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Creative Thursday

Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson

Why Not You? with Artist + Photographer Marie-Laure Delage Carlson
Why me? or Why not me?
Be honest, when you're thinking about your dreams, which question pops into your mind first?
Then ask yourself what example are you setting for your kids, for generations to come? Do you want them thinking the world is filled with possibilities or to not bother trying because what if it doesn't work out the way they thought?
When we give ourselves permission, the ripple effect is powerful because it gives someone else permission too.
In today's episode Marie shares her journey of embracing her artist from motherhood, building a business as an herbalist to fully leaning into the work that's been calling her since she was little.
Join us for the 2022 Artful Selling session, by signing up for the waitlist here

You can find all things Marie-Laure Delage Carlson at:

on Instagram


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The Art of Prioritizing

The Art of Prioritizing

Have you ever thought you were clear on your "priorities" only to realize that something else always comes first?

And is what comes first, something you want or something for someone else?

This year I was introduced to one concept that was a huge wake-up call for me in terms of getting to the bottom of what matters most to me - not anyone else.

Continuing on in our first of the year mini planning series, in today's episode I'm introducing you to a simple exercise to help you understand why you may be letting everything and everyone else be the priority ~ and how to begin staying in integrity with yourself and what you value most.

Join me for the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge

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BONUS Episode: Reclaiming Your Health After 40 with (my love) Comedy Writer + Fitness Master Sean Hogan

BONUS Episode: Reclaiming Your Health After 40 with (my love) Comedy Writer + Fitness Master Sean Hogan

Who says we have to decline as we get older?

Let's talk about what it really means to age gracefully in a very special conversation + bonus episode at the start of this new year!

We can't talk about dreaming, planning, reflecting + resetting, all the new year things while neglecting a conversation about the very thing that makes everything possible in life, our health + wellbeing.

In today's episode I'm not just excited, but SUPER EXCITED to bring you a conversation with my partner going on 18 years, my bestie, my love, my fiance Sean Hogan. You might have caught Sean as one of my early podcast guests back in 2019.

During the pandemic, Sean decided at the age of 62, he wanted to use this time of lock-down to get back in shape. With gyms closed, he created an entire workout routine in just 20 minutes a day from our home gym aka our bedroom, that has put him in the best shape of his life at 63.

He's going to share tips with you on how he not only lost weight, built strength, balance and how he healed all his aches and pains. Sean's also sharing his go to supplements and other habits that in response to the shock on people's faces when they realize he's 63 not 45.

If you want to learn even more you join Sean next week, where he's hosting his first 5 Day Training Challenge for Free.

Reclaim Your Health & Fitness after 40 in just 15 minutes a day from home. Monday through Friday, January 10 - 14, Sean will be sharing a daily training video and going LIVE to answer your questions on Zoom.

Sign up here!


You can find all things Sean Hogan at

on instagram @seanhoganfitness


Enjoy my conversation with Sean!


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New Year Planning? Start Here!

New Year Planning? Start Here!
If you haven't noticed? Accomplishing your BIG + small goals has as much to do with taking action on practical steps as it does with that miraculous, complex organ between your ears. Yup, your brain ~ and your mindset.
One of the best ways I've found to begin getting your mind on board with your dreams, is to give it some structure so it feels safe, a framework if you will. 
In today's episode I step you through how I break down the big picture view of what I want to accomplish and how that feeds into what I'm envisioning for my life and creative business.
Join me for the Annual Profitable Artist's Planning Challenge starting in January. Sign up here!
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One Step at a Time with Pastel Artist Yvonne Sellick

One Step at a Time with Pastel Artist Yvonne Sellick

How do you create a life you love?  

Committed to being an example for her children, and finally living her dream as an Artist, Yvonne has figured out what works when it comes to building her Art business.

