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Creative Thursday

How Do You Want to Feel? with Flamenco Dancer + Online Entrepreneur Rina Orellana

How Do You Want to Feel? with Flamenco Dancer + Online Entrepreneur Rina Orellana

Dance is Art. Art is Life. And the joy is truly in the journey. As Rina says, Dance with Abandon!

It's not about where you're going, but how you feel on the way.

Can you take a moment to connect to what brings you joy, even if it's just 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day.

This is the story of how a professional Flamenco Dancer, had a greater vision for supporting herself with her career, while being a mom and bringing her love of Flamenco to dancers all over the world. 

Celebrating 5 years this month, long before this time where online is one of the only ways we can come together for dancing, The Online Flamenco Studio founded by Rina Orellano is empowering women in life through the language of dance. 

Today, October 22 Rina is kicking off her free Online Flamenco Challenge. All levels are welcome! 

Click here to join her!

You can learn more and find all things Rina at 


Enjoy my conversation with Rina!


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4 Tips for Stability during Chaos from an Egg Chair

4 Tips for Stability during Chaos from an Egg Chair

Did I mention that I got an Egg Chair for our garden? 🥚❤️⁣

Did I also mention that I still haven’t taken it outside yet?⁣

And did I mention that you can find me + the studio mates (sometimes all 3 of them) in this exact spot at some point every day from coffee to wine time.⁣

Let’s just say I unpacked the box right here in our living room, never moved it, and now we currently have an oversized piece of furniture in a space that is most definitely too small for it. ⁣

But who cares, because these are still extraordinary times and I’ll take my comfort and joy where I can get it. And Sean is tolerating the overcrowded living room for now ⁣

This egg chair has become my Quarantine, step away from the chaos hideaway + sanctuary. (Plus there’s a really good view out the great big picture window that looks out on our back yard from this spot)⁣

Tell me, what’s your current sanctuary, favorite “safe” comfort + joy spot, oh and! beverage of choice? ☕️🍷

As we head into more interesting times on top of already extremely interesting times, I'm sharing 4 tips for how I'm finding stability in chaos especially over the next few weeks.


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From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur

From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur


I had the honor and pleasure of hosting 1400 participants in my Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge.


Wow! We are officially one step closer to a vision I shared last year, of leading 1,000 Women Artists to seven figures in sales, and it's been incredible to see so many creatives raise their hand and declare themselves, not only an Artist, but an Artist who sells.

Watching the Artists go through the steps of selling their work, some having sold work before and some for the very first time.


Some selling within minutes and others selling like I did just this past Tuesday, months after an original was created to the Collector for whom it was waiting.


This week I was reminded about the beauty of right timing.


There's no better example around timing than looking at the world of art, from how long it takes an Artist to discover their unique voice, to how long a piece takes to create and sell.


What's incredible about dreaming today, opportunities we once didn't believe were in our grasp, ARE in fact real possibilities.


The flip side of this, comparing our journey to the highly visible (and curated) success stories of others, is that if the timing of our success doesn't match someone else's, or not on the timeline we expect, we think we're doing it all wrong, and can end up blaming ourselves and others in our lives. 


If we judge our timing, it can be too easy to think that it's just not happening fast enough, and maybe our dream isn't really meant for us, and worse yet, give up all together.


Today I just want to remind you that whatever dream you have whether it's to make Art, sell your work as an Artist, or build your own online business, it's already meant for you.


What happens next is learning to trust the timing. To know without a doubt, that the way your story unfolds is exactly right for you, not anyone else~  just like the incredible story of Sarah Kelly one of our Expansive Artist members who is my guest on this week's podcast episode.


From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur. Sarah and I first connected online in 2008 and the story that's unfolded for her since then, leading her to a crisis point during the start of the Pandemic this past April, and the choice she made that changed everything for her ~it's so inspiring, you've got to listen to the episode.

You can find all things Sarah Kelly at 


and click here to learn more about Sarah's Collage, Connect, Create!


