We do this work because we love it! I pursued a career in creativity because I knew it's what I had to do. I wanted to thrive, but to be honest I didn't think I could make a living as an artist. Turns out I was wrong, and when I started Creative Thursday in 2004, I made a promise: As I find my way as a creative business owner, I want to help others do the same.  

Let's be real; this is a brave path we choose with no plan to follow - unpredictable, exciting and totally fulfilling. The entrepreneur's life. Not for everyone, yet it's available to us if we want it enough, now more than ever. 

And it's reassuring to know that we don't have to figure it all out by ourselves. When we need help, it's good to get it.

Just beginning, or already in practice; I'm here! to guide you through any challenges you are experiencing, answer any questions you have from jumpstarting your creativity, to product design and development, marketing and selling, pricing to profitability, licensing to publishing, to encouraging you be true to yourself, your vision while staying grounded as you find your way in work and life. Please get in touch for rates and availability. Let me know where you are in your creative career, what you need? and how I can help?

"My session with Marisa was inspiring, invigorating, and incredibly helpful. I learned a great deal about valuing myself and my work as an artist and as a woman, along with practical ways to implement all the ideas and suggestions she gave me. I look forward to re-creating my creative business in a way that is profitable, rewarding and true to my heart. Marisa is both intuitive, savvy, a creative thinker, in tune with the art market and someone who cares enough to show us, as artists how to fight for what we're truly worth. Thank you Marisa ~ Kathy"