Knowing When It's Time to Take A Pause

Knowing When It's Time to Take A Pause

how are you?

How are you?

Are you taking some time just for you? (even if you're almost August 2020 is looking nothing like you thought it would)


Last week I had a guest speaker present in The Expansive Artists, and as we ended our call together she shared some insight that had a huge impact on how I view time, and the (eternal) crossing off of to-do lists.


A mom, a owner of a creative company with 20 employees, I asked her how she seemed so calm and relaxed?


I mean, hello~  Is it just me or would the thought of managing 20 employees potentially cause you to lose a little sleep at night and/or feel frantic with demands of your team, and appointments.


Clearly it's time for me to look at my beliefs around growing a team of more than 1 or 2. (I'm working on it...!)


What she shared with me was this: she realized that she'd anxiously try to plan, and get ahead for the next day, as if one day she would reach a light at the end of the tunnel, the skies would part, breathing space would open up, and the to do's would magically not spill into the next day and the next. 


No matter how big her team grew, that day never came~ 

Instead she realized it was up to her to claim her time. The work would always be there, but she could end her day at 5 pm. She could stop working at the end of the day on Friday.


I share this story to say, I know this, but I haven't been living it as I'd like to because I've been waiting to get to.... But hearing this reminder, that day from this calm generous soul sitting across from me (on a Zoom)~ it stuck.  


While I know time will look different for me when I finally complete the episodes in season 2~ I'm not waiting until thento begin taking more deliberate pauses.


I took the weekend off. I did something just for me, I sewed a dress (not my first and definitely not my last as now I'm re-inspired to keep sewing!...and gently make my way back to fabric design) - the dress! is the Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Co. 


Nope, I didn't post episode 4 today and I almost didn't post a podcast for the first time in a year. But I felt inspired to share a little more insight on this topic.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend. Comment below and tell me something you are doing just for you!


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