3 tips for Intentional Creativity

3 tips for Intentional Creativity
Think about the last time you prioritized you and something you most love to do.
Like art and creativity perhaps? especially if your business is your Art.
This past weekend, instead of prioritizing catching up on administrative projects in my creative business, I decided to dedicate it to my creativity.
Something clicked for me and I realized what I can no longer give up.
Ask yourself if what you're focusing on is actually what you want to prioritize in your life? and if so are you following through on that with your daily actions,  or are you just giving lip service to the things you say you want the most?
Like I have been....
The painting above is an illustration for a special project written by Sean. It was created this week, why? because I started my days with creativity again!! 🙌🏻 You can see a peek behind the scenes of the process of painting it on my Instagram Reels today.

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