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Travel Tips with a Side of LOVE for Santa Fe + New Mexico

Travel Tips with a Side of LOVE for Santa Fe + New Mexico
This week kicked off a new season of reinvention, and peeling back a few layers of the onion that is me.
When I reintroduced myself over on social media. I also said that I'd be shaking + mixing + spicing things up around as we head into the holiday season, which will include bespoke cocktails, new food recipes and ART….plus a creative planner coming soon… 
And for you! my podcast listener, some fun + inspiring guests are on the books as well.
Which lead's me to today's new episode which I'm calling a monster (because you know Halloween is coming) mash-up of several topics from what it's like to travel during this time, tips to make your travel smoother, combined with thoughts I don't usually share and last but not least, my recommendations for two of my new favorite spots, Santa Fe + Taos New Mexico.
New Mexico Favorites for you!
  1. La Boca - ahhhh the food in Santa Fe is SO delicious. This was my favorite place we ate at, and it was hard to choose. Also after I recorded the podcast I remembered our wonderful waiter's name - Mario! ask for him when you go and don't forget to have the Blood Orange Sangria with your Tapas.
  2. Keshi - the CUTEST, cuteness you've ever seen. A store filled with fetishes, small animal carvings made from various materials by the Zuni tribe. This is truly one of the most delightful shops I've ever been in. The website gives you a mere glimpse into what's inside the shop. A visit in person is in order to find the one (or more) creature that calls to you the most. They invite you to hold them as well. I chose mine within 10 minutes, the tiny bear featured in the podcast photo below. Let's just say my inner child who used to collect miniatures was in HEAVEN.
  3. Raven Aesthetic - The reason we went to New Mexico 💖 An invitation to visit over many years + their overflowing passion for the place they still call home ~ our loveliest New Mexico tour guides and my almost sisters in-law (who lived in Galisteo NM for 8 years) have a BEAUTIFUL, carefully curated online shop filled with Art and Antiques for Modern Living. I also encourage you to sign up for their “Don't Buy this Mailing List” 😊 where they share their newest shop update favorites (that they secretly, not so secretly want to keep). They added some new pieces just this week and I'm eyeing a few things…
  4. Meow Wolf - want an EXTRAORDINARY creative experience? have you heard of this exhibition? a bowling alley bought by George R.R. Martin (creator of Game of Thrones) transformed by 200 “off the grid” Santa Fe artists. Words can't even begin to describe the 2 hours we spent going through fridges and climbing tree houses and playing music on fluorescent pink Mastadon elephant bones. There's also a documentary about the entire building of this amazing installation, haven't seen it yet! but it looks good.
  5. Manzanita Market - EVERYTHING is delicious and it's a beautiful little cafe filled with treasures by local Artists and Makers
  6. New Favorite Coffee Cup I found at the Manzanita Market by Hien Luu (I couldn't find her website or an online presence anywhere :(  but she makes classic, beautiful white and black hand sculpted latte cups. If you want to learn more reach out to the Manzanita Market)
  7. Cid's Food Market - local food market in Taos
  8. Jambo Cafe African Caribbean Fusion in Santa Fe DELICIOUS!
  9. The Cellar Taos - lovely local fine wine, beer + spirits
  10. Ten by 3 - I bought a handmade basket made by Derick, an Artist in Ghana, at Cid's Food Market. I adore this basket and the wonderful mission of this non profit supporting + helping Artisans break the cycle of poverty.
  11. Blair Stocker dear friend and talented Quilter + Stitcher + Founder of Wisecraft Handmade 


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Don't Make These Mistakes on Instagram

Don't Make These Mistakes on Instagram

Do you have a love hate/relationship with social media?

Do you want to create art you feel connected to and sell it to Collectors who LOVE what you create without feeling forced to bend to an algorithm?

Yes! Fabulous! in a time when the demands of effectively using social media are changing (once again), it's time to revisit how you want to approach using this tool. Let's start at the beginning.

There are a whole lot of mistakes I see Artists unintentionally making, simply because they don't know what they don't know. Time to change that and reconnect with why using social media is one of the most incredible, powerful tools, to yes - genuinely connect with the people who get you and your work.

And if you'd like to go deeper on how to find your Collectors on social media ~  

Join me for the special live workshop (+ replay recording if you can't join us live)

"How to find Your Collectors on Social Media" 


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Don't Hand in Your Resignation

Don't Hand in Your Resignation

Nope, not talking about your day job in this episode.

We're talking about the days when your dream "job" working for yourself, isn't working out the way you hoped.

What's your go to? How do you handle those days when you just aren't sure if this making a living as an artist is really right for you? In this episode, I share with you one of my go to's when those challenging moments come up.

Join me for the special live workshop (+ replay recording if you can't join us live) "How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market your Art"


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Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

Crafting Your 90 Day Plan

This process is my new go to when it comes to having a clear daily focus that leads to taking action on the important steps that actually move the needle forward, I'm sharing some practical steps for crafting your 90 day plan.

I'm also pulling back the curtain to talk about some of the challenges I don't always speak about publicly. I explore why the well intended oversharing on social media is beginning to have a negative impact and how this is influencing my desired outcome for this quarter.

And last but not least an announcement! an idea in the making for several years, I'm launching a brand new product this quarter!

Want more planning tips! you can dive right into this mini-course, my gift for you  💝

The Successful Artist's Plan

Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we open the doors to Artful Selling in January 2022.


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Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Artist Success Stories - Dreaming BIG + Making it Happen

Coming to you with a special Sunday edition of the podcast.

