From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur

From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur


I had the honor and pleasure of hosting 1400 participants in my Sell A Piece of Art this Week Challenge.


Wow! We are officially one step closer to a vision I shared last year, of leading 1,000 Women Artists to seven figures in sales, and it's been incredible to see so many creatives raise their hand and declare themselves, not only an Artist, but an Artist who sells.

Watching the Artists go through the steps of selling their work, some having sold work before and some for the very first time.


Some selling within minutes and others selling like I did just this past Tuesday, months after an original was created to the Collector for whom it was waiting.


This week I was reminded about the beauty of right timing.


There's no better example around timing than looking at the world of art, from how long it takes an Artist to discover their unique voice, to how long a piece takes to create and sell.


What's incredible about dreaming today, opportunities we once didn't believe were in our grasp, ARE in fact real possibilities.


The flip side of this, comparing our journey to the highly visible (and curated) success stories of others, is that if the timing of our success doesn't match someone else's, or not on the timeline we expect, we think we're doing it all wrong, and can end up blaming ourselves and others in our lives. 


If we judge our timing, it can be too easy to think that it's just not happening fast enough, and maybe our dream isn't really meant for us, and worse yet, give up all together.


Today I just want to remind you that whatever dream you have whether it's to make Art, sell your work as an Artist, or build your own online business, it's already meant for you.


What happens next is learning to trust the timing. To know without a doubt, that the way your story unfolds is exactly right for you, not anyone else~  just like the incredible story of Sarah Kelly one of our Expansive Artist members who is my guest on this week's podcast episode.


From Art School Teacher to Online Entrepreneur. Sarah and I first connected online in 2008 and the story that's unfolded for her since then, leading her to a crisis point during the start of the Pandemic this past April, and the choice she made that changed everything for her ~it's so inspiring, you've got to listen to the episode.

You can find all things Sarah Kelly at 


and click here to learn more about Sarah's Collage, Connect, Create!


Enjoy Sarah's episode below! 


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