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Creative Thursday

My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My planning practice, or rather my planning obsession, has reached a new level and I've got a brand new tip to share with you in this episode.


Inspired by another new love for project management - something that before my business started to grow to include a team that I had no idea "was a thing" - this planning tip is good for both using pen (preferably markers!) + paper and digital.


I’m also celebrating the release of the brand new 2nd edition limited edition 2023 creative planner, which is date free so you can start it or use it at any time of the year that you like.


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The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

The Exact Strategy I used to Grow a 6 Figure Art Business

In almost 300 episodes I haven't shared EXACTLY how I started my Art business, how is that possible?


The truth is that business owners can get so distracted by shiny squirrel syndrome (listen to this previous podcast episode no.) and all the latest marketing strategies, that we can miss the most obvious one that's right in front of us, and forgetting to stay focused on what works (easily!) and double down on doing more of that.


Exhibit A - me, Marisa right here mentoring you and forgetting to emphasize what was the most important foundation to growing Creative Thursday, the specific strategy that took me from selling 1 greeting card an entire holiday season to growing a 6 figure Art Business.


In this episode, I'm sharing the practice that helped me

  • stay consistently connected to making my Art
  • find my Artist voice
  • grow my following + my email list
  • find my Collectors many of whom are still collecting my work today
  • and generating consistent revenue with Art sales


And if you want to go deeper on this strategy in an upcoming LIVE Masterclass I'm teaching next week, you can learn more and save your spot at


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Artist Success Stories

Artist Success Stories

Sharing inspiration from your fellow Creatives with Artist Success Stories with you in today's episode with 4 guest Artists and Expansive Artist members.

My favorite kind of conversations to have ~ as we do! we touch upon a lot of topics on this journey of an Artist:


  • how the decision to stick to a higher price resulted in a loyal collector
  • why the work of the Artist is equal to the work of a health practitioner
  • how to make time for what you want even when you have a full-time job and are raising children
  • a check-in question to help you keep focused on track
  • tips for how to get started
  • how to stay confident and not give up on the roller coaster days
  • how to stay fulfilled + connected to your Art when you're juggling responsibilities including parenthood



And come join us in The Expansive Artists!

The doors are open for the last time this year! Join us at

before Tuesday, October 18 @ 11:59 pm PDT

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What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

What qualities separate a Struggling and a Thriving Artist?

When you think of a Thriving Artist, what qualities do you think they embody?


In today's episode, I'm joined by 3 Artists, Marie Delage Carlson, Heather Harrington, and Yvonne Sellick.


Alumni from our first sessions of Artful Selling joined me to share with me not only the qualities that they believe separate the Struggling from the Thriving Artist but also what has made the difference for them as they continue to gain more momentum and Art sales in their Creative businesses!


  • from leaving graphic design to becoming a full-time Artist,
  • to getting comfortable with selling once and for all
  • how selling is easy once you get clear on 1 thing in particular
  • to booking more commissions for happy customers all in a row
  • to growing in confidence


And more. As is often the case with my conversation with fellow Artists, we touch upon a lot of details involved with this courageous Artist journey we're all on together.


The Doors to Artful Selling are OPEN! but only until Tuesday, August 30, @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us!


Here's where you can find and stay in touch with our guest from today's episode:


Marie DeLage Carlson on instagram

Heather Harrington

@lifeandwhim on instagram

Yvonne Sellick

@yvonnesellickart on instagram

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How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

Oh and! which platform do you choose?


Do you choose just 1 or more?

How do you know which one is the right one?


Before you set sail in the wide-open ocean of social media, and possibly waste a whole bunch of time posting aimlessly to ALL the platforms at the same time, you're going to want to answer some important questions about your business vision + goals.


In today's podcast episode I walk you through suggestions for you to know what will work best for your working style, along with the details of how and why I prioritize what platforms I'm currently focused on, and the best strategy for showing up consistently both digitally and in your art-making process.


