20 plus Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Business

20 plus Lessons Learned from 20 Years in Business

If I could go back and mentor my younger business self, the one who said yes to her dream of becoming a Professional Artist, the lessons learned that I share in this episode is what I would say.


Today, March 7 marks a celebration of not only 17 years of making a consistent living with my Creative Business but this February 2024 I celebrated 20 years since the very first Creativethursday.com site went live, featuring my Art work.


Back then I was so busy trying to make it all a go, that I didn't even know (or think I had the time) to intentionally hold a vision and actually plan out where I wanted to be 20 years ahead. For the longest time I was living in a pinch me state, wondering if what I was building wasn't just a temporary dream.


Turns out it wasn't a temporary dream, but one that would grow to help and support you in your Creative dreams too.


What would it have been like if I had the insight I have now when I first started?


That's the wish right, and yet it's the 20 years of lived experience starting, building, and growing my own business that was the ONLY way to gain this insight.


And now I get to share this wisdom with you, while also applying it to my vision for the next 20 years.


So, let's go! Together


In this episode I share 20 plus lessons I learned in 20 years of building Creative Thursday, covering a variety of topics from

  • the power of intention
  • keys to Creative Business Success
  • how to navigate your business boundaries
  • why knowing and tracking your numbers is essential
  • what I wish I had known sooner


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