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Creative Thursday

My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My New "GameChanger" Planning Tip!

My planning practice, or rather my planning obsession, has reached a new level and I've got a brand new tip to share with you in this episode.


Inspired by another new love for project management - something that before my business started to grow to include a team that I had no idea "was a thing" - this planning tip is good for both using pen (preferably markers!) + paper and digital.


I’m also celebrating the release of the brand new 2nd edition limited edition 2023 creative planner, which is date free so you can start it or use it at any time of the year that you like.


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How the Holidays can Inspire Your Creativity

How the Holidays can Inspire Your Creativity

Did it really start with a wedding invitation?

Cozy up, get comfy, grab a little cup of eggnog (too soon?) tea? wine? Today I have story to share with you.

Looking back, I see it so clearly now, I think this story may have been the moment Creative Thursday actually began.

It was definitely the moment I started to follow my creative calling and discover my voice as an Artist.

Can the bustle of the holidays really be a good time to connect with your creativity, especially if it's been dormant all year?

In today's episode I share with you some suggestions of how you can reconnect to your creativity and tap into new ideas now or any season.

The holiday shop is OPEN!

This is just a preview with more treats + festivities to come over the Small Studio weekend.

Be sure to join us for the virtual art event + pop-up gallery featuring 60 + Artists


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