Calling All High-Achieving Artists

Calling All High-Achieving Artists

Call all high-achieving and heart-centered Artists. Want to to turn your passion into an Art career, here are the top qualities I believe it takes to thrive as an Artist, selling online today.

I know, I know ~ when I was coming up with this title High-Achieving Artist (not to be confused with over-achieving) that pairing of words sounded so unfamiliar, downright strange. 

In my desire to support Artists in building a thriving business around a practice of creating Art they love, I never connected High-Achieving with Artist before,  but in recent months it's become increasingly clear the stakes have been raised. As author, Steven Pressfield says, it's time to step into the role of the Professional. Here's how!

Ready to re-connect with your vision + plans for 2021 alongside a group of dedicated Artists (both emerging and established) next week, starting Monday June 14 to have a mid-year check-in and creative dreaming + planning session, click here to to join us for the Profitable Artist's Planning Challenge.


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