Meet my Mom, Erika - A Mother + Daughter Conversation

Meet my Mom, Erika - A Mother + Daughter Conversation

Dedicated to all the Mama's out there - in honor of Mother's Day and celebration of my Mama's 84th birthday today.


A deeply personal podcast episode for you.


For years I've wanted to invite my mom, Erika to share her story here on the podcast, and today (on her birthday) it's finally happening!


A conversation with a Mother and Daughter, a personal story of a dynamic, passionate, independent Woman whose life began during WWII in Germany and ultimately brought her to the United States with via Italy and Paris, France, the Bahamas, and Russia.


Not our usual creative business chat, but we talk about life, from family, generational evolutions, culture, career, travel to love and teddy bears.


A very big leap of trust for a deeply private person to share her story here with us.


We truly hope you enjoy this episode and that it might inspire you.

We only got through a portion of Erika's story and we may be open to bringing you more of the story if you think that's another episode you would enjoy. Please let us know, send me a dm over on Instagram @creativethursday


Lots of love. Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Birthday Erika!


{the black and white photo is of my mom the middle daughter in the middle of the photo, her 2 sisters, and my grandparents, Edith and Erwin who I knew as Oma and Opa 💖)


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