Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Finding your Artistic Voice (from Italy 😊)

Repeat after me: “I am an artist.”

In today’s episode we continue the conversation kicked off last week about what having your own art business will make possible for you, and  today I answer a question inspired one of our Expansive Artist members, Michelle about “How to find Your Artistic Voice?”

How do you find your signature style as an Artist, especially when you're just starting out. In this episode I share three approaches for helping you cultivate the artist within yourself.

Let's explore the answers to these questions:

How does allowing yourself to be influenced by the work others help you to let your unique style shine through? How can collaboration help you to grow as an artist?

How often should you focus on your art? How much time are you willing to invest in the practice of your art? Cultivating creativity will help you to piece together your own heart and your uniqueness to find what makes your work special.

Enjoy! and be sure to join us for Small Studio Sunday


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