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Calm Skies Collection Debuts Thursday, November 19 Calm Skies Collection Debuts Thursday, November 19

Creative Thursday

Sell A Piece of Art This Week

Sell A Piece of Art This Week

I've spent a lot of years talking "romantic" about the business of Art, but today calls for something different.

And don't get me wrong, there is not a day that goes by I'm not thankful I chose this life as an Artist.

It is the best. I love it.

I most certainly am all about the romance. I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams and your heart, and I'm proof that you CAN build a successful business with those intentions plus commitment and grit to stick with it on the days when you might want to quit (which will totally happen... more than once)

But when I look at what's being taught in my industry, there's a lot of pretty talk around what we all want and that is to SELL OUR WORK 🎉🙌🏻 whether that's an original painting, a book, a collection of cards or prints, or an online class we are offering.

A business isn't a business unless it makes sales.

And sales don't happen unless you get comfortable with selling.

And while I know a lot of Artists resist "selling" (I know because I was one of those Artists) I'm here to tell you can learn to sell without being salesy.

I call it Artful Selling. It's authentic, it's heartfelt and it connects you to your wonderful Collectors.

It's what turns your dream into a business.

After I returned to coaching 2 years ago, I knew that I wanted to do more than just talk about how beautiful it is to choose a life as an Artist, and teach and tell you how to build a Creative Business. It's not enough.

I want to get you RESULTS.

As a business mentor and coach, I am dedicated to helping you take action!

Last month I hosted a challenge for my Expansive Artists and I've never seen the progress that happened in just one week. And YES! they made SALES, lots and lots of them.

New online shops opened! books were launched, originals created and sold, card sets, art bundles, and online classes were sold that alone for 1 Artist generated 1K in revenue during last month.



I'M ON A MISSION: to help Artists know their worth, value their work, and confidently, artfully sell their creations consistently to raving Collectors online.


From June 23 - 26 I'm going to walk you through my proven 3 Step Artful Selling Process.

This is an invitation to join me, for Free! yes! my gift to you! to join me starting next Tuesday for 3 days. You show up, rise to the challenge (1 bite sized task each day), and you might just be amazed at what you can accomplish! There's an energizing momentum that happens when a group comes together with the same intention.

Register for the 3 Day Challenge here

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Season 2 is coming! July 9, 2020

Season 2 is coming! July 9, 2020

Mistakes happen, as a human + business owner.

Speaking of "all the best of intentions"~ back in 2006 I started a podcast,- loved it. As my Art Business grew I couldn't keep up with it on my own so I stopped (logical solo-preneur move, but big mistake #1- *hire help* oh how I wish I had kept my podcast going) 

Instead, ambitious me, easily attracted to the next shiny object (mistake #2- *as a biz owner stay focused on one thing, get it going, before you move on to the next*) In 2015 I said to myself here's an idea! Videos are getting easier to create & share, wouldn't it be great to feature a conversation with inspiring Creatives, where we can also see their Art! rather than just listen to us chat. 

Sure, lovely idea! ( huge fan of "Chef's Table") however committing to creating a 12 hour + docu-series, with little to no video experience should not be attempted by 1 person. I repeat, not a job for (almost exclusively) 1 person. Thank you Sean for supporting my endeavor, & helping me with most of the recording, clapboard (wait for the blooper reel) + initial sound editing. 

Nor should that Artist person attempt to raise money on Kickstarter to fund said docu-series. (mistake #3 a story for another day)

And my mistake #4 that I am embarrassed to say I do not have one Black Creative featured. If you want to Instagram shout at me, I welcome it. I am so sorry. You can listen to me talk about this more candidly on yesterday’s podcast where the same unintentional oversight has happened all these years. 

Believe me when I say I am taking a close look at my chosen Creative Bubble & promise to highlight more of the beautiful Black Artists who inspire me, many of whose work I’m so thankful to learn about now.

I’m also SO sorry to my guests that season 2 has taken SO long to complete.

A mentor of mine says in business you either “Win or Learn” this was both ~ with a little extra emphasis on the learn. The WIN is you get to hear/see the conversations with 6 inspiring Artists starting July 9. Now back to editing!

