Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

Why I'm not the Right Mentor For You

If this is your attitude, chances are I'm not the right Mentor for you.

When I constantly say that the opportunity to become your Mentor is an honor I do not take lightly, it's not just polite lip service ~ I mean it and this is why.

I take your trust in me very much to heart. The more years I do this work, the more I want to become an even better Mentor, which means that behind the scenes, I'm now constantly learning and refining my skills as a coach, to show up my best for you.

Mentoring looks a little different for me now than when I started teaching again 3 years ago. 

And as I continue to grow as a coach, I always want to keep you posted on my intentions and how I think I can best support you so that you can decide if working together is the right fit for you, at this time.



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