Embarking on My Journey to Healing with EMDR

Embarking on My Journey to Healing with EMDR

I shared a few weeks ago about my first therapy session specific to EMDR and the outpouring of encouragement and support (from you!, thank you!) inspired me to share some more thoughts on the start to this journey.

And if you'd like me to share more with you, let me know. I believe the more we are willing to be vulnerable and open up (to whatever degree we are comfortable sharing) about our journey around healing, the more the world heals together. 

This new journey is also inspiring a new painting collection, releasing August 29 of which this piece is the first.

"It's a New Dawn" a reinvention of my piece "Strength and Perseverance" created just over 1 year ago at the start of the Pandemic shutdown.

pssst...it's available for purchase right now an advance Collector preview! until the end of the day today Thursday, June 24. 



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