Recurring Revenue, what could that make possible for you?

Recurring Revenue, what could that make possible for you?

Want peace of mind as an Artist, Solo-preneur Creative Business owner?


I'll never forget what one of my early Mentors said to me "You want to sleep at night as an entrepreneur? You're going to want many eggs in your basket"


And she was right. By eggs, she was referring to multiple revenue streams. The part that I would add today is to make as many revenue streams as you can recurring revenue.


Artists in particular have to be very careful about conserving their energy, especially when they turn their Art into a business because feeling inspired is not only tied to your creative well but to your income.


It's all too easy to experience burnout when you're consistently creating for your revenue.


You can really sleep at night when you have consistent income coming in, in some cases while you're sleeping.


In today's episode, a behind-the-scenes of one of our Expansive Artists call, my friend and Mentor Stu McLaren is back on the podcast to share ideas for all the ways you can add recurring revenue via 2 different models into your business, especially as a creative.


And I stay on to answer questions for our members about ideas they have plus my experience investing in Mentors and the choice to grow the Mentoring side of my business.


Stu is hosting his 1X annual FREE Workshop all about starting your Membership and it starts TODAY!

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