Creative Thursday

How to Kickstart Your Creativity

How to Kickstart Your Creativity

Guess what! The first OFFICIAL Small Studio Sunday (on the day!) is this WEEKEND!

First and foremost ~ Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends celebrating today. 

Filled with extra gratitude for you, our listener, blog visitor and friend of Creative Thursday. Endless thank you's for taking time to join me here on this and every Creative Thursday.

Time to get excited because Small Studio Sunday, a little idea I had driving home from Thanksgiving holiday in 2018 is now an online art event + pop-up gallery featuring 60+ Artists. It kicks-off this Saturday for our special Preview Party invitees. Are you on the list?

Sign-up here to get the official invite!

Last Small Studio Sunday, our first official event, I hosted a Clubhouse chat with several of the Small Studio Sunday Artists sharing their tips on how to kickstart your creativity.

I know you're going to love this one.

Get ready to be inspired and in honor of saving you time on note taking, we've made a downloadable cheat sheet for you with all of the tips listed so you can refer back to it any time you're looking for a little creative inspiration.


Download 15 Ways to Kickstart Your Creativity here.

I've also re-opened the Creative Thursday online shop, first with a collection of original holiday keepsakes followed by a curated gift shop. The deck featured above is The Expansive Artists affirmation deck for Creatives. 

You can purchase your deck right here...and stay tuned for special treats including the Creative Thursday Planner launching on Small Studio Sunday.



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3 Myths about Online Teaching for Creatives

3 Myths about Online Teaching for Creatives

Last week, I talked about how online teaching helped me transform my business and discover a powerful tool for growing revenue. 

This week we're back on Clubhouse, delving into some of the myths behind online teaching for Creatives. 

Do you feel the nudge to share what you know and love with someone else or is Imposter Syndrome creeping in.  Could this be a good option for you? Listen on to learn more!

If your curiosity is peaked! maybe you are thinking about adding recurring revenue to your business, you don't want to miss this once a year only free TRIBE Workshop with my business mentor, Stu McLaren starts today, April 22nd  

Click here to register for the workshop


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Email Marketing for Artists

Email Marketing for Artists

Thankfully, this episode recording went a lot smoother than last week. Today's topic is one that often brings up that all too familiar "resistance" for Creatives especially: email marketing. When taken advantage of, email marketing can take a creative business to the next level. Yet it's often avoided!

So, what's stopping people? This and more on today's episode.


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From $4 for $24K in 4 Weeks

From $4 for $24K in 4 Weeks

I don't think I've ever shared this photo on my blog, of 14 year old me in the wide brimmed hat + braces, selling ceramics at my very first Art fair in Venice, Florida alongside my neighbor Toots (in the white) who generously opened up her garage ceramics studio to me, who looking back taught how to paint sweet character faces, and my proud mom (in the black and white)


I made $100 in sales that day and I was THRILLED!


Looking back it's clear as a day a path that was calling to me, yet I because I never thought I could making a living as an Artist, I chose a different direction for a few years, until the call became so loud and I knew I had to listen if I was going to live a life fulfilled. 


I've learned that denying our dreams is so much more uncomfortable (even painful) than actually taking the steps towards realizing them. 


If I told my 14 year old self, about the life she would now have, she would be THRILLED, especially when I tell her about what happened in my Art business just last month.


I share the story with you in today's podcast episode, another one recorded live on Clubhouse and includes the “after party” of great conversation following the episode with fellow Artists. 

When I discovered the fulfillment that comes with saying yes to your dreams and being open to that adventure, I just wanted to encourage everyone in earshot, and I mean everyone ~especially my fellow Artists to go for it, and it's why I've been on a mission ever since to encourage + transform the limiting narrative + beliefs around what it means to live a life as an Artist. 

The more people who are lit up doing what they love in all areas of life, this is everything. It is the most profound ripple effect of joy that you can imagine.




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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel it? Are you diving into the pool or sitting on the edge waiting to get permission to jump in


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome…hands raised, have you struggled with it? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣⁣


The photo above is Sean and I opening night at my first official solo Gallery Art show May 9, 2009 (and yes I know Sean has his eyes closed but this is still one of my favorite art career moments and photos of us, because Sean has been such a huge support to me on my Creative journey 💕)⁣

As a self taught Artist, who didn’t believe I could make a living as an Artist, you can imagine how much I’ve struggled with Imposter Syndrome. ⁣

Even though I felt it, I didn’t give in, and that’s the only reason I built a business as a Working Artist. ⁣

I trusted myself enough to commit to creating work for, and attending that opening of my first solo Art show.⁣

That night, with my Art hanging alongside the mural I painted on the gallery wall (see a close-up of the mural below), friends celebrating, some acknowledging my work and new career path for the first time; I wondered, how did I get here? Am I really an Artist? Won’t people judge that I’m self-taught and am only here because I decided to give myself permission to pursue my dream. ⁣

Yes, and yes.

Imposter Syndrome,  judgment or approval from others or not, you are ultimately the one who gives yourself permission to step into your fullest expression and power. ✨💃⁣

Today on the podcast I’ll be sharing some insight and tips on overcoming it.⁣

And if you’d like to take this conversation further, join me on Clubhouse @ 10:30 am PST @marisaanne I’ll be hosting a room alongside a special guest, a UK illustrator I connected with on Clubhouse. (Yes, 2 weeks in I'm still a fan of this incredible App…I've got podcast plans with this audio only platform in the works, more details in today's episode.)



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Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

Artists, Is Clubhouse right for you? Let's discuss!

I mean EVERYONE, is Clubhouse for you? and especially my Artists.

7 days in this my first review of Clubhouse. Is this (yet) another (audio only) platform that is worth your time? especially if you're a visual Artist.

No eye rolling just yet, ok? Listen in and join me to continue this conversation @4 pm PST on Clubhouse @marisaaanne

What if we get to take this podcast conversation further...!



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