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Creative Joy | Oracle Card deck

$ 33.00
Introducing the first Creative Thursday Oracle Card Deck.
Creative Joy is a beautiful, vibrant, transformational deck that connects your inner child and intuitive guidance.
Words and imagery are some of the best tools for inspiring and supporting the vision we hold for our lives. This deck is designed to connect with you with your wisdom and intuition, bringing you clarity, insight, understanding and inspiration.
Each word I included in the deck was carefully chosen, often correlating directly to the title of the original painting featured on the card. Since Marisa's art is so often a reflection of what she's experiencing the exact moment she's painting, each image contains the feeling expressed by the words. 

"I hope you will cherish this deck and share with me stories of how the words or the images spoke to you at just the right time, even if simply inspiring a theme for your creating that day." ~ Marisa

  • 33 cards, 32 oracle cards plus one instructional card
  • featuring a special selection of art images painted with joy over the past decade
  • combined with the words that have inspired and supported a creative journey
  • lovingly packed in a crystal clear box and tied with a ribbon

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