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Artist Success Stories from Courage to Consistency with Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith and Marissa Parsons

Artist Success Stories from Courage to Consistency with Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith and Marissa Parsons

Get excited! welcome to another favorite edition of Artist Success Stories.


In this episode I'm joined by three of our Alumni; Heather Harrington, Joanna Smith, and Marissa Parsons sharing

  • how they first decided to follow their passion
  • what's helped them find and keep the courage to pursue the professional Artist life
  • how they show up with consistency
  • the value of self-discovery + authenticity in the art-selling process
  • the benefits of personalized mentorship
  • the significance of community and support in building an art business
  • why it's so important to celebrate accomplishments and stay grateful for the process
  • and the transformative effects of choosing to join us in Artful Selling


Hip Hip Hooray! It's here! Only Open Once a Year!

Doors to Artful Selling are OPEN starting now through Tuesday, January 23 @ 11:59 pm PST


🎨 Transform Your Art Business:

Craft your Art Sales + Marketing Plan for 2024 and beyond. Make more art, sell more art, and turn your dreams into reality.


💡 Get Clarity and Achieve Your Dreams:

This time, it's about follow-through! Having a Sales and Marketing Plan is the most effective way to confidently and consistently sell to your Ideal Collectors online. Let's build a thriving business that supports a life you love.


📆 Your 12-Month Product Launch Plan:

Know what you're creating, when you're launching it, and how to price it for PROFIT.


📱 Create Your Social Media Plan:

Unlock the secrets to impactful social media strategies.


📧 Create Your Email Marketing Plan:

Learn the art of email marketing for successful art promotion.


🌟 Ready to Make Selling Your Art Easy?


We can't wait to welcome you!


Join us!


You can find all things

Heather Harrington @lifeandwhim on instagram

Joanna Smith @joanna.smith.5876 on facebook

Marissa Parsons @marissaparsonsstudio on instagram


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How to Plan Your Social Media Creation + Posting

How to Plan Your Social Media Creation + Posting

First ~ thank you for your kind messages about our recent loss.


Holiday time, depending upon how you like to approach this season, can be filled with long to-do lists, countless visits, parties, and celebrations, or if you're like me, a perfect time for a peaceful reset.


Very intentional about how we choose to spend Christmas, Sean and I often opt for a quiet celebration which leads to a perfect opening to dream, plan, and prepare for what's next.


Over the past few years of a rapidly growing business, this has been the best time to get caught up and reset, from organizing to planning along with getting a head start on upcoming projects, especially those happening at the start of the new year (get excited and save the date! the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge and Coaching week starts Monday, January 15)


On the last episode I invited you to send me your questions about time management, and this is the first in a series of 3 answering what you asked about the most with today's part 1 focusing on a very popular topic: Social Media, specifically how I plan my Social Media from content creation to posting.


In this episode, I share with you:

  • the BIG mistake I see many Artists making when it comes to how and when they post to their Social Media
  • what you must have clarity on FIRST to effectively post to your Social Media
  • why it's important to understand your relationship with selling and being sold to
  • how I like to plan my Social Media shares
  • my best practices for planning and posting your Social Media content



See you January 15 for an inspiring + fun 2024 Planning session!


Join the Profitable Artist Planning Challenge + Coaching Week

we start Monday, January 15


Join the Artful Selling Waitlist


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You can find all things Marisa and Creative Thursday

and on instagram and facebook


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Did You Hear the News?

Did You Hear the News?

Did you hear the news? Not only am I now a happily married Mrs!


During my time away from the podcast I had an epiphany, a realization about what's been missing, what can no longer take a back seat, and the dreams I'm fulfilling in 2024.


I've got a lot to fill you in on and I'm starting by sharing the story of the Cranky Bunny, and the inspiration behind a brand new idea and Artist community I just opened that I've been thinking about since 2006.


I'm also excited to invite you to come have some holiday fun, creative painting time with me starting Monday!


Join me for the Ornament Painting Workshop starting Monday, December 11

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What keeps you from selling work?

What keeps you from selling work?
What do you do when you feel resistance to the very thing you say you want, like growing your Art business.


Specifically, what keeps you from putting your work out in the world for sale?

Is it:

  • that it's hard for you to part with your originals?
  • you're afraid of the response how it will be received?
  • you're concerned it might not sell?


And what does it mean if your work doesn't sell?


Welcome to another session of Creative Business Coaching over coffee where Artist Una Marz courageously, and vulnerably answers the questions above when she asked for coaching help to understand her fears around releasing her original works.


