What keeps you from selling work?

What keeps you from selling work?
What do you do when you feel resistance to the very thing you say you want, like growing your Art business.


Specifically, what keeps you from putting your work out in the world for sale?

Is it:

  • that it's hard for you to part with your originals?
  • you're afraid of the response how it will be received?
  • you're concerned it might not sell?


And what does it mean if your work doesn't sell?


Welcome to another session of Creative Business Coaching over coffee where Artist Una Marz courageously, and vulnerably answers the questions above when she asked for coaching help to understand her fears around releasing her original works.


Una and I talk through her fears after I share several announcements from

  • Sell A Piece of Art Challenge starting this Monday! to
  • Opening registration to my first in-person painting workshop in Los Angeles this November
  • To the story of how the opportunity to design my first box of cards for Papyrus came to be.


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You can find all things Una Marz at @una.marz

 Card box featured above Creative Thursday by Marisa for Papyrus cards.


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