Best Practices + Tips for Organizing your Social Media Imagery

Best Practices + Tips for Organizing your Social Media Imagery

Be honest: how's your 2024 Social Media plan looking?


Are you feeling ready with a big picture strategy in place, or are you reading this thinking, Marisa what are you talking about "ready", I barely know what to post tomorrow let alone the rest of 2024


Would you like to feel more prepared when it comes to your marketing?


What if this is the year you could change the hamster wheel approach of: overwhelm + procrastinate = now I feel behind so why bother with any sort of plan at all ~

to breathing easier because you feel clear and excited about what you're creating and sharing with the wonderful people who can't wait to see (and collect) what you're working on.


On this first Creative Thursday of the new year, the energy of clarity that comes with a clean slate is on your side which is why I'm excited to welcome you to part 2 of the Time Management series where I'm continuing to answer your questions and sharing tips on how to organize your social media content so that you're not constantly trying to figure out "what to post" and wondering whether what you post will actually help you reach your people and grow your Art business.


When I find myself getting overloaded by a long list of to dos, a simple practice of physical and/or digital organization is the best place to start to catch my breath and clear my head.


With that approach in mind let's get into some practical tips to help you get organized.


In this episode, I share:

  • what tools and apps I use to organize and back-up my assets
  • how I organize my photos and social media images so that they're easy to find
  • what apps I use to enhance and elevate my photography


It's getting close now...let's kick off the new year, with an inspiring planning session together.

We start Monday, January 15

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