When your Collector LOVES your Work In Progress #WIP (but it's not finished yet!)

When your Collector LOVES your Work In Progress #WIP (but it's not finished yet!)


What do you do?

Do you leave it as is or fulfill your original vision?

I held a challenge last week for my members in The Expansive Artists. "Sell a Piece of Art this Week" 

A BIG success! I am in awe of the progress made by the Artists in just one week, technically 3 days!! from opening online shops, posting regularly on social media, going LIVE on social media, getting booked on a podcast, launching books, and online workshops, to emailing announcements to their Collectors, and SELLING WORK!! Wohoo!

And, questions also came up like this one Nadia shared in the Expansive Artists. She shared that her work was "in that awkward teenage stage where she doesn't want to touch them for fear that people won't like them..."

What if your Collector won't like the work once it's finished? 

...I know how the story ends! What did Nadia decide and how did it work out?

Grab your sparkling beverage of choice (I happen to be sipping a glass of Lamarc Prosecco on this episode) or your favorite treat and tune in to hear my thoughts on how I handle this fear, and spoiler alert, we're going to do some celebrating...!!

And YAY!! how cool is this! Now that the blog is back you can listen to this episode right here.

Oh my goodness...why didn't I do this sooner. LOL one step at t time. 

One step at a time leads to progress and momentum that just keeps building. The clarity comes and the pieces do start to click into place, they do!


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