!  bringing joy to your and/or your little ones, present in thousands of nurseries as a quiet reminder to follow your dreams and keep believing in what is possible.


Last Friday when I sat down to digitally paint Bernie sitting with them, I thought you might get a chuckle but I had no idea this image would be such a hit.


In honor of Bernie Sander's public service and dedication to supporting community, 20% of the proceeds of each print will be donated to the L.A. Food Bank. 

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How Do You Want to Feel in 2021?

How Do You Want to Feel in 2021?

Have you heard of the "Be Do Have Model"? Continuing on with the planning mini-series.

If you're not seeing your plans come into fruition, it might be time for a different approach. Planning is so much more than just putting your goals on a calendar.

Let's close out 2020 with a sense of peace, wholeness and taking all the challenges we've faced into an envisioning a new and brighter future, by answering this question first "How do you want to feel in 2021"?

 Enjoy the new episode and to kick-off your Successful Artist Planning for 2021, get instant access to the mini-course and downloadable worksheet for free!



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Reflect + Renew + Reframe

Reflect + Renew + Reframe

As we bring 2020, a year like no other to a close, today we're talking about how to deeply appreciate all of your Successes! 

Running a small business, especially one connected to your heart and your Art requires strength, courage and ongoing energy on your best days, let alone the days that are (extraordinarily) challenging. 

Keeping your commitment to your craft, your dream, your personal + business growth now speaks volumes about your determination and dedication, and that is to be CELEBRATED!

Thank you for joining me on the Creative journey! and for being a loyal listener of the Creative Thursday podcast.

Enjoy this week's episode + Merry Christmas Eve to all who are celebrating.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health, happiness and peace this holiday season.


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3 Tips to Create Your Perfect Plan + 12 Days of Creativity

3 Tips to Create Your Perfect Plan + 12 Days of Creativity

First, you make time for Creativity! :)

I have decided to make the 12 days of Creativity available through the end of 2020, so if you see this after our start day today of December 10, be sure to join us!

Click here to join the 12 Days of Creativity


It's that time of year....and whether it's December heading into a new calendar year or not, this is not only my  passion bordering on obsession, it's also my new secret to success as a peaceful business owner.

Even though 2020 looked nothing like we thought it would, what are you envisioning for your 2021?

In this episode, I share with you 3 tips to before you start creating your perfect plan.


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Artistic Discovery + Reinvention with Contemporary Dancer + Choreographer Seda Aybay

Artistic Discovery + Reinvention with Contemporary Dancer + Choreographer Seda Aybay

"Be Inspiring and go out and Inspire Someone Else" is a message my Contemporary dance teacher Seda Aybay always closes our class with. 

You're going to love today's episode. An invitation to discover, reinvent, stay curious, adventurous and to be fully present, especially during times that are like none we've ever experienced.

What new creative possibilities are developing that we've not even begun to explore, yet?

And if you've heard a call to try dancing or come back to dancing, now is the time!


Join Seda and her dance company Kybele Dance for a beautiful live performance on Zoom this Saturday November 14 at 6 or 8 pm PT.

Click here to get tickets

You can find all things Seday Aybay

@aybay_seda on Instagram


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