How I sold $2K of Art on a Train from Paris

How I sold $2K of Art on a Train from Paris


Never before have I been so thankful to have an online business.

And I'm so grateful for the community, including you! that building this online business online has introduced me to, especially during this past year.


As much as there are days when Pepita (my tiny chihuahua) and I can't take one more hour on a Zoom call…I kid because it's the Zoom calls both the ones I where I'm coaching, and where I learn, (and especially the calls where I'm dancing +  yoga-ing) that are keeping me grounded, connected and focused forward on beauty and possibilities yet to come.


These are just some of the reasons why ~ community, creativity, support, learning, income, impact, inspiration + fulfillment and endless possibilities ~ I get SO PASSIONATE about encouraging you to stay connected to your dreams, and helping you build + grow a creative business online.  


No spoiler alerts on this one, in episode #201, I'm sharing the story of how I sold $2K of Art on a train from Paris. (If you've recently asked if I've changed my mind and will once again host a retreat, maybe? in France, after this year away and on lockdown for months, there's nothing I'd love more than to gather in person over delicious food + wine + creativity… I think that answer is a strong YES, so stay tuned.)



Thank you for posting your review in celebration of the 200th episode! The giveaways is now closed, your entry has been received and I'll be announcing the winner of the Creative Thursday Collector box this week!


And I appreciate your kind notes, and joining me for the LIVE and on replays over at Instagram and Facebook for the 30 days of Creative Epiphanies with Marisa. We are continuing on, and day 8 is up now includes me painting the finishing details of this Unicorn Painting.



Enjoy the new podcast episode below!



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