Sketches + Transparency and How to Find Certainty in Uncertainty

Sketches + Transparency and How to Find Certainty in Uncertainty
I never show you my sketches.⁣
Because they are the very bare bones of my creative process, and I don’t always think that they’re really anything worth sharing They’re raw + rough. ⁣
But today I realize they are a big part of my process that is also one of the best parts, because it is the part that is the most free and full of possibility. ⁣
I always think I’m being transparent, but not enough. ⁣
What do my sketches have to do with transparency? This may not feel related to you at all, but today, transparency means everything to me. ⁣
I believe we are in the mess we are currently facing in our country because of a serious lack of transparency and that is not only to do with our current leadership but in how people here in the US really, truly, actually feel. ⁣
By the division I see happening literally on a map, I think people have been “pretending” a lot of beliefs that they don’t truly stand behind - I HAD NO IDEA the split was this BIG in the current country I call home. ⁣
What this undecided election is revealing to me is to focus on what I currently have control over and that is me, how I choose to focus feel and share in the world. I know that it’s time for me to be more transparent with you.⁣
Not to mention feeling more thankful every day for what I already have and for the incredible people like you who are here with me on this journey. The inspiration behind these new mug, maybe, designs I’m working on. ⁣
I want you to know if you’re following me here, exactly what I stand for. No blurry lines, no wondering, no glossing over to keep everyone comfy.⁣
Because I’m no longer comfortable with that. My focus remains joyful and optimistic, always has, always will and yet…⁣
More to come, but for now let me clearly say I stand for integrity and morality and whatever religious or political beliefs you have, I honor them, and I will also say that i believe this election isn’t about either, it’s about human decency. Without a doubt, it has been shown by example not just opinion or belief that our current leadership is far, far beneath treating humans with dignity. And we as Americans, as global citizens, deserve so much more.❤️⁣
⁣Today's podcast episode: 

I admit, this is a tiny, just a tiny bit of a rant on the current state of our election, after I share 4 of my go to tips for finding certainty in the midst of so much uncertainty. 

And yes, I also made Art today. When all else fails, and any other time you want to feel better, turn to your Art supplies.

Hang in, stay well, find some moments of peace, we got this. Enjoy the episode


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