In 2000, I started to ask myself the question, if I truly believed I could follow my dreams and become anything I want to be in this world, would this path I'm currently on, be the one I'd choose? It was answering that question that ultimately lead me to finally acknowledging that I always wanted to become an Artist.

When I was easing my way into the belief that I could be an Artist, I found great comfort in listening to any and all stories from people who had been where I was, chose to pursue their passions and made it.

I couldn't get enough of these stories. Let's be honest I still can't get enough.

What has become my check-in, I still ask myself that question, which invites me to keep dreaming bigger. And it's listening to stories from the inspiring people out ahead of me on the journey that keeps me appreciating how far I've come and enthusiastically focused forward on all the goodness that is yet to come!

I can talk endlessly about my passion for mentoring The Expansive Artists how inspired I am by their kind + generous spirits, dedication to their dream, and their incredible progress every week, not to mention their beautiful art!

But today I invite them to share their stories, and experience as a member of The Expansive Artists to inspire you and give you more insight into what it's like to work with me and be a part of our incredible community if you're thinking about joining us this time!

Enjoy a recording from a recent live chat.

The Doors to The Expansive Artists are OPEN! only until Tuesday, September 21 @ 11:59 pm PDT

Join us

The Artists featured: (click on their names below to be taken to their websites)

Eliza Day-Green

Sarah Kelly

Jo. D Livingston

Marisa Montaldi

Marie -Laure Delage-Carlson


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I Don't Wanna Do Reels!

I Don't Wanna Do Reels!

Oh do I feel ya...but it's time to get real about some truths you need to know as an Artist who wants to a grow a business and successfully sell work online.

In today's episode I share with you a BIG mistake I made about 6 years back, adopting a certain attitude shall we say...when it comes to working with the inevitable changes of the internet and specifically social media.

As someone who once complained about the time it took to keep a regular blog posting several times a week, my how we've grown!

This is a feisty one, get ready...and enjoy! and let's CELEBRATE 250 episodes!! BOOM! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment and THANK YOU for LISTENING! If you're a fan, a quick reminder and request if you haven't yet! you can help me celebrate by leaving a 5 star review on ITunes. Consider it the best tip ever, as a thank you for years of creating the podcast for you, because you know those pesky algorithms, they work really well on ITunes when a podcast gets positive reviews. And as my mission of inspiring + empowering my fellow Artists is growing, it would be incredible if the Creative Thursday message was reaching even more amazing Artists like you. Appreciate you, grateful in advance. ❤️

And pssst...a quick head's up, we're opening the doors to The Expansive Artists tomorrow, Friday September 17. To be the very first to know be sure to join the Waitlist here.



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This Might Make You Angry

This Might Make You Angry

If you care about about INTEGRITY, the value of creative work, and rights for Artists, this should make you angry.

I have a documentary to recommend, along with a personal story about a collaboration that almost went very wrong.

If any of what I share is a shock to you, then we as Artists haven't been truthful about our experiences.

One of the reasons Artists continue to find themselves in these kind of predicaments is because we're not talking honestly, and making educated business decisions, especially when it comes to collaborating.

It's time for that to change.

Here's to empowering Independent Artists and helping you to build a Thriving Business Online.

Join me for the Sell A Piece of Art Challenge starting Monday

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Choosing the RIGHT Online Shop Platform

Choosing the RIGHT Online Shop Platform

Are you afraid of making a “wrong” decision when it comes to building your online shop?

One of the questions I get asked the most by the Artists I mentor is “what website, e-commerce platform do I choose for my online shop?” followed by “how do I know for sure, that it's the right one for me?”

So often our fear of making the wrong decision keeps us from making any decision at all, which in turn keeps us in a holding pattern ~ what I refer to as paused versus progressing.

In this week's episode, I'm getting super practical and sharing my top 3 online platforms, and I step you through exactly why these are my favorites.



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Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

Let me tell you about our FIRST Small Studio Sunday (happening this Sunday, August 29!)

In November 2018 I had an idea around how to support + celebrate independent Artists more... and this Sunday, August 29 it's game on!

First things first! You're invited! Join us for our FIRST (what we hope to be the first of many) virtual art event + pop-up gallery; Small Studio Sunday.

It's free to attend, just be sure to register here for your invite so you'll be first to view the pop-up gallery as soon as it goes live on Sunday, August 29, along with the link to join us for our privately hosted LIVE events lead by our participating Artists, including creative demos, studio tours and art talks, including one over on Clubhouse with myself + our Artists!

In today's episode I share with you the full story of the inspiration behind Small Studio Sunday and the vision I have for supporting independent artists, and this event going forward.

If you're an Artist who would like the opportunity to apply for future events, at this time Small Studio Sunday is open exclusively for our Expansive Artists members, so be sure join the Waitlist here to be the first to know the next time we open the doors. 


Register for the invite to attend Small Studio Sunday, August 29

Join the Expansive Artists Waitlist for the opportunity to apply for future events

Cheers to an inspiring + creative weekend!  See you Sunday!


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Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Repeat after me: “I am an artist.”

In today’s episode we continue the conversation kicked off last week about what having your own art business will make possible for you, and  today I answer a question inspired one of our Expansive Artist members, Michelle about “How to find Your Artistic Voice?”

How do you find your signature style as an Artist, especially when you're just starting out. In this episode I share three approaches for helping you cultivate the artist within yourself.

Let's explore the answers to these questions:

How does allowing yourself to be influenced by the work others help you to let your unique style shine through? How can collaboration help you to grow as an artist?

How often should you focus on your art? How much time are you willing to invest in the practice of your art? Cultivating creativity will help you to piece together your own heart and your uniqueness to find what makes your work special.

Enjoy! and be sure to join us for Small Studio Sunday


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