You catch up on Season 1 here on my YouTube Channel

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(not) business, art or podcasting as usual

(not) business, art or podcasting as usual

Integrity 🖤 Humanity 🖤 Decency


The change I'm witnessing and personally experiencing has been a seismic shift.

I write to you on this Creative Thursday with optimism and hope for the future  and the incredible transformations that will come out of this time. And I am so ready to do the work, more than ever before.


I'm not the same person I was 2 weeks ago.

Creative Thursday is not the same business.

And the direction of my Art is shifting.


Over the past 10 days I've chosen to be still, not only to learn, listen and reflect - but using my Instagram stories in support of amplifying Black voices, artists, thought leaders while sharing resources on ways you may be able to help and care for your heart during this time.

I want to highlight a resource with you here that I found great comfort and clarity in created by Deepa Iyer. If you want to help but you're feeling uncertain about what your role is during times of social change, this and may offer some insight.

And while it's so tempting to continue to stay silent especially in the current climate~ even with the best of intentions, I've been hesitant to speak up, for fear of making a "mistake" or have what I communicate get taken out of context.

But as I shared with you last week, worrying about "getting it wrong" is no longer a reason to stay politely quiet.

This time has presented an invitation for me to use my voice and platforms in ways I haven't before.

As uncomfortable as it's been, I've been having some real conversations (honestly my favorite kind - small talk is not my thing), and letting some truths sink in that have been hard to hear, but vital to understand.

While I'm gently easing back into business, it's not going to be business or art as usual.

The changes I'm making will not be overnight. Some days I will voice them, other days they will be subtle, but know they are happening every day.

My black square in solidarity on Instagram is not one and done.

I've taken steps already, and at this moment, rather than be too quick to action I'm allowing more time to research, shift perspective, let knew ideas percolate, decide on who I want to learn from, and then choose the best way I can offer my support. I promise to keep you posted as I learn more. While I do not intend to use my platforms to speak politically, I will never again question whether to speak out in support of human rights.

The place I enjoy speaking from the most is my podcast.

I invite you to tune into today's episode posted below, where I candidly go into more detail about the specifics that I have learned during this time ~ for the record this is not me trying to make this about it me. I am recording it in case it inspires some new ideas and conversation for you~ and also as a record for me. I don't want to forget this moment and slide back into old ideas and habits as if nothing happened.

About business (not) as usual here's some what I hope will be fun, inspiring events + opportunities coming soon


  • Starting June 23 I'm hosting a FREE 3 Day Challenge. "Sell a Piece of Art this Week" One of my ongoing missions, and a topic that I will be speaking up on more often~ is in emphatic support of valuing the work of the Artist, We had such success with this challenge in The Expansive Artists last month that I want to open up the opportunity to you, and other emerging and established Artists you know, to join us this time. Look for your invitation coming soon.
  • New Art Collection release coming soon. I've been asked about purchasing the original I shared with you in my last email, featured below. Truthfully I love that piece so much, I've been letting it live with me a little longer. But it's time to let it bring some comfort to someone else's home so yes! "We are One" will be available for purchase along with 5 other new originals in a black and white series I've been working on this past week. I will also be making a donation in support of Black Lives Matter from the sale of those pieces. I'm researching organizations now and would like to choose one in support of entrepreneurship and the Arts if you have a recommendation please reply back and let me know!
  • Season 2 of Creative Thursday video interview series is FINALLY launching. Save the Date for the first episode airing July 9. One thing being quarantined at home has offered is some extra time to finish long overdue projects. These conversations with fellow Creative business owners are so good, I can't wait to share them with you.

    "I stand with you in peace, love, justice, equality and creativity"

    I hope you enjoy the new podcast episode.

    much love

    ~ xo Marisa


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    We are one 🖤

    We are one 🖤

    I stand with you in peace, love, justice and equality. 

    I see you.

    I want to do whatever I can to help. #blacklivesmatter

    I've just watched a woman use her body as a shield to protect a business from looting here in Santa Monica.

    I am speechless, my heart is breaking. I want to wait before I speak, yet I know it's time for me to try to put some words together, to send love to you today. ❤️

    For me, sharing online for 14 years has always been with a focus on art, spreading a message of love, creativity, beauty, joy, creative business, and in recent weeks a vulnerable story of my infertility. 

    While I have taken a stand many times, never openly in response to anti-racism.

