16 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Business

16 Lessons Learned from 16 Years in Business

In celebration of my 16th year as a Professional Artist this week, also what I refer to as my Dream come True Anniversary, I'm sharing 16 lessons I've learned along the way.


Get comfy and grab your favorite beverage as I dive into what I'm glad I knew, and wish I would've known.


In today's episode, I talk in detail about what will set you up for success from

  • your belief in yourself and what's possible for you
  • how you feel about the work you create
  • keeping a regular practice that helps you stay focused
  • how to value the work you create


while also sharing tips on how to keep your eye on the big picture on the days when the challenges may feel bigger than you anticipated

  • how to avoid burnout
  • why it's important to embrace your least favorite tasks in your business
  • what help you'll need help with and when
  • why your attitude about investing in your business can make or break your momentum


Thank you for listening + supporting my work with Creative Thursday for 16 years!


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