Honored to have her as a member of our Expansive Artists and Artful Selling communities, it's been so exciting to see her progress over this past year. In today's episode she shares the moment she decided to pursue her love of Art again, how she found the courage to begin sharing more than just her work and how her confidence as an Artist and art sales have grown in just 1 year.

You can find all things Yvonne Sellick




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What Worked What Didn't Work 2021

What Worked What Didn't Work 2021

It's become tradition!

A couple of years ago I started sharing a behind the scenes studio wrap up of what worked and what didn't when it came to my art practice and my creative business.

And how did it impact my personal life?

One of my best years in business thus far, a lot of progress made, and definitely more room for improvement in one area I was struggling with last year.

The question is which one will I choose to interpret my overall year?


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262 Investing in Yourself: Why, When and How Much?

262 Investing in Yourself: Why, When and How Much?

Remember the episodes when I shared some of my BIG business mistakes? (episodes 122 and 208)

What I'm sharing with you today is what I wish someone had explained to me a whole lot sooner ~ than the time it took for me to learn the hard way.

I'm often asked when it's time to invest in yourself, specifically your business education?

In today's episode I break it all down for you, from how much I invest in my education, to what to expect in guidance, cost and results from memberships, courses, masterminds, group to 1:1 coaching.


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Why You Might be Getting in Your Own Way

Why You Might be Getting in Your Own Way

Is there really such thing as self-sabotage?

Why would we ever consider keeping ourselves away from what we say we want?

Doing ALL the things for many years, and still not progressing in the way I envisioned, lead me to start a deep dive on learning more about the brain from science to psychology.

Oh the discoveries, wow! mind-blowing, pun intended.

Coming to understand the science behind our automatic behaviors and the choices we make is life changing and I hope this quick overview brings you some insight + understanding that you may have been seeking too.


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How to Kickstart Your Creativity

How to Kickstart Your Creativity

Guess what! The first OFFICIAL Small Studio Sunday (on the day!) is this WEEKEND!

First and foremost ~ Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends celebrating today. 

Filled with extra gratitude for you, our listener, blog visitor and friend of Creative Thursday. Endless thank you's for taking time to join me here on this and every Creative Thursday.

Time to get excited because Small Studio Sunday, a little idea I had driving home from Thanksgiving holiday in 2018 is now an online art event + pop-up gallery featuring 60+ Artists. It kicks-off this Saturday for our special Preview Party invitees. Are you on the list?

Sign-up here to get the official invite!

Last Small Studio Sunday, our first official event, I hosted a Clubhouse chat with several of the Small Studio Sunday Artists sharing their tips on how to kickstart your creativity.

I know you're going to love this one.

Get ready to be inspired and in honor of saving you time on note taking, we've made a downloadable cheat sheet for you with all of the tips listed so you can refer back to it any time you're looking for a little creative inspiration.


Download 15 Ways to Kickstart Your Creativity here.

I've also re-opened the Creative Thursday online shop, first with a collection of original holiday keepsakes followed by a curated gift shop. The deck featured above is The Expansive Artists affirmation deck for Creatives. 

You can purchase your deck right here...and stay tuned for special treats including the Creative Thursday Planner launching on Small Studio Sunday.



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How the Holidays can Inspire Your Creativity

How the Holidays can Inspire Your Creativity

Did it really start with a wedding invitation?

Cozy up, get comfy, grab a little cup of eggnog (too soon?) tea? wine? Today I have story to share with you.

Looking back, I see it so clearly now, I think this story may have been the moment Creative Thursday actually began.

It was definitely the moment I started to follow my creative calling and discover my voice as an Artist.

Can the bustle of the holidays really be a good time to connect with your creativity, especially if it's been dormant all year?

In today's episode I share with you some suggestions of how you can reconnect to your creativity and tap into new ideas now or any season.

The holiday shop is OPEN!

This is just a preview with more treats + festivities to come over the Small Studio weekend.

Be sure to join us for the virtual art event + pop-up gallery featuring 60 + Artists


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