The Slow Business Movement

The Slow Business Movement

What’s my love of cooking a good meal + sourcing the majority of my food locally have to do with running my business?

After spending 3 days in a Mastermind surrounded by some amazing business owners - the kind who are “crushing it” daily, growing to 6, even 7 figures within one calendar year ~ the concept of the slow food movement popped into my mind.

As they vulnerably shared their experiences of what that kind of growth really meant for them, I came away from that gathering with a whole new insight and understanding around what I want for my business and how it can support the life I want ~ not the other way around.

Recognizing my date with burnout is coming dangerously close, if I don’t make a change ~ this is the new approach to growing my business that I’m thinking about…

Would love to know what you think about this approach.


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