Enjoy Sarah's episode below! 


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The Mistake that Almost Cost Me My Business

The Mistake that Almost Cost Me My Business
Promise me you won't make this same mistake. Today I'm sharing a hard-learned, painful lesson that caused my business to stall. Also, I wish someone would've told me this secret to success that is shared by so many of the top entrepreneurs and business owners.

Join us! For the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge kicking off on Monday September 21. Click here to register.

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How I sold $2K of Art on a Train from Paris

How I sold $2K of Art on a Train from Paris


Never before have I been so thankful to have an online business.

And I'm so grateful for the community, including you! that building this online business online has introduced me to, especially during this past year.


As much as there are days when Pepita (my tiny chihuahua) and I can't take one more hour on a Zoom call…I kid because it's the Zoom calls both the ones I where I'm coaching, and where I learn, (and especially the calls where I'm dancing +  yoga-ing) that are keeping me grounded, connected and focused forward on beauty and possibilities yet to come.


These are just some of the reasons why ~ community, creativity, support, learning, income, impact, inspiration + fulfillment and endless possibilities ~ I get SO PASSIONATE about encouraging you to stay connected to your dreams, and helping you build + grow a creative business online.  


No spoiler alerts on this one, in episode #201, I'm sharing the story of how I sold $2K of Art on a train from Paris. (If you've recently asked if I've changed my mind and will once again host a retreat, maybe? in France, after this year away and on lockdown for months, there's nothing I'd love more than to gather in person over delicious food + wine + creativity… I think that answer is a strong YES, so stay tuned.)



Thank you for posting your review in celebration of the 200th episode! The giveaways is now closed, your entry has been received and I'll be announcing the winner of the Creative Thursday Collector box this week!


And I appreciate your kind notes, and joining me for the LIVE and on replays over at Instagram and Facebook for the 30 days of Creative Epiphanies with Marisa. We are continuing on, and day 8 is up now includes me painting the finishing details of this Unicorn Painting.



Enjoy the new podcast episode below!



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Are you Hiding? + Celebrating 200 Episodes!

Are you Hiding? + Celebrating 200 Episodes!

Happy Creative Thursday! Today calls for a celebration!


Story time: in 2006 I started a podcast, Creative Thursday with Marisa. (remember that time? when nobody knew what a podcast was.)


In August of that year, I brought the podcast to my website, and started blogging with each episode~ which was exactly what initially helped me to become known in my creative circle, and begin to grow my successful Art business.  I then put the podcast on pause for what I thought was to put all of my focus on my Art  (but truthfully it was because I was hiding…the topic of today's episode…) 


In December of 2017 I brought it back and have consistently recorded a new episode every week since then. 


For an introvert who was still worrying “what people will think of me” and would honestly on most days rather quietly paint than share my voice with the world, 200 episodes is a BIG accomplishment.


Because when I paused it before, and then kept getting the pull to come back and share my perspective beyond my Art ~with the hopes of making a positive impact, inspiring, and uplifting you ~ it took a lot of inner courage for me start up again. (Because I was also judging myself for stopping, and equally frustrated at the momentum I had a lost in a space I was once a pioneer)


While I was away from the podcast, there was also a season of life filled with a lot of loss (I've shared why in other episodes) that caused me to retreat and I just wasn't sure if I had the energy to return.


But if I was being really truthful with myself, staying in the background was the last thing I wanted to do. I knew if I chose that path, I'd be giving up on me.


My frustration over not fulfilling a passion for this kind of self expression was mounting, and I could deny it no longer.


And yet, in all these many episodes back I realized on this 200th one that I am still not playing full on. 


And it's time to change that, which is why maybe you've caught a few epiphanies, I've also been jumping on LIVE on both Instagram and Facebook for 30 days of Creative Epiphanies with Marisa.