Happening TODAY! Join me for LIVE Creative Business Coaching over Coffee ☕️ at 10 am PDT this morning over on Instagram @creativethursday.

I'll be hosting another session next Thursday, June 30 as well, same time, same place.

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Keeping your Creative Spirit Intact with Artist Jo Blake

Keeping your Creative Spirit Intact with Artist Jo Blake

What if you could save a TON of time, and get that next breakthrough?


Do you have a Coach?


Today on the podcast, I'm bringing you a Creative Biz Coaching over a Coffee conversation I had on Instagram with one of our Expansive Artists members, Artist + Illustrator Jo Blake.


From practical tips to inspired tangents about living this Creative Business life, we covered a lot of ground in our chat together, from

  • setting up your email opt-in + welcome email
  • to best practices for keeping your Creative Spirit intact
  • while focusing on your work goals and marketing to gain momentum
  • and build your confidence as an Artist.


We also talk about this very important truth behind the sudden desire to clean your house (even if you don't like cleaning your house) 😝 🏡


And when and why you want to LEAN IN!


You can learn more about Artist + Illustrator Jo Blake

@joblakeart  on Instagram

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Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Do you think you may have found your voice but you're just too close to the work to see it?

Or is it because you're emerging that you automatically assume you don't have a voice yet?

Could it be that your work needs a more consistent practice to fully develop into a unique + elevated offering?

Spoiler Alert: you might already have the answer on how to find your voice, but you're looking outside for reassurance and validation.

That's all fine and good as long as you also know how to trust your own intuition, and as a Coach I'll remind you to look inwards for your answer, like I did in my Creative Biz Coaching over Coffee session no. 2 with New Mexico Artist, Nara.

You can learn more about Artist, Nara on Instagram


The doors to The Expansive Artists are re-opening for the first time this year, tomorrow Friday March 18.

Join the waitlist to know as soon as they re-open.


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How to Get Clear on your Dreams

How to Get Clear on your Dreams

Do you feel conflicted about your dreams?

Do you find yourself second guessing your path,wondering if you’re headed in the right direction?

Does the uncertainty of how it will all come together often affect your day to day progress?

When you’re not feeling clear, there’s a reason.

Tune in to learn what we uncovered with Hawaii based Artist Jesse Tepora around why she may be feeling a lack of clarity around her dreams.

Today’s episode brings you our first Creative Business Coaching over Coffee session.

Thank you again to Jesse for openly sharing a peek into her creative dreams + fears during our live coaching over Instagram.


If you’re ready to join us for more coaching be sure to save your spot for the Sell A Piece of Art Workshop + Coaching Week starting this Monday March 14

Register here at

You can learn more about Artist, Jessica Tepora 

@jessteporaart  on Instagram


 image above features my newest  works in progress.


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Do you have Shiny Squirrel Syndrome?

Do you have Shiny Squirrel Syndrome?

How do you know what to focus on when?

But what if I’m a creative free spirit and I don’t like to be boxed into one style, theme, medium or project?

A little something I learned the hard way ~ (but you can learn it now!) unfortunately for us Free Spirits the “I don’t want to be BOXED IN” approach is a no go strategy when it comes to having a thriving career as an Artist.

In today’s episode I share how I choose my creative focus, and then prioritize the steps to make it happen!

Join me for the Sell A Piece of Art Workshop + Coaching Week starting March 14

Register at


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The Art of Prioritizing

The Art of Prioritizing

Have you ever thought you were clear on your "priorities" only to realize that something else always comes first?

And is what comes first, something you want or something for someone else?

This year I was introduced to one concept that was a huge wake-up call for me in terms of getting to the bottom of what matters most to me - not anyone else.

Continuing on in our first of the year mini planning series, in today's episode I'm introducing you to a simple exercise to help you understand why you may be letting everything and everyone else be the priority ~ and how to begin staying in integrity with yourself and what you value most.

Join me for the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge

Click here to Register

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