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Healing from Surgery + How I Won’t Be Doing Business the Same

Healing from Surgery + How I Won’t Be Doing Business the Same

No one wants it to take an overnight hospital stay to be the wake-up call for you to learn an important lesson.

But so be it.

This is my personal story that doesn’t veer far from my professional life. For too long I let fear and anxiety influence the way I chose to grow my Creative Business, and this is where it’s time to make a new choice.

The person who went into the hospital is not the same person who came out, and how I was running it will no longer be the way I will be running it going forward.

In today’s episode, I share with you how this health challenge inspired me to dive into my fear versus resisting it, and what has happened since.

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How Can You Reach More of Your Audience?

How Can You Reach More of Your Audience?

Turns out that when asked if social media feels both frustrating, and confusing as to who's actually following you? that answer was a resounding 100% on a recent poll I posted.


Which means, we've got some work to do!


Precisely why I'm back with another edition of Creative Business Coaching over Coffee where I get to have a conversation with EA member and Artist Jeanette Bergstrom answering her Social Media questions.


And I open this call by answering this question from Katherine about how to reach more followers, by sharing a whole lot of Social Media tips including:

  1. What content performs best on Instagram right now
  2. Reasons why you may not get seen on Social Media
  3. How to grow organically on Social Media


You can find all things Jeanette Bergstrom on instagram


Happening TODAY! Join me for LIVE Creative Business Coaching over Coffee ☕️ at 10 am PDT this morning over on Instagram @creativethursday.


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BONUS Episode: Reclaiming Your Health After 40 with (my love) Comedy Writer + Fitness Master Sean Hogan

BONUS Episode: Reclaiming Your Health After 40 with (my love) Comedy Writer + Fitness Master Sean Hogan

Who says we have to decline as we get older?

Let's talk about what it really means to age gracefully in a very special conversation + bonus episode at the start of this new year!

We can't talk about dreaming, planning, reflecting + resetting, all the new year things while neglecting a conversation about the very thing that makes everything possible in life, our health + wellbeing.

In today's episode I'm not just excited, but SUPER EXCITED to bring you a conversation with my partner going on 18 years, my bestie, my love, my fiance Sean Hogan. You might have caught Sean as one of my early podcast guests back in 2019.

During the pandemic, Sean decided at the age of 62, he wanted to use this time of lock-down to get back in shape. With gyms closed, he created an entire workout routine in just 20 minutes a day from our home gym aka our bedroom, that has put him in the best shape of his life at 63.

He's going to share tips with you on how he not only lost weight, built strength, balance and how he healed all his aches and pains. Sean's also sharing his go to supplements and other habits that in response to the shock on people's faces when they realize he's 63 not 45.

If you want to learn even more you join Sean next week, where he's hosting his first 5 Day Training Challenge for Free.

Reclaim Your Health & Fitness after 40 in just 15 minutes a day from home. Monday through Friday, January 10 - 14, Sean will be sharing a daily training video and going LIVE to answer your questions on Zoom.

Sign up here!


You can find all things Sean Hogan at

on instagram @seanhoganfitness


Enjoy my conversation with Sean!


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Healing Trauma for Artists with Dr. Don Wood

Healing Trauma for Artists with Dr. Don Wood


Do you sometimes wonder if you're sabotaging yourself? getting in your own way of success?

Has anyone ever called you emotional? Have you felt especially tender when exposed to certain experiences in your life. And have you ever wondered if it's just you, or are Artists really more sensitive than other people? 

If you aren't yet familiar with the work of Dr. Don Wood, you're in for a treat today, so many answers to questions that you may have been wondering about for a lifetime. 

This is an episode you'll want to save and listen to again. Find comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

Learn more about the life changing work of Dr. Wood, with a special limited offer exclusively for Creative Thursday listeners. Click here to learn more


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Embarking on My Journey to Healing with EMDR

Embarking on My Journey to Healing with EMDR

I shared a few weeks ago about my first therapy session specific to EMDR and the outpouring of encouragement and support (from you!, thank you!) inspired me to share some more thoughts on the start to this journey.

And if you'd like me to share more with you, let me know. I believe the more we are willing to be vulnerable and open up (to whatever degree we are comfortable sharing) about our journey around healing, the more the world heals together. 

This new journey is also inspiring a new painting collection, releasing August 29 of which this piece is the first.

"It's a New Dawn" a reinvention of my piece "Strength and Perseverance" created just over 1 year ago at the start of the Pandemic shutdown.'s available for purchase right now an advance Collector preview! until the end of the day today Thursday, June 24. 



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