My question for you: If you genuinely want to shine your light once and for all, be seen and have a desire to make a positive impact in this world, why aren't you? Are you hiding somewhere in your life? Where are you allowing your light to be dimmed? These are 3 examples to know if you might be hiding


  1. You aren't sharing your voice, your creations, your Art (in whatever expression or discipline) with the world (and/or you're afraid to start your business)
  2. You don't want your picture taken or refuse to take a selfie
  3. You won't raise your hand in class (meaning if you are in person, or on a Zoom call like many of us are these days, you might not put your camera on and more specifically if you are being invited to get help, ask a question, share a challenge or a win, you stay silent)

In today's live broadcast, day 5 of the 30 days of creative epiphanies I share with you 3 gentle steps you can take to stop hiding.



And lastly!


hello! a celebration isn't a celebration with out a GIFT for you!

I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY!

Want to win a never before released, coming soon to the shop Creative Thursday Collector Box! Yes! Here's how: If you're loving the podcast be sure to leave a review over on iTunes. Hop into your podcast App, scroll to the bottom, beneath the reviews there's a little box that says “Write a Review”. Screenshot it, share on Instagram, tag me, email me or dm me the screenshot on Instagram and you will be entered to win!

Thank you so much for listening! Enjoy episode 200 below.



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Licensing isn't the Answer

Licensing isn't the Answer

I've noticed a trend in encouraging Artists towards collaborations, surface design and licensing.

And when you pull back the curtain of licensing, I'm uncertain why this is being encouraged by Artists to Artists, especially during a year of a Pandemic.

Well actually let me rephrase that, I do have some ideas why this is a trend, and I also have reasons why I don't recommend Licensing as the solution to all your passive income dreams, financial security, or validation as an Artist.

Join me for this week's podcast episode; Why licensing, and surface design aren't the answer to becoming a successful, thriving Artist, especially now~ and what is!


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Be Nice

Be Nice

Ever want a behind the scenes peek of what it takes to be a creative working in the world of television and film?


Today's your day!


Be Nice ~ 

Welcome to episode 6 of season 2, and 198 on the podcast~

words of wisdom from my special guest this week.


Short and sweet, I write to you today ELATED! and thrilled to share that the final episode of the Creative Thursday; Conversations with Creatives series, is LIVE.


Not without more hiccups including additional video files missing, I finally wrapped this series. Just before the clock struck midnight on Thursday, episode 6 and a new podcast were published.


1 idea + 5 years + 2 kickstarter campaigns (thank you backers!!) + 12 inspiring stories (thank you to my guests!!)  + countless hours editing + lost sleep + extreme (self-imposed) stress, especially due to technical difficulties  + biggest lessons learned in my creative career (& video editing) so far (podcast forthcoming)   =  12 mini documentaries that I hope have brought you inspiration + the reminder of the dreams that are possible for all of us, and that the fulfillment that comes + positive impact you have when you follow your dreams is everything


As my guest today, Karin McGaughey said when asked about her choice to pursue a freelance career as a Set Decorator in Hollywood “ I would do it all over again” ~ and so would I.

Watch Karin's episode on YouTube or listen to it on the podcast below.



 Meet Karin McGaughey, Set Decorator aka Finder of Things.


So you want a career in Hollywood, or a career at all, just be nice. 


In the shuffle of every day life; and the extraordinary stress that we are experiencing today, spending even more time engaging from behind our computer screens~ the simple gesture of “Being Nice” seems to be getting lost, and it's a value that should never be forgotten.


One of the toughest industries to break into, today's episode is the story of Karin McGaughey, a girl from Virginia with a passion for Art and Architecture, who found her way to a career in Film in Television pursuing the work she loves most. 


Through dedication to her craft, continually learning, luck, hard work and being nice (Karin is truly one of the most generous humans with the biggest heart, constantly giving to and looking after our community. We are thankful every day that she and her son Roy are our neighbors) Karin built her dream career alongside her dream of having a family.

