How do I Know I’m ready to Sell my Art

How do I Know I’m ready to Sell my Art

Who decides when you're ready?

Is it you?

Is it an Art teacher or Gallery owner?

Is it your family, your partner?

Is it the inner critic living in your mind? (You know that one that's not always the most supportive...)


One of the most common objections I hear from Artists starting out is that they don't feel "ready" to sell their work.


While it's an important question to ask ~depending upon the answer, it can also be one more very logical "excuse" (I mean reason) that can keep us from fulfilling our calling, stepping into our power, and sharing our gifts with the world.


There's a lot at stake in that one answer, which is why in today's episode I want to help you make that decision easier by listing my top 3 ways of knowing that you're ready to sell your Art..


Enjoy the episode and then! come put these steps into practice and join me for the Sell A Piece of Art this Week Workshop.

We start Monday, October 10

You can join us here


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