How to Plan Your Social Media Creation + Posting

How to Plan Your Social Media Creation + Posting

First ~ thank you for your kind messages about our recent loss.


Holiday time, depending upon how you like to approach this season, can be filled with long to-do lists, countless visits, parties, and celebrations, or if you're like me, a perfect time for a peaceful reset.


Very intentional about how we choose to spend Christmas, Sean and I often opt for a quiet celebration which leads to a perfect opening to dream, plan, and prepare for what's next.


Over the past few years of a rapidly growing business, this has been the best time to get caught up and reset, from organizing to planning along with getting a head start on upcoming projects, especially those happening at the start of the new year (get excited and save the date! the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge and Coaching week starts Monday, January 15)


On the last episode I invited you to send me your questions about time management, and this is the first in a series of 3 answering what you asked about the most with today's part 1 focusing on a very popular topic: Social Media, specifically how I plan my Social Media from content creation to posting.


In this episode, I share with you:

  • the BIG mistake I see many Artists making when it comes to how and when they post to their Social Media
  • what you must have clarity on FIRST to effectively post to your Social Media
  • why it's important to understand your relationship with selling and being sold to
  • how I like to plan my Social Media shares
  • my best practices for planning and posting your Social Media content



See you January 15 for an inspiring + fun 2024 Planning session!


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