My Best Tip for Kickstarting Your Creativity

My Best Tip for Kickstarting Your Creativity

Is prioritizing creativity on your list again for 2023? or is it just me 😉 (actually this year was pretty decent for me because I used the tip I'm sharing with you here more than I thought I'd have time for)


How'd it go this year for you? Did you feel like you made time for Art making the way you wanted to?


If you're feeling like it's challenging to summon that creative muse, this is my best tip for kickstarting creativity.


Works like a charm for me every time.


Not to mention in this episode I'm also sharing some bonus wine, vineyard and travel tips for you.


A jam packed 30 minutes where you could grab your brushes right now, pop your EarPods and make some Art.


pssst...if you make Art while you listen you'll be getting a head start on the 3 steps I'm sharing with you today.




And thank you for supporting my Art xo


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