We are not here without our amazing customers, some of whom have been collecting Marisa's art and following her work and journey for close to 10 years. Below is a small collection of Creative Thursday love notes from over the years. Endless, heartfelt thanks for supporting artists and creativity.


Your work is magical - Erin

Cheers to you and your every beautiful talent, Marisa.  You are a gift. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you and to have been a part of your journey. - Maureen

Thanks for doing what you are to inspire and empower artists and women. - Carella

I have been a big fan for years and these will be the third and fourth prints that we will be hanging in our kiddos' rooms :) We love your work! - Stephanie

I continue to receive smiles every time I see your new creations - their whimsy keeps me young at heart. - Patricia

Just got the box! I am in heaven, love it, just love it. thank you. Thanks for the artists, 
as they make a dry sometimes unbearable existence bearable and even transcend us to somewhere safe lovely and magical. - Jaleh

I teach at a law school where there are lots of anxious students. I have cushions with your bunnies in my office and they often make my students smile - a bit of sweetness to offset the stress. Thank you again for your warmth and grace. - Annecoos

Your willingness to help and get the product to me when I needed it was greatly appreciated and some businesses would not have gone the extra mile to help a customer.  I will be sure to spread the word of such a great company with good customer service and beautifully made products! - Kristen

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book! And so now I'm checking out your blog and site and etsy too. Very wonderful! You have already helped me start a whirlwind of creative ideas. I'm going to start painting again. And traveling. And redesign my children's photo biz and studio space. Thank you for this burst of inspiration, and showing me all my little foibles are very normal for the creative brain! - Stacy