Season 2 is coming! July 9, 2020

Season 2 is coming! July 9, 2020

Mistakes happen, as a human + business owner.

Speaking of "all the best of intentions"~ back in 2006 I started a podcast,- loved it. As my Art Business grew I couldn't keep up with it on my own so I stopped (logical solo-preneur move, but big mistake #1- *hire help* oh how I wish I had kept my podcast going) 

Instead, ambitious me, easily attracted to the next shiny object (mistake #2- *as a biz owner stay focused on one thing, get it going, before you move on to the next*) In 2015 I said to myself here's an idea! Videos are getting easier to create & share, wouldn't it be great to feature a conversation with inspiring Creatives, where we can also see their Art! rather than just listen to us chat. 

Sure, lovely idea! ( huge fan of "Chef's Table") however committing to creating a 12 hour + docu-series, with little to no video experience should not be attempted by 1 person. I repeat, not a job for (almost exclusively) 1 person. Thank you Sean for supporting my endeavor, & helping me with most of the recording, clapboard (wait for the blooper reel) + initial sound editing. 

Nor should that Artist person attempt to raise money on Kickstarter to fund said docu-series. (mistake #3 a story for another day)

And my mistake #4 that I am embarrassed to say I do not have one Black Creative featured. If you want to Instagram shout at me, I welcome it. I am so sorry. You can listen to me talk about this more candidly on yesterday’s podcast where the same unintentional oversight has happened all these years. 

Believe me when I say I am taking a close look at my chosen Creative Bubble & promise to highlight more of the beautiful Black Artists who inspire me, many of whose work I’m so thankful to learn about now.

I’m also SO sorry to my guests that season 2 has taken SO long to complete.

A mentor of mine says in business you either “Win or Learn” this was both ~ with a little extra emphasis on the learn. The WIN is you get to hear/see the conversations with 6 inspiring Artists starting July 9. Now back to editing!

You catch up on Season 1 here on my YouTube Channel

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