    I chose not to use my platform to grieve such despair.  And I see now, a witness to horrific events that have transpired for generations, and especially this week throughout our country, last night in my city of L.A., that it is time for me to do what I can to speak up more.

    To anyone who may have interpreted my silence as supporting oppression, I'm so sorry. 

    It's unimaginable to me that my silence could ever be interpreted that way, which means that I also have so much to understand and learn.

    I have been naive, and it's time for that to change.

    I have also been cautious to take a stronger stand over the years, for fear that my words will be misinterpreted.

    The possibility that what I share may be misunderstood, can no longer be a reason to stay silent, especially if by speaking up I may make a difference for you.

    I woke up this morning desperately trying to learn, listen, with a desire speak to friends who have a deeper understanding of this experience than I do, wanting to get assurance that I what I choose to share here will come across "right". 

    And I realized it is time to trust myself to keep speaking clearly, thoughtfully from my heart with a hope that you will know that is always my intention.

    I promise to stand with you in peace, to speak up more, to continue to stand in love,  and do all that I can to listen, learn and understand more. We are one. ❤️❤️

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    The Quarantine Jungle is FINISHED!

    The Quarantine Jungle is FINISHED!

    It's official!! The 40" x 30" painting I've been working on throughout the L.A. Quarantine ~ one of my largest and most detailed pieces to date is complete.


    The Artist’s secret to finishing a piece of work: give yourself a deadline

    Over years of painting characters and animals in different settings I had never painted a Jungle before.

    Technically I began this painting on a whim during one of our painting nights when I had my large studio almost 2 years ago.

    And it had been sitting, just waiting to be finished all this time.

    It was the extra time home and a desire not only to complete this painting but to challenge myself as a painter...something I’d clearly been avoiding which is why ahem I stopped shortly after I started... 40” x 30” is a far cry from my familiar small size of 6” x 6” 😳

    Working through all the details took much longer than anticipated, and I also unexpectedly discovered how much I love having one large painting to return to day after day.

    I've always felt fulfilled with my art through the process of creating and completing a piece in one sitting with my daily painting practice.

    Stepping out of my comfort zone opened up a whole new avenue to explore with my work, and I can't wait to see where this leads.

    I promised myself it would be finished at the end of the quarantine and while we’re not quite there yet, I feel a gentle shift back to some aliveness and (socially distanced) in person connection 💕and it feels like it’s time for this painting to be completed - that, and - I am also ready to begin new work!

    Because you know what happens when you commit to regular creating- your creative inspiration gains serious momentum. The muse is in the house!

    Voila! a finished painting and a happy Artist (with even longer bangs.)

    Stay well + creative xo Marisa

    Enjoy the Quarantine Jungle!

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    When your Collector LOVES your Work In Progress #WIP (but it's not finished yet!)

    When your Collector LOVES your Work In Progress #WIP (but it's not finished yet!)


    What do you do?

    Do you leave it as is or fulfill your original vision?

    I held a challenge last week for my members in The Expansive Artists. "Sell a Piece of Art this Week" 

    A BIG success! I am in awe of the progress made by the Artists in just one week, technically 3 days!! from opening online shops, posting regularly on social media, going LIVE on social media, getting booked on a podcast, launching books, and online workshops, to emailing announcements to their Collectors, and SELLING WORK!! Wohoo!

    And, questions also came up like this one Nadia shared in the Expansive Artists. She shared that her work was "in that awkward teenage stage where she doesn't want to touch them for fear that people won't like them..."

    What if your Collector won't like the work once it's finished? 

    ...I know how the story ends! What did Nadia decide and how did it work out?

    Grab your sparkling beverage of choice (I happen to be sipping a glass of Lamarc Prosecco on this episode) or your favorite treat and tune in to hear my thoughts on how I handle this fear, and spoiler alert, we're going to do some celebrating...!!

    And YAY!! how cool is this! Now that the blog is back you can listen to this episode right here.

    Oh my goodness...why didn't I do this sooner. LOL one step at t time. 

    One step at a time leads to progress and momentum that just keeps building. The clarity comes and the pieces do start to click into place, they do!


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    Unexpected Success

    Unexpected Success

    Sometimes we look at BIG WINS for ourselves and others (comparison-itis) and we forget that it was actually a lot of small steps that got us and them~ there.


