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Creative Thursday

How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

Oh and! which platform do you choose?


Do you choose just 1 or more?

How do you know which one is the right one?


Before you set sail in the wide-open ocean of social media, and possibly waste a whole bunch of time posting aimlessly to ALL the platforms at the same time, you're going to want to answer some important questions about your business vision + goals.


In today's podcast episode I walk you through suggestions for you to know what will work best for your working style, along with the details of how and why I prioritize what platforms I'm currently focused on, and the best strategy for showing up consistently both digitally and in your art-making process.


Happening TODAY! Join me for LIVE Creative Business Coaching over Coffee ☕️ at 10 am PDT this morning over on Instagram @creativethursday.

I'll be hosting another session next Thursday, June 30 as well, same time, same place.

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Keeping your Creative Spirit Intact with Artist Jo Blake

Keeping your Creative Spirit Intact with Artist Jo Blake

What if you could save a TON of time, and get that next breakthrough?


Do you have a Coach?


Today on the podcast, I'm bringing you a Creative Biz Coaching over a Coffee conversation I had on Instagram with one of our Expansive Artists members, Artist + Illustrator Jo Blake.


From practical tips to inspired tangents about living this Creative Business life, we covered a lot of ground in our chat together, from

  • setting up your email opt-in + welcome email
  • to best practices for keeping your Creative Spirit intact
  • while focusing on your work goals and marketing to gain momentum
  • and build your confidence as an Artist.


We also talk about this very important truth behind the sudden desire to clean your house (even if you don't like cleaning your house) 😝 🏡


And when and why you want to LEAN IN!


You can learn more about Artist + Illustrator Jo Blake

@joblakeart  on Instagram

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Not Making Money Yet? Listen Before You Give Up…

Not Making Money Yet? Listen Before You Give Up…

What do you do if your financial goals are not being met by your dream (yet)?


How long do you give it before you give up?


If this is the question you're asking, then this is precisely the moment you'll learn just how much you want your dream.


And how much you're ready to be self-reliant


And spoiler alert, as I recount my financial story of how I finally started to make a consistent living, it took me several years and as I continue to grow, the "strategic financial risk" taking never ends...


While no one can answer whether you should give up or not, in today's episode, I share the state you definitely don't want to be in when you're deciding, along with 3 suggestions on how to find comfort in the discomfort to help you breathe easier and get the clarity you're seeking about the next step that's right for you ~

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Are You Fitting Your Gifts in the Gaps of Someone Else’s Dream? with James Wedmore, Founder of Business of By Design

Are You Fitting Your Gifts in the Gaps of Someone Else’s Dream? with James Wedmore, Founder of Business of By Design

How do you know that you’re not ready for something you’ve never done before? ~ James Wedmore

If you don't already know him, today I invite you into the world and mind of James Wedmore~ and the opportunity to get off the fence once and for all and say YES to following your passions in this life. 

Telling you now... this is one of those episodes you're going to want to save and listen to multiple times.
James is the founder of Business By Design + host of The Mind Your Business Podcast, helping entrepreneurs in all industries rapidly grow their digital products, while working less.
In this episode we touched upon a wide variety of topics to not only help you with your online business ~ but these are the kinds of skills that will help you in all areas of your life.
 James shares how to:
  • get clear on your passion
  • know if you're ready for this next step
  • become financially self-reliant
  • outsmart your worthy opponent (hint it's not outside of you)
  • stop putting off your dreams
  • get closer to truth
  • never let a negative comment keep you from shining your light
  • the true “secret to success”


And TODAY James is hosting his annual 3 part workshop LIVE.

Click here to join the FREE workshop Rise of The Digital CEO


You can find all things James Wedmore and Business By Design


on instagram 


The Mind Your Business Podcast


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Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Tips on Finding Your Artist Voice

Do you think you may have found your voice but you're just too close to the work to see it?

Or is it because you're emerging that you automatically assume you don't have a voice yet?

Could it be that your work needs a more consistent practice to fully develop into a unique + elevated offering?

Spoiler Alert: you might already have the answer on how to find your voice, but you're looking outside for reassurance and validation.

That's all fine and good as long as you also know how to trust your own intuition, and as a Coach I'll remind you to look inwards for your answer, like I did in my Creative Biz Coaching over Coffee session no. 2 with New Mexico Artist, Nara.

You can learn more about Artist, Nara on Instagram


The doors to The Expansive Artists are re-opening for the first time this year, tomorrow Friday March 18.

Join the waitlist to know as soon as they re-open.


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Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

If this is your attitude, chances are I'm not the right Mentor for you.

When I constantly say that the opportunity to become your Mentor is an honor I do not take lightly, it's not just polite lip service ~ I mean it and this is why.

I take your trust in me very much to heart. The more years I do this work, the more I want to become an even better Mentor, which means that behind the scenes, I'm now constantly learning and refining my skills as a coach, to show up my best for you.

Mentoring looks a little different for me now than when I started teaching again 3 years ago. 

And as I continue to grow as a coach, I always want to keep you posted on my intentions and how I think I can best support you so that you can decide if working together is the right fit for you, at this time.



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