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How to get seen on Social Media with Not Your Average Marketing Founder Zach Spuckler

How to get seen on Social Media with Not Your Average Marketing Founder Zach Spuckler

Does posting to Social Media feel like a waste of time?


Like it's getting harder and harder to be seen, let alone know if you're reaching your Ideal Collectors?


There may be an important step you're missing, and an opportunity you haven't even considered, especially if you're just starting your business as an Emerging Artist.


However, I've found that a lot of well-established Artists are also missing this incredible opportunity to get their work seen by the right people.


In today's episode, my guest, Facebook + Instagram Ads Agency Owner and Marketing Coach Zach Spuckler is back on the podcast to

  • talk about the changes in internet marketing and how they affect the organic reach of your business
  • how to efficiently grow an online business especially if you're starting today and
  • how to be open to + exploring new possibilities with your marketing can rapidly increase your chance of getting your work in front of YOUR people just waiting to connect with you


So that you can build a profitable business with more time to do what you do best, Make your Art.


Zach and I are hosting a FB Ads for Artists workshop this Friday, September 9 if you want to learn a step-by-step strategy for reaching your Ideal Collectors with Facebook + Instagram Ads.


You can get all the details and register to join us right away.

Since this is an implementation workshop with more hand-holding and personal marketing guidance, registration is limited to 50 spots.


You can join us here:


You can find all things Zach Spuckler on instagram


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How Can You Reach More of Your Audience?

How Can You Reach More of Your Audience?

Turns out that when asked if social media feels both frustrating, and confusing as to who's actually following you? that answer was a resounding 100% on a recent poll I posted.


Which means, we've got some work to do!


Precisely why I'm back with another edition of Creative Business Coaching over Coffee where I get to have a conversation with EA member and Artist Jeanette Bergstrom answering her Social Media questions.


And I open this call by answering this question from Katherine about how to reach more followers, by sharing a whole lot of Social Media tips including:

  1. What content performs best on Instagram right now
  2. Reasons why you may not get seen on Social Media
  3. How to grow organically on Social Media


You can find all things Jeanette Bergstrom on instagram


Happening TODAY! Join me for LIVE Creative Business Coaching over Coffee ☕️ at 10 am PDT this morning over on Instagram @creativethursday.


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How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

How Do You Show Up Consistently Online, While Also Honing Your Craft?

Oh and! which platform do you choose?


Do you choose just 1 or more?

How do you know which one is the right one?


Before you set sail in the wide-open ocean of social media, and possibly waste a whole bunch of time posting aimlessly to ALL the platforms at the same time, you're going to want to answer some important questions about your business vision + goals.


In today's podcast episode I walk you through suggestions for you to know what will work best for your working style, along with the details of how and why I prioritize what platforms I'm currently focused on, and the best strategy for showing up consistently both digitally and in your art-making process.


Happening TODAY! Join me for LIVE Creative Business Coaching over Coffee ☕️ at 10 am PDT this morning over on Instagram @creativethursday.

I'll be hosting another session next Thursday, June 30 as well, same time, same place.

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Don't Make These Mistakes on Instagram

Don't Make These Mistakes on Instagram

Do you have a love hate/relationship with social media?

Do you want to create art you feel connected to and sell it to Collectors who LOVE what you create without feeling forced to bend to an algorithm?

Yes! Fabulous! in a time when the demands of effectively using social media are changing (once again), it's time to revisit how you want to approach using this tool. Let's start at the beginning.

There are a whole lot of mistakes I see Artists unintentionally making, simply because they don't know what they don't know. Time to change that and reconnect with why using social media is one of the most incredible, powerful tools, to yes - genuinely connect with the people who get you and your work.

And if you'd like to go deeper on how to find your Collectors on social media ~  

Join me for the special live workshop (+ replay recording if you can't join us live)

"How to find Your Collectors on Social Media" 


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My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever

My Most Liked Instagram Post Ever


Is now a print and a podcast!

Today's episode is 3 Social Media Marketing Tips for you! especially for my Artists. These are the steps that can lead to a viral post, and Art sales.




After 10 years on Instagram who knew? this would be my most liked post EVER, (so far 😉 )


I heard you! and I listened, and turns out this illustration of Bernie + his mittens sitting with the Creative Thursday characters is bringing a lot of joy to you, so much so you want one in your home! By request, Bernie is now officially a print!


If you don't know the backstory to this piece. “The Gang Celebrates” is one of my most popular images and prints. Originally painted in 2007, it went on to become a Papyrus greeting card, the cover of my book and the theme of my very first fabric collection ~ these are the Creative Thursday characters that built my business + brand as an Artist.


I was just recounting the story today on a call with my members and that is this; These characters were born through the practice of daily painting and I didn't know it at the time but looking back I know they were there to gently cheer me on with my dream of becoming a Working Artist.


I was self-taught, going into debt, filled with more self-doubt then confidence and totally unsure if this dream was possible, let alone knowing how I could actually make a living with my Art~  and these characters, holding hands in hoodies, hats and mittens (because I don't like to draw hair or hands or feet lol) believed in me ~ and creating this style of Art is what kept me going through really exciting and very challenging times.


And as they made their way out into the world, it turns out a lot of collectors felt the same support and encouragement from those characters.


They are! cheering you on too!  bringing joy to your and/or your little ones, present in thousands of nurseries as a quiet reminder to follow your dreams and keep believing in what is possible.


Last Friday when I sat down to digitally paint Bernie sitting with them, I thought you might get a chuckle but I had no idea this image would be such a hit.


In honor of Bernie Sander's public service and dedication to supporting community, 20% of the proceeds of each print will be donated to the L.A. Food Bank. 

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