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Unexpected Success

Unexpected Success

Sometimes we look at BIG WINS for ourselves and others (comparison-itis) and we forget that it was actually a lot of small steps that got us and them~ there.


Unexpectedly my business growth hit a surge of momentum right when this pandemic started here in the states.


And I say "unexpectedly" because while I wholeheartedly expect to grow in the success I envision for myself as an Artist and Creative Business Coach (especially after putting my full intention and focus on learning and up-leveling these past 2 years), but I certainly didn't expect the momentum to hit during such a stressful and yes, I'm going to say it ~ especially uncertain, unprecedented time.


When I photographed these flowers - the arrangement I made during our virtual floral design + painting with Alyssa Van Guilder of Apotheca Flowers - I didn't realize that the title of the beautiful cookbook "Small Victories" by Julia Turshen would be so clearly visible.


Now my new symbol, the arrangement and the photography~a gentle reminder that even in incredibly surreal times, progress can happen.


It can often feel like you're just moving along, slower than you'd like…taking one step in front of the other, and all of a sudden what you've been working towards just clicks into place.


It's a desire and a dedication to accomplishing a whole bunch of "small victories" that lead to those turning points. 


And it's in those turning points when the journey that came before starts to make a whole lot of sense.


If your view of your next step, let alone bigger vision is feeling hazy, especially right now, just a quick note to remind you, you got this. You really do.



And yes, I am seriously considering a side gig as floral designer. 


My newest passion...I heard the L.A. flower market has re-opened…

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