    Unexpectedly my business growth hit a surge of momentum right when this pandemic started here in the states.


    And I say "unexpectedly" because while I wholeheartedly expect to grow in the success I envision for myself as an Artist and Creative Business Coach (especially after putting my full intention and focus on learning and up-leveling these past 2 years), but I certainly didn't expect the momentum to hit during such a stressful and yes, I'm going to say it ~ especially uncertain, unprecedented time.


    When I photographed these flowers - the arrangement I made during our virtual floral design + painting with Alyssa Van Guilder of Apotheca Flowers - I didn't realize that the title of the beautiful cookbook "Small Victories" by Julia Turshen would be so clearly visible.


    Now my new symbol, the arrangement and the photography~a gentle reminder that even in incredibly surreal times, progress can happen.


    It can often feel like you're just moving along, slower than you'd like…taking one step in front of the other, and all of a sudden what you've been working towards just clicks into place.


    It's a desire and a dedication to accomplishing a whole bunch of "small victories" that lead to those turning points. 


    And it's in those turning points when the journey that came before starts to make a whole lot of sense.


    If your view of your next step, let alone bigger vision is feeling hazy, especially right now, just a quick note to remind you, you got this. You really do.



    And yes, I am seriously considering a side gig as floral designer. 


    My newest passion...I heard the L.A. flower market has re-opened…

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    journey to motherhood

    journey to motherhood

    Happy Mother's Day ❤️


     Today's wish and special podcast episode is dedicated to all the Women who are struggling on their journey to Motherhood.

    To all the couples and singles who wish to be parents, and aren't yet sure how their prayer of starting their family will be answered.

    You are not alone. I see you, I understand, I celebrate you today.

    Today I released part 1 of a new podcast series sharing my personal story with fertility, and my journey to motherhood.

    My hope and intention is that by sharing my story, it may provide some support, comfort, encouragement and knowledge for you, or anyone you know who's currently trying to become a parent and finding it harder than they planned.

    You are warriors.

     Much love

    xo Marisa


    You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of my Fertility Story below

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    30 Days of Making Art and Sharing Beauty and Inspiration with the World

    30 Days of Making Art and Sharing Beauty and Inspiration with the World

    Hello Friends!

    I've been thinking about bringing back the Creative Thursday blog and hello, there's no time like the present.

    It feels like the perfect timing since my Art business truly began when I started the practice of daily painting. Creative Thursday was born out of a desire for my creativity when I was working a 9 to 5 job and having just celebrated my 13th year as a Working Artist, I'm feeling the desire to commit to a daily practice again.

    In light of global events inspiring so much inward time at home, now is the time.

    Want to join me in a movement of making Art and sharing beauty for 30 days? ✨
    How are you doing out there? Are you in panic or aware but not afraid. 🖤
    I haven’t addressed anything related to the health scare that is happening by choice. If you notice I almost never address mainstream media topics on my social channels, because most of them are wrapped in so much fear, I can't & I won't take it in or spread it.
    Every day I am growing in my dedication to a consistent practice of choosing the tone to my day- who and what information I invite into my world. And I am fiercely protective of it. I spent one too many years being reactive instead of proactive. Allowing the outside world to determine my mood and tone of my day is not something I accommodate anymore.
    I'm a business owner, an entrepreneur, a human. I've been through cycles, and seasons, wins and losses. I know I am resourceful and that within problems are solutions, possibilities and opportunities for something better to be born.
    I jumped on a live video last Thursday and I posted it to IGTV expressing my thoughts on what it means to be an Artist especially during times like these. ❤️
    Please never underestimate the value of the gifts that you have as an Artist to share.
    Imagine if everyone stopped sharing the beauty they create in all different kinds of expression, what would the world feel like without it.
    We need it more than ever. If you are a Maker, and Artist please share your gifts during this time especially ~and if you'd like to join us in a 30 day challenge I invite you to use the hashtag #stockpilebeauty named by Corri Sheff to share your creations with us.
    One of the most effective ways I set the tone to my day is through creativity. My business aside, making Art is one of the most important tools I have to feel grounded, find joy and connect with my heart. And to share, with the intention of bringing light and beauty to you today, there's nothing better.
    I know in one small way I can make a difference. ❤️

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