You can find all things Karin McGaughey at

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Pursue What Brings You Joy

Pursue What Brings You Joy


Happy Creative Thursday! 


So wait, how do you go from a Career in Investment Banking, becoming a Mom of 3, to Building your Dream Business as a Maker?


Pursue What Brings You JOY ~ (and makes your body hum! )

Welcome to episode 5 of season 2, and 197 on the podcast~

words of wisdom from my special guest, Maker + Designer + Author Anne Weil


Are you doing what gives you JOY? Are you having FUN?

Are you like me, do you sometimes save the joy for last? put it on the back burner and get to it when you finish this other "important", very serious thing.


Just this week I was sharing one of my newer missions with Creative Thursday, and it's to bring more fun to the work I do and share, to remind my fellow Artists that business is creative and fun. Is it challenging sometimes, yup, but does that mean it can't be fun?


When you sit down to do your work (or face your day), do you brace for the worst or expect the best?


And yes, I know, now may feel like an especially challenging time to expect the best~ but imagine if you can cultivate more of that attitude now, how amazing it's going to feel once we find ourselves on the other side of this time!


And my Creative Friend!! Guess WHAT?!! we have the BEST tool for this, hello? 


Creativity, Making~ getting lost in a project, making something beautiful with your hands, picking up a paint brush, writing your first novel, and yes making a YouTube series (even in spite of one more hiccup i.e. potentially lost files for episode 6...stay tuned.)



This is the powerful reminder Anne's episode brings us: finding moments of peace + happiness through Making. 


In honor of this episode & celebrating coming into the home stretch of this series which means I'll have the opportunity to start making Art again! I'm taking Anne's wisdom to heart, and am headed to the Art Store today to pick up some more supplies for my oil painting! 


Clearly as is evidenced by the photo above, I am doing what gives me joy ~ especially having these conversations.


Truly one of my favorite things; a great conversation (no small talk please + thank you) especially with a fellow Creative and Entrepreneur.


Also my favorite thing; sharing conversations + creative inspiration with you!




Meet Anne Weil Designer + Author + Maker & Lover of Beautiful Things, and Founder of Flax and Twine. 


An unexpected journey to finding and trusting her creative voice, enjoy our conversation along with a glimpse into Anne's lovely world filled with clean and simple designs in all of her favorite creative expressions from Knitting + Weaving + Crochet + Embroidery (and gorgeous photography!)

 Anne makes things for home, for play, for gifts or for fun and she loves nothing more than showing you how to make them, too! while encouraging you to find peace and a happy handmade life through making. 

*editors note from Marisa* this is the episode where I discovered I need readers! to check the sharpness of our close-up on not 1 but 2 of our cameras! either that or a bigger filming monitor - on the wishlist! thank you for understanding and just pretending we are intentionally fuzzy filtered.



You can find all things Anne Weil at and @flaxandtwine on Instagram.

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Reinvention as an Artist sometimes means...

Reinvention as an Artist sometimes means...

You change a painting after it has been released.


I've proven to a very action oriented self,  that personal growth is directly correlated to business growth. It's not just about all the strategy + business tips & steps you take, that brings you your kind of success, it's the inner work, the reflection, the questions you ask, the willingness to start at zero, know nothing again~ and an ongoing openness to


All of this to say, I sometimes turn my attendance and listening time on certain coaching calls into a time for painting. (I often encourage The Expansive Artists to do the same)

Hours of guidance + wisdom have been poured into this painting since I released it the first time, and it now holds even more meaning than before.

I chose the animals to represent their symbolism specifically for this incredible time we are living in.


The horse represents FREEDOM

The white tiger represents VISION

The black panther represents VALOR

The raven represents WISDOM


I intend for this collection of animals to be a reminder of the qualities I want to stay connected to, especially now.


The additional time invested and insight woven into this piece now represent a transformative time, one that I've been wanting to experience.


If you know my work then you know how much I'm a fan of new beginnings, but this, this is much more than a new beginning.

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