How to Wrap Up 2022 + Get Ready for 2023!

How to Wrap Up 2022 + Get Ready for 2023!

Do you have a special ritual or practice to close out the past year, to welcome in the new year, besides clinking glasses filled with your favorite sparkling beverage at the strike of midnight.


In years past, right after my new year's toast, maybe I picked a word for the year, but I usually raced from one year right into the next, never pausing to reflect and assess, and thoughtfully bring what I learned and appreciated into my dreams and plans for the next 12 months and beyond.


In this episode I walk you through the practice I now use at the end of every year, to review all of the prior 12 months (the highs and the lows) all the progress I made; what I've learned, am grateful for, want to continue, what I choose to say goodbye to, and say yes to in the new year!


Ready to start fresh for 2023 and kick-off your year with clarity + focus for your Art business!

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