Una and I talk through her fears after I share several announcements from

  • Sell A Piece of Art Challenge starting this Monday! to
  • Opening registration to my first in-person painting workshop in Los Angeles this November
  • To the story of how the opportunity to design my first box of cards for Papyrus came to be.


Join us for Sell A Piece of Art this Week


Join me, with my dear friend and award-winning floral designer Alyssa Van Guilder of Apotheca Flowers for our in-person floral design + painting event and creative business brunch.

Save your spot for 1, 2, or 3 days


Floral Design + Painting Workshop


You can find all things Una Marz at @una.marz

 Card box featured above Creative Thursday by Marisa for Papyrus cards.


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My Go To Tip to Inspire Your Creative Practice

My Go To Tip to Inspire Your Creative Practice

Works every time!


In all my years of Art making, sharing, and selling there's always 1 step I take that helps me in every area of my creative practice.


In today's episode, I share with you my go-to tip to help you:

  • kick-start your creative inspiration
  • stay consistent with your Creative Practice
  • complete a series of work
  • share your work with the world


Enjoy + happy creating!


Visit the new paintings at and for an invitation to a preview and pre-sale of new work click here to join the Creative Thursday Collector's List

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15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 1)

15 Ways to Profit from Your Art (part 1)

Continuing the topic of generating multiple revenue streams in your business, in this episode I'm sharing part 1 of 2 episodes with a list of 15 proven ways to profit from your Art.


Everything I'm listing in this episode and the one coming next week are all proven ways I've generated revenue in Creative Thursday over the past 16 years.


It's a well-known fact that for a business owner to have peace of mind, you want to have multiple revenue streams, some more passive than active, and what I'm emphasizing today is to have recurring revenue built into (at least 1, if not more) of those streams too.


My friend and business coach Stu is hosting his 1X annual FREE Workshop all about how to turn what you know, love, and do into recurring revenue in your business, and part 3 is today! You're not too late to join us, and he's also hosting a Masterclass this Sunday to catch everyone up at 8 pm ET


Jump in and join us here


Join us for the Sunday Masterclass


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What happened to Etsy? and 3 Tips to Selling Art Online

What happened to Etsy? and 3 Tips to Selling Art Online

Did you hear about what happened to Etsy sellers last week?


After 16 years of selling Art online, getting an early start also selling on Etsy, there's one non-negotiable that I emphasize to ALL of the Artists I have the opportunity to work with, and I'm sharing it with you in today's episode.


The recent Etsy events reminded me just how important this one tip is an inspired 2 more I'm sharing especially if I were getting started selling my Art online today.


In this episode I talk about:

  • the most important assets in your business and how to protect them
  • the trends that are happening in online selling and how to prepare for the changes coming
  • how to get noticed faster than when the algorithm chooses to feature you, and without paid ads


If you want to put these tips into practice as soon as next week, Come join us! I'm hosting my Sell A Piece of Art Workshop + Coaching Week and you're invited.


Click the link below to register


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When You're Not Feeling Creatively Inspired, Try This!

When You're Not Feeling Creatively Inspired, Try This!

What's your go-to when you're just not feeling inspired?


How do you get back into that Creative flow?


In today's episode, I share a story about a recent experience that I almost talked myself out of multiple times, which ended up being a game changer for me on so many levels, from learning new skills to, to future business opportunities to energizing my Creativity flow even more!


Because, as you may know, I've been painting up a storm this month and have never been so excited to making Art again.


And TODAY in celebration of a return to prioritizing creativity, for the first time all year, I'm releasing a group of original paintings. My "Coming Back To Art" Collection is launching @ 11 am PST via email first. Join the list and view the new collection as soon as they're released at or click here.


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My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My planning practice, or rather my planning obsession, has reached a new level and I've got a brand new tip to share with you in this episode.


Inspired by another new love for project management - something that before my business started to grow to include a team that I had no idea "was a thing" - this planning tip is good for both using pen (preferably markers!) + paper and digital.


I’m also celebrating the release of the brand new 2nd edition limited edition 2023 creative planner, which is date free so you can start it or use it at any time of the year that you like.


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Alex Theis: On Being Limitless, Helping You WIN! and Starting Your Own Podcast

Alex Theis: On Being Limitless, Helping You WIN! and Starting Your Own Podcast

Meet Alex Theis speaker, author, and podcaster who loves to help people Win! Alex shares his thoughts on what it means to be Limitless, starting a podcast, and how the willingness to do the work to change your mindset + the practice of daily gratitude changes everything.


You can find all things Alex Theis @

Amanda Palmer Art of the Ask


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