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12 Ways to Create Income in Your Creative Business

12 Ways to Create Income in Your Creative Business

You know the feeling you get when a dream that's been in the works for a while becomes a reality?


That's the unbridled enthusiasm you're hearing in my voice for this episode.


I'm thrilled to announce that the first official Shiny Squirrel Summit for Visual Artists looking to create multiple revenue streams is happening, and kicking off this Sunday, April 28 @ 1 pm PDT!


And you're invited to this free event. Just head over to to get your free ticket.


This vision inspired the first Shiny Squirrel podcast episode #271 is bigger than me.


The event includes hearing from 11 additional Creative Expert Speakers on a variety of topics that are all ways you can create more income in your Art business, so you can avoid burnout and have more time to do what you best, make the Art you love making most.


In this episode, I introduce you to all 12 speakers, myself included, and the topics that we'll be covering so you can start thinking about ideas and possibilities to incorporate new revenue streams into your Creative business.


It's going to be a fantastic week!


See you there!


If you're listening after the event happened, and are interested in getting access to the replays please reach out to us at


Click here to join the Shiny Squirrel Summit


Click here to download the 20 Ways + Product Ideas to Make Income with Your Art


Listen to the Shiny Squirrel Podcast episode #271


Say hello and follow all the speakers on their Instagram below

Joy Cho @ohjoy

Bonny Snowdon @bonnysnowdonacademy

Josie Lewis @josielewisart

Heidi Easley @texasartandsoul_

Kristine Richer @kristinerosephotography

Dylan Mierzwinski @bydylanm

Mim Jenkinson @mimjenkinson

Karen Abend @karenabend

Michelle Lloyd @unitedartspace

Alex Cole @alexcolestudio

Alyssa Van Guilder @apothecaflowers


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