Season 2 Starts Now!

Season 2 Starts Now!

At last, at last! It's FINALLY HERE!

There's a long story behind the unexpected challenges of making this series, especially Season 2, but that will be saved for another day and another podcast.


Today it is my honor and pleasure to introduce you to my friend, first sewing teacher, and fellow Creative Business owner, Christine Haynes.

A Sewing Author, Teacher and Pattern Maker, in our conversation, Christine not only takes you through her journey of building her business, from risks taken, pivots made, full time jobs left, weeks set aside for annual trips to Paris (Paris travel tips are included for dreams of once again visiting the city of lights) ~ but you'll want to tune in all the way to the end where Christine shares a heartfelt, personal story and message that is especially meaningful and timely.

 A journey that spans from art and film school in Chicago, all the way to Brooklyn via a stopover in L.A. (Christine is sharing her pattern designing process with you too!) ~ I know you will be inspired. 


And yes! you can now take virtual sewing classes with Christine from her Brooklyn Studio. Find all things Christine Haynes at

Watch the full video episode here at the Creative Thursday YouTube Channel, or tune into the audio version on today's podcast episode.





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