Licensing isn't the Answer

Licensing isn't the Answer

I've noticed a trend in encouraging Artists towards collaborations, surface design and licensing.

And when you pull back the curtain of licensing, I'm uncertain why this is being encouraged by Artists to Artists, especially during a year of a Pandemic.

Well actually let me rephrase that, I do have some ideas why this is a trend, and I also have reasons why I don't recommend Licensing as the solution to all your passive income dreams, financial security, or validation as an Artist.

Join me for this week's podcast episode; Why licensing, and surface design aren't the answer to becoming a successful, thriving Artist, especially now~ and what is!


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  • Sep 07, 2020

    And this is what has resonated with me about you. I love that you took a risk and shared this and it is something I am trying to keep in my mind about making my business my own. I took a class to do surface design at the beginning of the pandemic and then made the same decision that, yes it would appear to be passive, but it did not feel authentic for me.
    Thank you!

    — Christina

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