Sell A Piece of Art This Week

Sell A Piece of Art This Week

I've spent a lot of years talking "romantic" about the business of Art, but today calls for something different.

And don't get me wrong, there is not a day that goes by I'm not thankful I chose this life as an Artist.

It is the best. I love it.

I most certainly am all about the romance. I wholeheartedly believe in following your dreams and your heart, and I'm proof that you CAN build a successful business with those intentions plus commitment and grit to stick with it on the days when you might want to quit (which will totally happen... more than once)

But when I look at what's being taught in my industry, there's a lot of pretty talk around what we all want and that is to SELL OUR WORK 🎉🙌🏻 whether that's an original painting, a book, a collection of cards or prints, or an online class we are offering.

A business isn't a business unless it makes sales.

And sales don't happen unless you get comfortable with selling.

And while I know a lot of Artists resist "selling" (I know because I was one of those Artists) I'm here to tell you can learn to sell without being salesy.

I call it Artful Selling. It's authentic, it's heartfelt and it connects you to your wonderful Collectors.

It's what turns your dream into a business.

After I returned to coaching 2 years ago, I knew that I wanted to do more than just talk about how beautiful it is to choose a life as an Artist, and teach and tell you how to build a Creative Business. It's not enough.

I want to get you RESULTS.

As a business mentor and coach, I am dedicated to helping you take action!

Last month I hosted a challenge for my Expansive Artists and I've never seen the progress that happened in just one week. And YES! they made SALES, lots and lots of them.

New online shops opened! books were launched, originals created and sold, card sets, art bundles, and online classes were sold that alone for 1 Artist generated 1K in revenue during last month.



I'M ON A MISSION: to help Artists know their worth, value their work, and confidently, artfully sell their creations consistently to raving Collectors online.


From June 23 - 26 I'm going to walk you through my proven 3 Step Artful Selling Process.

This is an invitation to join me, for Free! yes! my gift to you! to join me starting next Tuesday for 3 days. You show up, rise to the challenge (1 bite sized task each day), and you might just be amazed at what you can accomplish! There's an energizing momentum that happens when a group comes together with the same intention.

Register for the 3 Day Challenge here

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