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Creative Thursday

Let's talk about the Slow Build when it comes to growing your Art Business

Let's talk about the Slow Build when it comes to growing your Art Business

How does feeling more calm with less overwhelm sound when it comes to growing your Art business?


Yes? tune in!


Today's episode is another special edition of Creative Business Coaching over Coffee where I go LIVE on Instagram and share business guidance.


On this call, we covered such a variety of topics I decided to split this one into two parts, with this being PART 1.


Inspired by a recent comment our Expansive Artist member Linda shared with me, today I want to talk to you more about what it means to apply the Slow Build to growing your business as an Artist.


I also share some tips on how to start planning your Holiday launch product offerings.


If you catch this episode early you can join me LIVE TODAY Thursday, August 17 @ 10 am PDT over on Instagram @creativethursday for another session of Creative Business Coaching over Coffee


And if you want help creating your Profitable Artist Plan without relying on Social Media...!

Join me for the Profitable Artist Workshop + Coaching Week starting Monday

and be sure to grab your copy of the 1st edition Creative Planner before it's SOLD out!

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Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed + Confused? Answer these 3 Questions

Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed + Confused? Answer these 3 Questions

If overwhelm is being busy without priority, then confusion is not knowing what your priorities are.

Working backwards, that means that without clarity your days are driven by a state of confusion and overwhelm which is also what I call living on a hamster wheel.

The overwhelm never ends.

Since it doesn't look like the complexities of living a creative life + growing an online business are going to let up any time soon, or ever ~ it's up to us!

It's up to you to reclaim your time + peace + focus with purpose.

Here's where to start; honestly answer these 3 simple questions to get you pointed towards your north star, your true focus.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger!


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Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson

Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson
Why me? or Why not me?
Be honest, when you're thinking about your dreams, which question pops into your mind first?
Then ask yourself what example are you setting for your kids, for generations to come? Do you want them thinking the world is filled with possibilities or to not bother trying because what if it doesn't work out the way they thought?
When we give ourselves permission, the ripple effect is powerful because it gives someone else permission too.
In today's episode Marie shares her journey of embracing her artist from motherhood, building a business as an herbalist to fully leaning into the work that's been calling her since she was little.
Join us for the 2022 Artful Selling session, by signing up for the waitlist here

You can find all things Marie-Laure Delage Carlson at:

on Instagram


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The Art of Prioritizing

The Art of Prioritizing

Have you ever thought you were clear on your "priorities" only to realize that something else always comes first?

And is what comes first, something you want or something for someone else?

This year I was introduced to one concept that was a huge wake-up call for me in terms of getting to the bottom of what matters most to me - not anyone else.

Continuing on in our first of the year mini planning series, in today's episode I'm introducing you to a simple exercise to help you understand why you may be letting everything and everyone else be the priority ~ and how to begin staying in integrity with yourself and what you value most.

Join me for the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge

Click here to Register

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New Year Planning? Start Here!

New Year Planning? Start Here!
If you haven't noticed? Accomplishing your BIG + small goals has as much to do with taking action on practical steps as it does with that miraculous, complex organ between your ears. Yup, your brain ~ and your mindset.
One of the best ways I've found to begin getting your mind on board with your dreams, is to give it some structure so it feels safe, a framework if you will. 
In today's episode I step you through how I break down the big picture view of what I want to accomplish and how that feeds into what I'm envisioning for my life and creative business.
Join me for the Annual Profitable Artist's Planning Challenge starting in January. Sign up here!
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What Worked What Didn't Work 2021

What Worked What Didn't Work 2021

It's become tradition!

A couple of years ago I started sharing a behind the scenes studio wrap up of what worked and what didn't when it came to my art practice and my creative business.

And how did it impact my personal life?

One of my best years in business thus far, a lot of progress made, and definitely more room for improvement in one area I was struggling with last year.

The question is which one will I choose to interpret my overall year?


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256 What are your Planning Non-Negotiables?

256 What are your Planning Non-Negotiables?

Or rather, do you plan?

And if not, why not?

And if yes! tell me. Paper or Digital?

And if paper what are your non-negotiables when it comes to your favorite planners.

Do you habit track?

Do you do 90 day plans, yearly, monthly? or are you lucky if you just manage to chicken scratch a to do list?

Are you a bullet journaler?

Lined or Plain paper?

Maybe you heard, I'm cooking up a (creative) plan(ner)...and I'd love to hear from you.

Drop me a dm @creativethursday on instagram

And enjoy this week's episode!


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Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

This process is my new go to when it comes to having a clear daily focus that leads to taking action on the important steps that actually move the needle forward, I'm sharing some practical steps for crafting your 90 day plan.

I'm also pulling back the curtain to talk about some of the challenges I don't always speak about publicly. I explore why the well intended oversharing on social media is beginning to have a negative impact and how this is influencing my desired outcome for this quarter.

And last but not least an announcement! an idea in the making for several years, I'm launching a brand new product this quarter!

Want more planning tips! you can dive right into this mini-course, my gift for you  💝

The Successful Artist's Plan

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we open the doors to Artful Selling in January 2022.


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Your Mid-Year Check-in

Your Mid-Year Check-in

This season, you know the one with the laid back summer vibes (or chill winter vibes for my Southern Hemipshere friends) not usually known for planning....however what I've found... is that this is actually one of the the BEST times of year to peacefully check-in and do a little pre-planning for the next 6 months of the year ~ and specifically prepare your Holiday season collection, my business Artist friend!

In this episode I'm sharing 3 simple steps to do a mid-year check-in that will set you up for a successful + satisfying second half of the year!

Ready to re-connect with your vision + plans for 2021 alongside a group of dedicated Artists (both emerging and established) you can still join us for a mid-year check-in and creative dreaming + planning session, click here to to join us for the Profitable Artist's Planning Challenge.



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